Mere Sai 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update : Kulkarni finds Santa and Banta suspicious

Mere Sai 23rd December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banta is going name actor Kulkarni to come back out and no longer be scared and behave like Kulkarni.
Banta and actor stroll out, Banta introduces actor to Sudha and her mom Rani Bai. Actor falls in her toes, Banta says he os analyzing your legs. Sudha says my mom has lot of ache in her proper leg. Santa Banta see Kulkarni stroll in opposition to them and get scared. Banta presentations actor Kulkarni and says pass inside of and get medication. Actor will get scared and says my paintings is finished I’m leaving.

Banta says he’s going to get medication pass in with him. Banta whispers to Santa pass take away them out from again gate and I will be able to stall Kulkarni.
Banta is going to Kulkarni and asks why is he again so early. Kulkarni says dam close to the temple broke and we will’t pass so others hace left for Maruti Mandir and I got here again for some paintings.

Sudha asks Santa why are we going out. Santa says he makes medication contemporary so pop out.
Banta asks Kulkarni to prevent, Kulkarni slaps him and says how dare you forestall me. Banta says there’s Scorpio in the home, Santa is clearing it for you.

Actor, Santa, Sudha and Rani Bai go away.
Kulkarni and Banta stroll in. Banta nervous that Kulkarni would possibly to find the reality.

Hearing Kulkarni’s voice, the actor briefly undresses. Kulkarni walks out and sees Banta and actor and asks what is occurring right here and what are you doing right here. Santa says he got here to look me. Kulkarni scolds Santa and says if I see him once more I will be able to fireplace you too and leaves.

Santa asks Banta how will they organize medication.

Mangal and Kushal with Uddhav and Chandu seek advice from Sai.
Kushal tells Sai, that they’re disillusioned as a result of they don’t wish to go away their moms after realizing the reality as a result of one in every of them should go away their mom.
Sai planting flora says glance how I made a plant of this one flower, we shouldn’t run clear of reality as a result of we’re scared then you are going to be clear of the goodness, and who is aware of God has some higher plans for you, you simply must have religion and endurance.

Santa and Banta stroll to Kulkarni and get started praising him. Kulkarni says forestall buttering me and inform me what you wish to have. Santa says we noticed a previous girl and had her leg hurting, and she was once inquiring for Sai’s cope with and we satisfied her you’re the perfect and Sai is pretend. Kulkarni says excellent, the place is she. Banta says we despatched her again announcing we can get medication, as a result of we idea you are going to be past due. Kulkarni says it’ll be 2₹. Santa says we stated its loose as a result of she os deficient and when you are going to lend a hand her all will reward you. Kulkarni scolds them and hits him and says you each are behaving very suspicious inform me what’s cooking and says if I to find what you two are upto I received’t spare you and now take this medication and go away and don’t put out of your mind 2₹.
Banta can pay Kulkarni 2₹

Banta visits Sudha and provides her medication. Sudha says I will be able to give her immediately. Banta says permit me, she is like my mom, I might be more than pleased to serve her. Sudha asks what do you want on your blessings. Santa says he’s searching for a suitable bride for him. Rani Bai asks why haven’t you married but. Banta says I couldn’t to find someone who would lend a hand me in my just right deeds. Rani Bai says don’t fear you are going to quickly to find somebody nice, Banta says do inform me you probably have somebody in thoughts. Rani Bai says undoubtedly.

Rani Bai says this medication has in reality helped me so much, my ache has decreased. Sudha says Kulkarni is so sort, he didn’t even ask for cash.
Banta thinks as an alternative of praising me they’re praising Kulkarni and says I’ve some paintings, I will be able to meet you all later.

Santa asks Banta what now, they didn’t even realize you. Banta says we need to create issues for then for which most effective I will be able to lend a hand them.

Mangal visits Shilabai, Shila Bai says just right you got here, shall we pass immediately. Sai walks to them and askd the place are you going.
Shila Bai says no person is aware of reality and what’s Mangal is Radha’s son, I will be able to’t unfastened him. Sai says what if you’re the mummy to each, this implies Kushal will likely be left with out his mom, you are going to get what you suppose, so suppose certain and have religion and endurance.
Shila Bai hugs Mangal.

A person hungry in jungle loosing calm, Sai at Dwarka Mai sees that.

Pre Cap: Infront of everybody, Sai says to grasp thr reality, I will be able to want blood samples of each youngsters. and moms gets me that.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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