Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Vidhi Receives Gifts from Dev and Arjun

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 3rd November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Arjun asks Dev to assist him make a selection the reward for Vidhi, nostril ring or earring. Dev says I’m jealous of you, I imply together with your era, you other folks specific your emotions simply. Arjun says I’ve imagined Vidhi in each those items and she regarded just right in each. Dev says Vidhi is excited to devour pani batase at highway facet stall fairly than having espresso in 5 megastar resort. Arjun says he desires to provide one thing. Dev says there will probably be a second, in no matter you give to her. He remembers Vidhi gifting him a blouse and reminisces the instant. He asks him to provide it together with his center. Arjun asks if any individual is to your center. Dev asks you got here to invite for my assist or to query me. Arjun asks him to select. Dev chooses earrings. He asks didn’t you’re feeling awkward, pondering what Vidhi will assume in case you give this factor to her, if she is not going to really feel dangerous. He says I couldn’t call to mind this when I used to be of your age. Arjun says you couldn’t assume even now. He says everybody loves to take items and says she is not going to really feel dangerous. He says he’s going to now not surrender even though she feels dangerous and tells him that he had hugged Vidhi on first day and she had driven him.

He involves Vidhi and asks her to not ask why is he giving, don’t ask its value and don’t say that you’ll be able to’t take it. He says you’re my instructor and that’s why it’s Guru Dakshini. Vidhi takes it and thank you him. He asks her to open it and see. Vidhi opens the field and likes the earrings. Arjun asks her to put on it. Vidhi wears it. Anaya and Golden appears to be like at them. Dev additionally appears to be like at them from a long way. Vidhi wears it. Arjun says gorgeous and says they shall take selfie, in order that he recalls that he has given her a present. Vidhi refuses to take selfie with him. Arjun says good enough. Anaya will get disenchanted with Arjun and says he will probably be sorry. Arjun asks shall I take your Solo percent. Dev calls Vidhi and asks her to come back for lunch. Vidhi says we will do later. Dev says he has to move for a gathering. Vidhi says good enough. Arjun couldn’t take the picture.

Amba asks the courier man to get the parcel delivered as of late itself. Abhimanyu asks everybody if they’re in a position for pot success. They say sure. Abhimanyu says you are going to make all of your colleagues style the dishes, and they’re going to give truthful evaluation. He says this workout is astounding as meals connects other folks. Dev says you might have pressurized us with force cooker additionally, at the side of paintings force. Everyone presentations the meals, they’ve made. Anaya asks Dev if he has made himself or saved proxy for him. Dev says he made it. Abhimanyu asks Vidhi to take a look at and inform him. Vidhi tastes the dal and says it’s wonderful Sir. Dev will get glad. Golden tries and says it’s so highly spiced, her throat is burning. Dev says you’ll have given truthful evaluation. Abhimanyu says complete marks to your check out. Vidhi takes out her tiffin. They ask why they’re wrapped in paper. Vidhi says it has fortune message with everybody’s title written. She tells Arjun that it has his fortune message within the cookie. Abhimanyu says the fortune message isn’t identified to any individual and will probably be picked randomly. Rishabh says it’s Gujiya. Vidhi says she didn’t have oven so. Dev says you might have improvise. Abhimanyu provides her complete marks for her cutting edge concept. Kanika asks her to take away the names and let everybody pick out randomly. Vidhi thinks Dev Sir Gujiya can also be picked via any individual else. Dev notices her fear. Anaya is going to everybody keeping Gujiya plate. Dev and Vidhi appears to be like on. Dev selections the Gujiya which Vidhi saved for him, prior to Arjun may take it. They all learn the fortune messages. Arjun reads and says he desires to rule on one center and appears to be like at Vidhi. Dev appears to be like at Vidhi. He reads his fortune message, concentrate in your center.

Dev is ready to move. Vidhi asks will you concentrate in your center. Dev says he has necessary paintings and asks her to come back to his cabin. Vidhi is going there. Dev provides her envelope. Vidhi assessments and says it’s scholarship for Dev. Dev says I’ve promised to get scholarship from corporate. Vidhi thank you and hugs him. Dev is shocked. She says sorry. Dev thank you her for no matter she has completed for him and the corporate. He says I sought after to come up with one thing which remains with you ceaselessly, and that’s why I gave you this. He tells that to your era, materialistic items issues, however you shall now not take into consideration it and will probably be centered. Vidhi says good enough. Dev says in my Gujiya, it was once written “ Listen to my center” so I believed to come up with this as of late. He says the entire very best and asks her to paintings exhausting. Vidhi says he doesn’t perceive center language.

The courier man got here to Hariprasad’s area and provides him courier. Hariprasad reads the letter saved with the fast get dressed, that they prefer her face and desires her to do modeling for them. Hariprasad and Bimla are surprised.

Update in ProgressPrecap: Abhimanyu tells Dev that on Bhai Dooj, Chitra has thought of him and desires him to marry Amba. Dev is surprised. Vidhi tries to inform Bimla about Dev.

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