Naagin Season 6 13th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anmol turns out to be the biggest enemy of Naag Vansh

Naagin Season 6 13th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

The Episode begins with Rudra takin opposite rounds with Prarthana after which alternate rings with Anmol. He tells Anmol that he has to cross to health facility and notice his Mom. Anmol says I can include you, and so they depart. (*6*) leaves shape there. Pataali says each Mother and daughter are status at the similar position, each have misplaced their husbands, one has left and different is set to die. Urvashi name callings them. Prarthana will get indignant. Pratha stops her. Prarthana asks Pratha why Rudra didn’t imagine her. Pratha tells that she has to persuade Rudra and inform him the whole lot. She says Shiv ji will make the whole lot effective and can make Rudra as your husband. Prarthana tells that she is going to cross and communicate to him. She tells that Rudra’s mom is aware of about Papa’s attacker. Pratha says we now have to cross and to find out. She says their challenge is one thing else, together with treasure stealing. Later Pratha and Prarthana take avatar of Rishabh and stroll previous every different. Urvashi sits to drink wine and talks to Pataali. They see Rishabh coming there. Urvashi will get stunned and asks how did you get effective? Rishabh says with magic. He says I’m looking out Pratha to inform her about the attacker. He is going. Pataali asks Urvashi to name that particular person. Urvashi calls the particular person and tells that Rishabh were given effective and need to inform your identify with Pratha. Prarthana comes to Pratha and tells that she had long gone to workplace, however no one confirmed any response.

Pratha tells that she had long gone to Urvashi and Pataali. She says we can find out about the particular person. The attacker is noticed in the back of the pillar. Prarthana follows her and is derived infront of her as Rishabh. She will get stunned to see Anmol as the Rishabh’s attacker. Anmol says how did you get stored, I had stabbed you badly. Prarthana asks why did you backstabbed Pratha, and tells that Papa cherished you a large number and you probably did incorrect with him. She says she is going to inform Maa as she has the proper to punish her. She holds her in her tail and brings her house. She tells Pratha that Anmol has attacked Papa. Pratha says Anmol can’t do that and asks her to depart her hand. She says you all the time have false impression. Prarthana says I’ve noticed her with Rudra’s mom. Pratha refuses to imagine her, and tells that Anmol loves Rishabh greater than herself. Prarthana presentations the knife and tells that she has attacked Papa with this knife. Anmol says she has no longer completed this and asks Pratha to believe her. Pratha trusts Anmol. Anmol thank you Pratha and hugs her. She winks her eye at Prathana. She then snatches knife from Prarthana’s hand and is set to backstabbed Pratha. Prarthana holds her hand and saves Pratha, and says don’t dare to do that. Pratha is stunned. Anmol says what do you assume that I can be quiet, while you get your daughter right here thru me. Pratha says we by no means knew about our daughter and raised you as our personal daughter.

Pataali comes there. Anmol says she has despatched me to take revenge from you. Pataali tells Anmol that Pratha and Prarthana are naagins. She tells that Professor was once Seema’s actual son and was once with him however had fallen in love with Prathana, and was once towards us. She says he sought after to ruin us. She says we had risk with Naag vansh and that’s why we despatched Anmol there and Prarthana to professor. Anmol says in any case she met together with her grand mom, and tells that they’re her enemy vansh, kalkeya vansh. Pataali says I’ve set lure for you naagins, and also you each were given trapped. She says I despatched Anmol right here, in order that you introduced her up and believe her blindly in order that she will be able to lend a hand us. She tells that we let Prarthana stick with Professor to stay eye on her. She remembers guiding Prarthana to cross to the temple. Pratha says your Papa cherished such a lot and you’ve got attacked your Papa. Anmol says sure, I’ve attacked him, and asks if she is going to chunk her. She asks her to chunk her, and punish her. Pratha slaps Anmol. Anmol asks what was once it? She says I requested you to kill me, and you’ve got slapped me. She asks her to kill and punish her. Pratha raises her hand to slap her once more, however Anmol holds her hand and twists her hand, threatening to kill her. Prarthana asks her no longer to contact her mom, else she is going to kill her. She takes Naagin avatar and is set to chunk Anmol. Pratha stops her. Anmol tells that Rudra referred to as and he’s using the automobile, whilst a truck is in the back of his automobile. She threatens to get him killed. Prarthana leaves her. Anmol asks what you’re going to do, will you save Rudra, or kill me.

