Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 30th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hariprasad informs to Bimla that Vidhi didn’t go back to house. Vidhi reaches to house on that point. Vidhi tells her mother that she reached house 2 mins early. Clock is speedy in our space. Bimla will get glad to peer it. Meanwhile, Vidhi is making an attempt to complete her venture. She feels dizzy. Vidhi informs her pal that she wishes time to complete the venture. She isn’t feeling neatly. Hariprasad hears it and feels dangerous for Vidhi. Vidhi lies to him that she is feeling higher. Hariprasad leaves from there. Glass falls down. Hariprasad informs Bimla could also be glass fell down. Didn’t she get the document of Vidhi? Bimla stocks with him that few extra take a look at document effects didn’t come but.

She is cooking wholesome meals for her. She used to be suffering from their lack of expertise. Media additionally stricken her so much on this subject. Vidhi will get surprise to peer her sacred necklace falls down giving a concern signal of Vidhi. Meanwhile, Dev will get offended on his manager for benefiting from his absence in his manufacturing unit. Abhimanyu comes there and inquire him what’s happening? Dev stocks with him that the manager doing improper issues in our manufacturing unit. He needs to stuck him red-handed. It’s important to tight his screw.

Satyavati asks him what to tight? Dev narrates the placement to her. Abhimanyu says to him this blouse seems to be new. Dev says that Vidhi proficient this blouse to him. His driving force comes there and tell him that he want a go away. His daughter falls down from stairs. Dev offers cash to him and insist him to invite if he want any lend a hand. Driver informs him that Ramesh already in go away. Dev sends him from there. Sathyavathi learns from Dev that he sought after to visit place of work. It’s a long way from their space. Satyavati asks him to consume meals however he denied it. She prays in temple however lamp blow off in breeze giving a damaging signal to her.

Vidhi stocks with Bimla that sacred Neckalce fell down from her neck. It’s a nasty omen. Bimla consoles her not anything will occur. Bimla unearths that Vidhi has fever. She is fearing one thing dangerous occur to her closed one. She inquires her about Hariprasad well being. She assures her that he’s doing higher now. Hariprasad worries seeing his daughter state. Vidhi says to Bimla that she is feeling dangerous that one thing dangerous gonna occur.

Bimla offers medication to her. She asks her to take relaxation. Meanwhile, Satyavati asks Dev to delay his shuttle. Because the whole lot giving a concern of signal to her. She is getting a improper vibe. Dev consoles her that he’s going to go back house asap. Later, Bimla says to Milani maa that she isn’t in a position to peer her husband and Daughter struggling. Both are vital to her. Both don’t seem to be improper of their level. She asks the god to offer protection to her circle of relatives from the whole lot. She needs to peer her daughter main a contented lifestyles.

Vidhi performs a music. Dev riding his automobile. Few mens are troubling Dev via their rash riding. Dev advises them to don’t drink and pressure. They are stay troubling him. Vidhi tries to sleep. Dev will get stunned to peer the jeep coming near him. Dev loses his regulate and his automobile hits the tree. Vidhi shouts from her sleep. Bimla rushes close to her. Vidhi tells her that one thing came about. Bimla attempted to console her. Vidhi says that one thing giant came about. It’s improper. She is scared. Dev positive factors concious and will get out of his automobile. He loses his stability rolls down from the hill.

Precap: Vidhi will tell Bimla that one thing came about to Dev sir. She needs to seek out him. Bimla will prevent her. Vidhi will inform her that she’s going to win in her lifestyles however die on the finish. Bimla will go away her hand. Vidhi will seek for Dev

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