Naagin Season 6 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Prarthana kills Zang and saves the country’s treasure

Naagin Season 6 12th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

The Episode begins with Prarthana listening to the confession of Zang and his other people. They come to grasp that protection workforce is downstairs. Prarthana comes infront of them and tells that they did flawed to fill her center with hatred. She says she won’t go away her. Zang says my helicopter goes to return, I can kill you. He objectives gun at her. Pratha comes there and saves Prarthana. Prarthana confronts Rudra’s oldsters and good friend for betraying him. Urvashi and Pataali see them preventing. Pataali tells that she desires the treasure and Shesh Naagin and Naagin will forestall Zang. Urvashi tells Pataali that they shall pass from there. Zang runs from there. Prarthana and Pratha comes in the back of him. Zang threatens to kill them with the bomb which he’s retaining in her hand. Defense officials come there and goal gun at Zang. Prarthana freezes the time and assaults Zang. Zang falls down afar and blasts because of the bomb. Prarthana and Pratha go away with the valuable diamond. The defence officials search for Zang. Rudra comes to grasp that Zang killed himself in a bomb blast. Pratha asks Prarthana if she involves learn about her father’s reality. Prarthana says she didn’t try to kill him. She says she won’t go away the individual attacking him. They dance infront of the vasuki temple door and stay again the treasure. Prarthana feels unhealthy to doubt Rishabh and recollects Rudra’s love confession. She reminisces Rishabh’s goodness and shouts that she was once going to do a large mistake, sought after to kill her personal father and husband. She tells Shiv ji that she couldn’t satisfy her responsibility as Shesh Naagin and asks him to punish her, tells that she isn’t appropriate to grow to be Shesh Naagin. She asks her to take again all the powers from her. She says you’ll no longer take again my powers. She asks the naags and naagins and asks them to take again all her powers. She says it’s Shesh Naagin’s orders. The snakes come there and get started biting prarthana. Pratha comes there and asks Prarthana to not go away her powers. She says even I had executed a mistake. She says your responsibility continues to be incomplete, the attacker who tried to kill Rishabh continues to be alive. She says I will’t to find him with out Shesh Naagin’s assist. She asks her to invite Naags and Naagins to depart. Prarthana tells them that she’s going to satisfy her responsibility and might be together with her mom. She tells that they’re going to to find the offender in combination. They come house. Prarthana tells Anmol that she has selected reward for her. Anmol likes it. Pratha asks Anmol to head and relaxation. Anmol presentations the e book on Mansa Devi and says I believe that Dad might be tremendous if we do that puja sooner than engagement. Pratha says how are you able to do that on my own. Anmol asks Prarthana to do the puja with Mom. Pratha tells Prarthana that their vidhi is other and they have got to visit temple in the morning to do it.

In the temple, they do preparations for puja. Pratha tells Prarthana that Mansa Devi is a Naag Kanya, and were given the boon from Shiv ji that she might be worshipped in 3 loks. She asks Prarthana to take out her (*6*) and stay it infront of Mansa devi for the puja. Prarthana takes out (*6*) and assists in keeping infront of Mans Devi. Pratha says we will get started the puja. She attracts the circle and asks Prarthana to not let it wipe off till they whole the puja. They gentle the diya and asks Mansa Devi to save lots of their circle of relatives. Prarthana takes again the (*6*). Both of them grow to be snakes and crawls out. The havan fireplace and the diyas prompt in the temple.

Prarthana appies tilal to Rishabh adn says whoever attacked you, I can no longer go away him alive. She apologizes for false impression him. Anmol comes there and asks Pratha, how is she having a look? Pratha compliments her attractiveness. Anmol hopes Rishabh will get tremendous. Prarthana says we’ve got executed Mansa Devi’s puja, and your Papa might be tremendous. Anmol is going together with her women gang. Pratha asks Prarthana to head and inform the whole lot to Rudra. She then asks Rishabh to get tremendous. Prarthana calls Rudra and reveals him coming there. She recollects the whole lot. He is speaking on telephone and going. Prarthana thinks don’t know if Rudra will imagine me or no longer, however I can inform him. She hears Rudra’s mom telling somebody that you’ve attempted to kill Rishabh, however as Zang died, we need to shake fingers with you. Prarthana comes within there as snake. Rudra’s mom shouts snake and the man runs away. Prarthana says Rudra has stored the country and the treasure and you was once destroying the country. Rudra’s mom says she’s going to by no means inform her. Prarthana is suffocating Rudra’s mom. Pataali comes there and hits her. Prarthana turns and seems at him. Anmol’s engagement is set to start out. Chanda says the place is the groom, we need to get started the rituals. Anmol’s good friend says groom has come. Rudra comes there. Anmol asks Rudra to sit down. They take a seat. Prarthana asks Rudra why is he doing this? Prartha asks Anmol what’s all this. Prarthana says you might be married to me. Rudra says what marriage which you probably did by means of dishonest Anmol or take revenge from me. Prarthana says I used to be looking out to inform you the reality. Rudra says when I used to be seeking to inform you, you didn’t concentrate. Pratha tries to inform him. Rudra says it’s between us. Rudra tells Prarthana that he’s going to make her perceive. Prarthana tells Rudra that his oldsters are nation enemies and are with Zang. He asks her to not say the rest. Prarthana says your Mom is aware of who had attacked Rishabh Papa. Pratha asks Anmol why Rudra is right here? Anmol says Rudra doesn’t wish to be with Prarthana. He presentations the video by which she is suffocating his mom. Prarthana says I used to be about to inform you. Rudra says you harmed my oldsters and attempted to return nearer to me. He asks who’re you and says the assault was once executed by means of you. Prarthana says you might be considering me flawed. Rudra says I cherished you, however you didn’t handle my love and ruined my existence. He says he hates her and don’t wish to see her face. Prarthana says Rudra. Rudra says my love is lifeless for you, and says thank god that aunty confirmed me your reality. Prarthana seems at Pataali and says she is with them (Zang and others). Rudra asks if I stated flawed. Anmol tells Pratha that Rudra has come to inform me that he desires to marry me. She says that day, I want he may inform Papa then we might had been in combination. She says infact blood helps blood. She asks her to inform that Prarthana isn’t her daughter and no longer her blood.

She says you feel unhealthy for her and no longer me. She says you didn’t inform that flawed factor has took place to me. She asks shall I name you Mom or Mrs. Pratha Gujral. She says you might have hidden this reality from me, however Urvashi Nani instructed me the whole lot. Rudra tells Prarthana that his Mom is preventing with existence and loss of life and tells that he by no means listened to his Dad when he was once telling him about her. He says I can rectify my mistake and won’t keep in the betrayal marriage. He says this marriage is over. Prarthana says you’ll’t do that with me, you might have married me and made me put on the mangalsutra. Anmol asks Pratha why did she conceal the reality from her. Prarthana says your dad loves you a large number. Anmol blames Prarthana for Rishabh’s situation. She says I get engaged to Rudra, and says forestall if you’ll.

Rudra will get indignant. urvashi tells Pataali that pratha’s daughters make her situation worsens. Pataali says large recreation goes to start out now. Rudra pulls the curtain and throws it on the floor. He pours wine on it and lighting the fireplace. He takes opposite rounds with Prarthana, whilst she tries to inform him the reality. He leaves her hand and asks if she is excited that their seven rounds relation is over.

Precap: Pratha tells Prarthana that she had met Urvashi and Pataali in Rishabh’s avatar. She sees somebody who tried to kill Rishabh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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