Prarthana asks her no longer to problem her, and tells that she is awesome Shesh Naagin. She says she is going to save her Papa and Rudra. She asks Naagmani to give her powers and tries to dangle Anmol, however is driven again due to Anmol powers. Prarthana thinks what came about to me lately. Anmol says you don’t have naagmani with me. Prarthana says I’ve naagmani with me. Anmol says this is faux and actual one is there. She says chances are you’ll be questioning the way it reached there. She says it was once my conspiracy. She remembers comingb to the temple once they have been doing puja and stealing the authentic naagmani and changing it with faux one. Pratha says I can no longer assist you to take the naagmani. Anmol is going in the back of her and says in case you contact the naagmani then your husband will be loss of life. She says your husband will be alive till that naagmani is with us. She says you each have defeated, till naagmani is there, you’ll’t hurt us. She says you each can’t hurt us, and there’s a prohibit of naagmani, no naagin can hurt us, and Mani itself will offer protection to us. She says if you need to kill us, then have to ship us out which we can no longer do. She says all of your powers are there and says in case you take a look at to do that, then each of your husbands will die. Urvashi says you’re going to no longer know the place is Rishabh, however your home will be recognized lately. They dangle their necks and throw her out. Anmol says thanks Naagin for shielding me. She says no naagin or sarvashrest naagin can save your husbands. They throw them out. Anmol smiles remaining the door.

Pratha and Prarthana are out of doors. Prathana asks Pratha to come from there. Pratha says I’ve misplaced Anmol for without end, and my husband is surrounded by means of the enemies. She says I will’t do anything else, as Naagmani is there. She says they’ll no longer come out. Prarthana says God blessed me with two Papas, however I couldn’t do anything else for them. She tells that I harm Rudra too. She says I harm the ones who cherished me, and tells that she don’t deserve this love and would possibly be inauspicious. She says she is going to depart from right here and won’t display her face to any person. She runs. Pratha runs in the back of her and sees a automobile on the highway, about to hit Prarthana. Pratha takes naagin shape. The automobile hits Prarthana. The motive force sees the twist of fate and is derived out, however he couldn’t see any person there. He sits again in the automobile and is going. Pratha has taken Prarthana from there. She holds injured Prarthana in her hand and asks her to rise up. She sees anklet in Prarthana’s handbag. white snake has taken the different anklet from Vasuki temple.

Pratha brings Prarthana to the temple and says not anything can occur to you, till you need. She tells Nani’s photograph body and says what’s the secret of this anklet. I need to to find out about it. She unearths one of the anklet in the drawer. She makes Prarthana wears each the anklet. Prarthana will get effective and all the accidents vanish from her frame. She turns into effective and calls Pratha. Prarthana good points awareness and says how did I am getting effective? Prarthana says with Nani’s anklet. Prarthana tells that she had worn it ahead of turning into Shesh Naagin. She says there’s some secret which Nani had hidden from us, this tale isn’t of revenge, however of enmity. She says Nani needs you to take revenge from the to blame. She says they took my husband and I can no longer depart them.

Pratha tells Prarthana that she is naagin and naagin blood is in her veins and naag vansh’s naagins don’t spare the to blame. She says I can take revenge for everybody, for Rishabh and professor’s situation. They see their enemies’ faces. Pratha says we can take revenge. Prarthana says we will’t kill them, as naagmani is there. Pratha says we can no longer kill them, however they’ll kill every different.

Precap: Pratha tells Prarthana that they have got to succeed in Kaliya naag and tells that they have got to face Nevlas there. Later they catch Rudra’s folks and ask them to take away every different’s taweez. They take away it. Pratha says now naagin will assault.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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