Mere Sai 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update : Sudha gets suspicious about Banta

Mere Sai 2nd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudha says to Banta, you could have pass over judged Sai, he’s sort such as you and is helping others. Santa presentations Banta Kulkarni’s males stroll to him. Banta asks Sudha to move inside of together with her mom and says he has to depart for some paintings. Sudha sees them and asks are they coming for you. Banta says sure I’m going to be felicitated so they’re right here to take me alongside as a result of its in different village. Sudha says ok and leaves.
Santa Banta are informed that Kulkarni needs to fulfill them. Banta says we’re coming, Banta asks Santa to get modified.

Sudha says to Rani Bai, she sees divine energy in Sai however Banta doesn’t see it. Rani Bai says I consider it too that Sai is divine and if husband is fallacious a spouse has complete proper and its duty to turn the correct factor and says to Sudha if she will be able to display Banta the correct factor it’s going to be great for him. Sudha says ok we need to cross meet Sai.

Banta tells Kulkarni he’s ill and so couldn’t come. Kulkarni assessments him and whilst asking questions again to again asks when did you get married, Banta says the day prior to this. Banta begins slapping himself and falls in Kulkarni’s ft and apologies. Kulkarni says I don’t need to do the rest with your own existence, you might be my servant and all I care is about my paintings and in the event you fall brief I will be able to insult you in entrance of your spouse too.
Kulkarni says Banta you might be married now and I feel I will have to provide you with extra obligations, I’m considering of a trade and had idea if any individual else however now because you are married and you’re going to want more cash, I give that duty to you. Banta more than pleased thank you Kulkarni and calls him hos God.
Santa asks what about me, discover a lady for me too. Kulkarni slaps him, Banta says don’t fear we will be able to discover a lady for you.

Banta and Santa speaking by myself reward Kulkarni says he’s so sort and I will be able to stay Sudha satisfied too. Santa says what if Sudha reveals the reality, Banta says as soon as now we have a toddler, she’s going to by no means depart me even after discovering the reality, for some extra time shall we disguise those lies.

Kulkarni says they believe I will be able to forgive this lie, they forgot that Kulkarni by no means tolerates lie and if those two lie slowly everybody else and so Banta must be taught a lesson, he’ll promote stolen stuff and I will be able to simply earn the benefit.

Sudha and Rani Bai seek advice from Sai and thank him for curing Rani Bai. Sai says it’s all Gods want. Sudha says to him, I by no means met God and I feel he seems identical to you and for the reason that day I met you all my paintings is streamlined, my mom is okay, I were given a sort husband who is beneficial and from time to time all this looks like a dream. Sai says to Sudha, happiness and sorrow is a part of existence its simply that lies at get started offers happiness however later simply ache and at finish most effective reality wins. Sudha asks what if I don’t continue to exist hardships, Sai says you got here to me with sort center and I will be able to be all the time with you. Sudha and Rani Bai depart.

Sai makes diamond out of a stone and throws it. Sudha passing via sees the diamond and choices it and says it seems like diamond who would possibly it belong too. Sudha says I’ve to inform Banta about it.
Banta sees diamond and is mesmerized. Sudha says any individual would possibly have misplaced it, we will be able to’t stay this. Banta says you might be proper, I will be able to give it on Chavdi and whoever it belongs to will take it.
Sudha says ok and leaves. Banta thinks that if he submits it Kulkarni will take it away and it’s higher I promote it and transform wealthy like I’ve lied. Santa peeps in and sees the diamond. Santa thinks so Banta needs to remove all of the cash by myself and I gained’t let that occur.

Next day, Banta tells Sudha that he’s leaving to publish the diamond. Sudha says ok and assessments that flour is completed and makes a decision to move purchase it.
Santa asks Banta the place he’s going, Banta says Nagar for some paintings. Santa says I do know you’ll promote the diamond, and says this diamond has my percentage too. Banta says my spouse discovered it out of doors my area, so the place did you come back from, don’t fail to remember who you might be. Santa says don’t fail to remember I’m you pal and I’ve sacrificed such a lot for you, I am getting no right kind meals and plus thos behaviour. Banta says you’re a grasping guy. Santa assaults Banta. Sudha rushes to them abd scolds Santa. Santa says I’m arguing with my pal who’re you to break. Sudha says hearth him this behaviour isn’t tolerated. Banta says no we’re youth buddies. Sudha asks Banta what’s he hiding, why did Santa say he has to sleep out of doors. Banta says he’s disillusioned as a result of I couldn’t stay my promise and also you don’t argue with me cross do your paintings. Sudha feels dangerous and leaves.

Banta says glance Santa on account of you Sudha is disillusioned, we will be able to divide the cash, cross get trade and we will be able to depart for Nagar and shall we now not combat.

Sudha disillusioned sees Sai educating youngsters how long term and overthinking about it may possibly break you provide. Sudha sees Sai moulding one thing abd asks what are you making, Ragini says he’s making Himalay for us and will also display us river Ganga. Sai asks Sudha to sign up for them.

Pre cap: Sai says to Sudha you’re going to have hardship and in finding some sour truths too.
Sudha hears area proprietor grievance about how Santa and Banta aren’t paying him hire.
Sudha asks Banta about it, Banta yells how are you able to consider any individual else and now not me. Sudha says display me area papers then.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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