Naagin Season 6 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Prarthana kills Zang and saves the country’s treasure

Naagin Season 6 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Prarthana kills Zang and saves the country’s treasure

Naagin Season 6 12th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prarthana hearing the confession of Zang and his people. They come to know that defense team is downstairs. Prarthana comes infront of them and tells that they did wrong to fill her heart with hatred. She says she will not leave her. Zang says my helicopter is going to come, I will kill you. He aims gun at her. Pratha comes there and saves Prarthana. Prarthana confronts Rudra’s parents and friend for betraying him. Urvashi and Pataali see them fighting. Pataali tells that she wants the treasure and Shesh Naagin and Naagin will stop Zang. Urvashi tells Pataali that they shall go from there. Zang runs from there. Prarthana and Pratha comes behind him. Zang threatens to kill them with the bomb which he is holding in her hand. Defense officers come there and aim gun at Zang. Prarthana freezes the time and attacks Zang. Zang falls down afar and blasts due to the bomb. Prarthana and Pratha leave with the precious diamond. The defence officers look for Zang. Rudra comes to know that Zang killed himself in a bomb blast. Pratha asks Prarthana if she comes to know about her father’s truth. Prarthana says she didn’t attempt to kill him. She says she will not leave the person attacking him. They dance infront of the vasuki temple door and keep back the treasure. Prarthana feels bad to doubt Rishabh and recalls Rudra’s love confession. She reminisces Rishabh’s goodness and shouts that she was going to do a big mistake, wanted to kill her own father and husband. She tells Shiv ji that she couldn’t fulfill her duty as Shesh Naagin and asks him to punish her, tells that she is not suitable to become Shesh Naagin. She asks her to take back all the powers from her. She says you will not take back my powers. She asks the naags and naagins and asks them to take back all her powers. She says it is Shesh Naagin’s orders. The snakes come there and start biting prarthana. Pratha comes there and asks Prarthana not to leave her powers. She says even I had done a mistake. She says your duty is still incomplete, the attacker who attempted to kill Rishabh is still alive. She says I can’t find him without Shesh Naagin’s help. She asks her to ask Naags and Naagins to leave. Prarthana tells them that she will fulfill her duty and will be with her mother. She tells that they will find the culprit together. They come home. Prarthana tells Anmol that she has chosen gift for her. Anmol likes it. Pratha asks Anmol to go and rest. Anmol shows the book on Mansa Devi and says I feel that Dad will be fine if we do this puja before engagement. Pratha says how can you do this alone. Anmol asks Prarthana to do the puja with Mom. Pratha tells Prarthana that their vidhi is different and they have to go to temple in the morning to do it.

In the temple, they do arrangements for puja. Pratha tells Prarthana that Mansa Devi is a Naag Kanya, and got the boon from Shiv ji that she will be worshipped in three loks. She asks Prarthana to take out her Naagmani and keep it infront of Mansa devi for the puja. Prarthana takes out Naagmani and keeps infront of Mans Devi. Pratha says we shall start the puja. She draws the circle and asks Prarthana not to let it wipe off until they complete the puja. They light the diya and asks Mansa Devi to save their family. Prarthana takes back the Naagmani. Both of them become snakes and crawls out. The havan fire and the diyas set off in the temple.

Prarthana appies tilal to Rishabh adn says whoever attacked you, I will not leave him alive. She apologizes for misunderstanding him. Anmol comes there and asks Pratha, how is she looking? Pratha compliments her beauty. Anmol hopes Rishabh gets fine. Prarthana says we have done Mansa Devi’s puja, and your Papa will be fine. Anmol goes with her girls gang. Pratha asks Prarthana to go and tell everything to Rudra. She then asks Rishabh to get fine. Prarthana calls Rudra and finds him coming there. She recalls everything. He is talking on phone and going. Prarthana thinks don’t know if Rudra will believe me or not, but I will tell him. She hears Rudra’s mother telling someone that you have tried to kill Rishabh, but as Zang died, we have to shake hands with you. Prarthana comes inside there as snake. Rudra’s mother shouts snake and the guy runs away. Prarthana says Rudra has saved the nation and the treasure and you was destroying the nation. Rudra’s mother says she will never tell her. Prarthana is suffocating Rudra’s mother. Pataali comes there and hits her. Prarthana turns and looks at him. Anmol’s engagement is about to start. Chanda says where is the groom, we have to start the rituals. Anmol’s friend says groom has come. Rudra comes there. Anmol asks Rudra to sit. They sit. Prarthana asks Rudra why is he doing this? Prartha asks Anmol what is all this. Prarthana says you are married to me. Rudra says what marriage which you did by cheating Anmol or take revenge from me. Prarthana says I was searching to tell you the truth. Rudra says when I was trying to tell you, you didn’t listen. Pratha tries to tell him. Rudra says it is between us. Rudra tells Prarthana that he will make her understand. Prarthana tells Rudra that his parents are country enemies and are with Zang. He asks her not to say anything. Prarthana says your Mom knows who had attacked Rishabh Papa. Pratha asks Anmol why Rudra is here? Anmol says Rudra doesn’t want to be with Prarthana. He shows the video in which she is suffocating his mother. Prarthana says I was about to tell you. Rudra says you harmed my parents and tried to come closer to me. He asks who are you and says the attack was done by you. Prarthana says you are thinking me wrong. Rudra says I loved you, but you didn’t care for my love and ruined my life. He says he hates her and don’t want to see her face. Prarthana says Rudra. Rudra says my love is dead for you, and says thank god that aunty showed me your truth. Prarthana looks at Pataali and says she is with them (Zang and others). Rudra asks if I said wrong. Anmol tells Pratha that Rudra has come to tell me that he wants to marry me. She says that day, I wish he could tell Papa then we would have been together. She says infact blood supports blood. She asks her to tell that Prarthana is not her daughter and not her blood.

She says you are feeling bad for her and not me. She says you didn’t tell that wrong thing has happened to me. She asks shall I call you Mom or Mrs. Pratha Gujral. She says you have hidden this truth from me, but Urvashi Nani told me everything. Rudra tells Prarthana that his Mom is fighting with life and death and tells that he never listened to his Dad when he was telling him about her. He says I will rectify my mistake and will not stay in the betrayal marriage. He says this marriage is over. Prarthana says you can’t do this with me, you have married me and made me wear the mangalsutra. Anmol asks Pratha why did she hide the truth from her. Prarthana says your dad loves you a lot. Anmol blames Prarthana for Rishabh’s condition. She says I am getting engaged to Rudra, and says stop if you can.

Rudra gets angry. urvashi tells Pataali that pratha’s daughters make her condition worsens. Pataali says big game is going to start now. Rudra pulls the curtain and throws it on the ground. He pours wine on it and lights the fire. He takes reverse rounds with Prarthana, while she tries to tell him the truth. He leaves her hand and asks if she is happy that their seven rounds relation is over.

Precap: Pratha tells Prarthana that she had met Urvashi and Pataali in Rishabh’s avatar. She sees someone who attempted to kill Rishabh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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