Naagin Season 6 13th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anmol turns out to be the biggest enemy of Naag Vansh

Naagin Season 6 13th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anmol turns out to be the biggest enemy of Naag Vansh

Naagin Season 6 13th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra takin reverse rounds with Prarthana and then exchange rings with Anmol. He tells Anmol that he has to go to hospital and see his Mom. Anmol says I will come with you, and they leave. Everyone leaves form there. Pataali says both Mother and daughter are standing at the same place, both have lost their husbands, one has left and other is about to die. Urvashi taunts them. Prarthana gets angry. Pratha stops her. Prarthana asks Pratha why Rudra didn’t believe her. Pratha tells that she has to convince Rudra and tell him everything. She says Shiv ji will make everything fine and will make Rudra as your husband. Prarthana tells that she will go and talk to him. She tells that Rudra’s mother knows about Papa’s attacker. Pratha says we have to go and find out. She says their mission is something else, along with treasure stealing. Later Pratha and Prarthana take avatar of Rishabh and walk past each other. Urvashi sits to drink wine and talks to Pataali. They see Rishabh coming there. Urvashi gets shocked and asks how did you get fine? Rishabh says with magic. He says I am searching Pratha to tell her about the attacker. He goes. Pataali asks Urvashi to call that person. Urvashi calls the person and tells that Rishabh got fine and want to tell your name with Pratha. Prarthana comes to Pratha and tells that she had gone to office, but nobody showed any reaction.

Pratha tells that she had gone to Urvashi and Pataali. She says we will know about the person. The attacker is seen behind the pillar. Prarthana follows her and comes infront of her as Rishabh. She gets shocked to see Anmol as the Rishabh’s attacker. Anmol says how did you get saved, I had stabbed you badly. Prarthana asks why did you backstabbed Pratha, and tells that Papa loved you a lot and you did wrong with him. She says she will tell Maa as she has the right to punish her. She holds her in her tail and brings her home. She tells Pratha that Anmol has attacked Papa. Pratha says Anmol can’t do this and asks her to leave her hand. She says you always have misunderstanding. Prarthana says I have seen her with Rudra’s mother. Pratha refuses to believe her, and tells that Anmol loves Rishabh more than herself. Prarthana shows the knife and tells that she has attacked Papa with this knife. Anmol says she has not done this and asks Pratha to trust her. Pratha trusts Anmol. Anmol thanks Pratha and hugs her. She winks her eye at Prathana. She then snatches knife from Prarthana’s hand and is about to backstabbed Pratha. Prarthana holds her hand and saves Pratha, and says don’t dare to do this. Pratha is shocked. Anmol says what do you think that I will be quiet, when you get your daughter here through me. Pratha says we never knew about our daughter and raised you as our own daughter.

Pataali comes there. Anmol says she has sent me to take revenge from you. Pataali tells Anmol that Pratha and Prarthana are naagins. She tells that Professor was Seema’s real son and was with him but had fallen in love with Prathana, and was against us. She says he wanted to destroy us. She says we had danger with Naag vansh and that’s why we sent Anmol there and Prarthana to professor. Anmol says finally she met with her grand mother, and tells that they are her enemy vansh, kalkeya vansh. Pataali says I have set trap for you naagins, and you both got trapped. She says I sent Anmol here, so that you brought her up and trust her blindly so that she can help us. She tells that we let Prarthana stay with Professor to keep eye on her. She recalls guiding Prarthana to go to the temple. Pratha says your Papa loved so much and you have attacked your Papa. Anmol says yes, I have attacked him, and asks if she will bite her. She asks her to bite her, and punish her. Pratha slaps Anmol. Anmol asks what was it? She says I asked you to kill me, and you have slapped me. She asks her to kill and punish her. Pratha raises her hand to slap her again, but Anmol holds her hand and twists her hand, threatening to kill her. Prarthana asks her not to touch her mother, else she will kill her. She takes Naagin avatar and is about to bite Anmol. Pratha stops her. Anmol tells that Rudra called and he is driving the car, while a truck is behind his car. She threatens to get him killed. Prarthana leaves her. Anmol asks what you will do, will you save Rudra, or kill me.

Prarthana asks her not to challenge her, and tells that she is superior Shesh Naagin. She says she will save her Papa and Rudra. She asks Naagmani to give her powers and tries to hold Anmol, but is pushed back due to Anmol powers. Prarthana thinks what happened to me today. Anmol says you don’t have naagmani with me. Prarthana says I have naagmani with me. Anmol says that is fake and real one is there. She says you might be wondering how it reached there. She says it was my conspiracy. She recalls comingb to the temple when they were doing puja and stealing the original naagmani and replacing it with fake one. Pratha says I will not let you take the naagmani. Anmol goes behind her and says if you touch the naagmani then your husband will be death. She says your husband will be alive until that naagmani is with us. She says you both have defeated, until naagmani is there, you can’t harm us. She says you both can’t harm us, and there is a limit of naagmani, no naagin can harm us, and Mani itself will protect us. She says if you want to kill us, then have to send us out which we will not do. She says all your powers are there and says if you try to do this, then both of your husbands will die. Urvashi says you will not know where is Rishabh, but your place will be known today. They hold their necks and throw her out. Anmol says thank you Naagin for protecting me. She says no naagin or sarvashrest naagin can save your husbands. They throw them out. Anmol smiles closing the door.

Pratha and Prarthana are outside. Prathana asks Pratha to come from there. Pratha says I have lost Anmol for forever, and my husband is surrounded by the enemies. She says I can’t do anything, as Naagmani is there. She says they will not come out. Prarthana says God blessed me with two Papas, but I couldn’t do anything for them. She tells that I hurt Rudra too. She says I hurt the ones who loved me, and tells that she don’t deserve this love and may be inauspicious. She says she will leave from here and will not show her face to anyone. She runs. Pratha runs behind her and sees a car on the road, about to hit Prarthana. Pratha takes naagin form. The car hits Prarthana. The driver sees the accident and comes out, but he couldn’t see anyone there. He sits back in the car and goes. Pratha has taken Prarthana from there. She holds injured Prarthana in her hand and asks her to get up. She sees anklet in Prarthana’s purse. white snake has taken the other anklet from Vasuki temple.

Pratha brings Prarthana to the temple and says nothing can happen to you, until you want. She tells Nani’s photo frame and says what is the secret of this anklet. I want to find out about it. She finds one of the anklet in the drawer. She makes Prarthana wears both the anklet. Prarthana gets fine and all the injuries vanish from her body. She becomes fine and calls Pratha. Prarthana gains consciousness and says how did I get fine? Prarthana says with Nani’s anklet. Prarthana tells that she had worn it before becoming Shesh Naagin. She says there is some secret which Nani had hidden from us, this story is not of revenge, but of enmity. She says Nani wants you to take revenge from the guilty. She says they took my husband and I will not leave them.

Pratha tells Prarthana that she is naagin and naagin blood is in her veins and naag vansh’s naagins don’t spare the guilty. She says I will take revenge for everyone, for Rishabh and professor’s condition. They see their enemies’ faces. Pratha says we will take revenge. Prarthana says we can’t kill them, as naagmani is there. Pratha says we will not kill them, but they will kill each other.

Precap: Pratha tells Prarthana that they have to reach Kaliya naag and tells that they have to face Nevlas there. Later they catch Rudra’s parents and ask them to remove each other’s taweez. They remove it. Pratha says now naagin will attack.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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