Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 7th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with vidhi showing her resignation to her parents. She tells that they were right that since she has done this job, everything is ruined. She tells that they were happy and peaceful before, today she felt the pain and the insult which Papa was talking about. She tells Hariprasad that he was not wrong, but this job is wrong. He says that’s why I have decided to quit, don’t want to make my parents feel ashamed. Bimla asks her not to take decision fast. She says good things too have happened because of this job, why you are thinking about bad things. She says she shall look the good aspects of her job. Vidhi says she can’t make her parents feel ashamed. Hariprasad asks her to tell if she is responsible for all this. He asks her to swear on his head and say. Vidhi tells that she has not done anything wrong, she has neither snatched anything from anyone nor hurt anyone. Hariprasad tears her resignation letter, says it is his reply. Vidhi hugs him and cries happily. Bimla asks her to go to office with her head high. Hariprasad offers to drop her to her office. Vidhi goes with him.

Amba tells Chitra that she is feeling bad as whatever happened is because of her. She shouldn’t have involved her and says tension brewed between the siblings due to me. She says in Mahabharat, Amba tried all means to get Devrath, but I can’t do that as your family peace is very important to me. She says sorry and sheds tears. Chitra asks her not to cry and says it is all Dev’s mistake, he is stubborn. She asks her to suggest her what she shall do. She says Dev doesn’t understand anyone’s perspective, loneliness made me changed. Amba tells that they can’t force love and years long wait on Dev. Chitra says you are head on heels with Dev, I have to play Cupid and do something. Dev calls Chitra. Amba asks her to pick his call. Dev gets worried when she doesn’t pick her calls. Amba asks what Priya said.

Vidhi comes to office and thinks why Dev Sir haven’t come to office till now. Sangeeta asks what is she doing here? Vidhi says she thought to see. She asks when he will come? Sangeeta says she doesn’t know and says Abhi Sir might know. Vidhi says I will give coffee to Abhimanyu Sir.

Bimla calls Kanika and tells that they were talking about Vidhi’s alliance. She says we haven’t asked her anything, as she got scholarship from your office for MBA, she can’t marry so soon. She tells that though she likes Arjun a lot, but can’t take decision in a hurry. kanika says it is good that you called, lets see where these kids take their friendship to which level.

Vidhi takes coffee for Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says he understood Share market due to her. Vidhi asks about Dev. Abhimanyu says Dev Bhai has decided to operate from branch office and he will never come here. He says he said that he feels suffocated in this office. Vidhi asks what does he mean? Abhimanyu says he is CEO and can operate from wherever he can. He says he is aged and shall not take work stress, and shall meditate and do puja. Vidhi tells Abhimanyu that Dev is fit and fine and can defeat Arjun too. She asks him to go and bring him. She tells that she will go and bring him. She says he never refuses her and tells all the incidents when Dev took her side and never refuses her. She tells Abhi that this office is heritage of you both. She says I don’t like when you said that he is aged. Abhi laughs and says he was joking. He says today he will do work from home. He asks Vidhi if she can convince him for anything. Vidhi says if matter is right and good, and if I try 100 percent then can convince him. He gets a call. Vidhi goes. Dev tells Satyavati that he is going to Chitra’s house, as she is not picking the call. Satyavati says no need to go anywhere, Amba has come to talk.

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