Mere Sai 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Bhumi and Shiv’s first show becomes a hit

Mere Sai 10th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Santa Banta assault Heera, villagers step in fortify of Heera and says he nonetheless has one month and all this received’t be tolerated. Santa Banta whisper its higher they go away or else those males will hit them onerous. Santa says I can go away you nowadays and should you don’t get our cash I can kill everybody right here and leaves.
Neighbours inform Heera, on account of his bold step to face for himself, they stood for him. Everyone pray to Sai and thank you him. Sai blesses all of them. Sai says to Bhumi if Heera would now not show self belief nowadays he would have misplaced the whole lot and in a similar way should you stand for what is true everybody will fortify you. Bhumi says Sai I do know what I’ve to do nowadays, I can inform them one in every of your tales as a result of they’re inspiring.

At the show, Tukaram welcomes everybody. Bhumi and Shiv getting in a position again level. Few males stroll to Tukaram and says we are hoping this time your artists don’t run away and you cancel the show and we now have rotten tomatoes in a position, Bhumi hears that and thinks of Vaishali’s phrases.
Bhumi and Shiv perfeom everybody loves their efficiency. Bhumi hugs Shiv behind the curtain. Tukaram says come outdoor everybody needs to satisfy you. Shiv and Bhumi walks outdoor other people congratulate and reward them for portraying Sai so smartly, Bhumi tells its Shiv’s onerous paintings too. Everyone praises Bhumi by myself and Shiv steps again. Bhumi sees him and calls him close to her, he denies and is going again level. Bhumi later is going to him and says it was once your hardwork why didn’t you stick with me. Tukaram says it was once your efforts and this is your pay 50₹. Bhumi says Thank you for having agree with in us. Tukaram says I can quickly announce subsequent show be ready. Shiv provides cash to Bhumi, Bhumi says it’s our hardwork. Sai says you’re proper Bhumi. Bhumi says how come you’re right here. Sai says it was once your first show how can I pass over. Bhumi and Shiv take Sai’s blessings. Sai says you stood in combination in dangerous occasions and now you additionally wish to fortify eachother in those satisfied occasions and leaves.
Shiv asks Bhumi what did Sai say, Bhumi says not anything and holds his hand.

Vaishali walks to Geetabai and says you by no means supported me and I don’t want anything else from this space now, Shiv sees Vaishali and rushes to her and is going prevent her. Bhumi makes a decision to avoid wasting cash for one thing particular. Geetabai asks Shiv and Bhumi how was once the show. Vaishali says glance they’ve such a lot stuff it unquestionably will have to be great. Bhumi says proper and palms Geetabai cash and says Vaishali Tai I were given present for you. Bhumi provides saree to Geetabai and presentations saree Shiv were given for her and then bangles for Vaishali. Bhumi drops it. Bhumi opens packet and sees it’s damaged. Bhumi says I’m sorry bangles broke. Vaishali says while you give forcefully give it, this stuff will occur, in any case I’ve paintings and leaves.

Shiv says to Bhumi its advantageous. Geetabai says Bhumi don’t be unhappy and get her new ones later. Bhumi tells Geetabai that Sai got here to look at show and needs to move take Sai’s blessings.
Bhumi sees fruit dealer and is going get some for Sai. A child falls down and Bhumi sees an unattended cart coming near him. Bhumi slips to whilst looking to save.

Pre cap: Sai says to Bhumi that from time to time other people reward the one that they see and then the opposite who works similarly onerous would possibly really feel neglected.
Vaishali says to Shiv, glance you’re employed so onerous however all reward simply Bhumi, by no means thoughts atleast she is getting praised.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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