Mere Sai 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update Kulkarni makes Banta’s life a hell

Mere Sai 9th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Dwarka Mai, everybody serving to Sai with cooking, Rehana sees Sai including Jagrey and salt in combination and says this may increasingly spoil the style. Sai says anything else given with love is sweet Rehana. She says ok.

Banta will get in a position, Sudha says to him, its your first day nowadays on this new starting, so I made you some kheer. Banta says wow Sudha, give some to Santa as neatly, I do know he hasn’t hand over the process however he’s a excellent good friend.
House proprietor walks in with Santa and threatens Banta to depart the home and provides his a reimbursement and says Kulkarni has rented this area now. Sudha says that is unfair atleast give us a month. He says sorry Sudha best Kulkarni’s regulations paintings right here I’m helpless.

Banta asks Santa to forestall area proprietor and says how can he permit him to talk on this tone. Santa says you understand if I gained’t conform to Kulkarni he’ll kill me. Banta says that is flawed. Owner says how is it flawed, you used to do that all on your own until the day past. Santa apologies to Sudha and says he has no guts to head towards Kulkarni. Banta says to Santa how are you able to do that to me. Santa says similar to you probably did, you acted egocentric and took resolution for your self and so I’ve to assume for myself
Sudha tries to forestall however no person listens to her. Sudha begins crying. Banta says I anticipated this from Kulkarni however now not you Santa.

Banta says Sudha take these items and move to your home in the meantime I fill to find some position to reside.
Banta is going get started inquiring for lend a hand however everybody denies him lend a hand as a result of his previous behaviour.

At Dwarka Mai, Sai serves everybody meals. Rehana asks Sai what’s the instance. Sai says its to realize everybody, as you all had been useful and sort however should you don’t lend a hand the society doesn’t assist you to.
Banta disappointed roaming in all places, he slips and falls down, other folks chortle at him and talk about just right this is going on as a result of that is how he behaved with them. Banta thinks is that this what I’ve received, simply hatred.

Chiutai asks Sai, you upload the whole lot all of us carry and make this scrumptious Khichdi, what’s the explanation why. Sai says I can inform one day however nowadays I think like having Puri. Chiutai and Rehana says if yhey knew they might have made it for him. All ladies say even we might have were given it.

Sudha’s folks ask what’s flawed. Sudha hears Banta’s voice and rushes out and reveals him lined in dust. Banta apologies to her and tells him how his previous isn’t letting his provide be protected. Sudha says it was once previous, however you may have modified the existing and long term will exchange, until then shall we keep right here. Banta says I can move meet Kulkarni, Sudha says don’t he’ll spoil our life extra. Banta says I do know him very, his ego is harm and I’ve to calm him down.

Chiutai asks Sai what is going to he do of this last khichdi, Sai says its for birds and animals. Chiutai asks and for you?
Sai says to her, I do know you were given me Puri. Chiutai says not anything hides from you. Sai says having a look at this yummy meals my abdomen is complete, don’t really feel unhealthy however I will be able to’t devour this.

Kulkarni in his area, guffawing and says I’m so glad nowadays, Santa has thrown Banta out of area, it should be so dramatic. Santa stands quiet. Kulkarni asks do you need to enroll in Banta. Santa says I can by no means ditch you. Kulkarni says I anticipated this from you. Kulkarni sees Banta stroll in, Kulkarni begins mocking him. Banta apologies to him, and says I didn’t wish to harm you. Kulkarni says my mill does many unlawful paintings and so a fair guy such as you and his father in regulation shouldn’t paintings there, so I fireplace him. Banta falls in Kulkarni’s toes and begs him to spare him.

Rambha walks to Sai and Dwarka Mai and will get him other Puri’s. Sai says they give the impression of being yumm however he isn’t hungry. Slowly all ladies get Puri and sabji for Sai.

Kulkarni kicks Banta away, Kulkarni says how dare you permit me, I gained’t mean you can move away so simply, other folks will assume a pointless guy hand over my process and they’ll worry me much less and so I gained’t let this occur and I can strangle you from all ends and by way of now you should have understood no person will assist you to on this village and if somebody dares to I gained’t let this occur and shortly I can lure you so unhealthy that your spouse will depart you and your life can be a hell. Banta begs him to forgive him. Kulkarni will get offended and says you may have just one approach.

Pre cap: Kulkarni asks Banta to do one unlawful paintings for him after which he’s loose to head.
Banta will get stuck with a suitcase. Sai says Banta you had to mend issues however you went and fell in the similar pit Sudha rescued you from.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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