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At night time kartik calls naira..


Kartik: lacking me?

Naira smiles and..

Naira: ofcourse..i omit your tar tar..

Kartik makes a face..

Kartik: handiest my tar tar?

Naira:sure..then what else will i omit from you?

Kartik in thoughts: she isn’t working out my emotions..i don’t know whether or not she is pretending as though she doesn’t omit me orelse she actually doesn’t omit me..

Kartik:high-quality..go away that. Will you stay speedy the next day?

Naira:sure..i can speedy for my husband’s lengthy existence. Don’t take me fallacious..even i used to speedy for you from the time when i find out about this rituals as i need my good friend to reside lengthy however no one is aware of it however now i will brazenly speedy as you changed into my husband…

Kartik smiles however will get surprised too..

Kartik:so that you speedy for me from prior to?


Kartik:fool.. can’t you inform me additionally..i’d have additionally stored speedy for you..

Naira: males’s gained’t speedy..

Kartik: why? When women can do anything else for males’s then why they’re prohibited to so one thing for them? I dont care.. the next day i can additionally speedy for you. When a spouse can speedy for husband’s lengthy existence..then husband may as i imagine that each have equivalent obligations.


Kartik:prevent your buts. No one can prevent me from it..even god can’t prevent me.

Naira:acha..you too speedy. And Tomorrow iam coming..

Kartik:the place?

Naira:huh? Did you put out of your mind that iam goenka’s bahu? Shall i keep in my maayka atself?

Kartik:sure..i forgot..iam sorry. And you shouldn’t keep there in any respect since you will have to come right here for me..i will’t steer clear of you.

Naira smiles..

Naira:i suppose..he too loves me..

Naira:why you’ll’t steer clear of me?

Kartik in thoughts:regulate kartik…regulate..i can specific my love in distinctive means..until that i will have to regulate my tongue and middle essentially the most tough process ever..

Kartik: as a result of..i..i omit making amusing of you..that’s why.

Naira will get annoyed…


Kartik:good day..i simply..

Naira cuts the decision in inflammation..

Naira in thoughts:i assumed you’ll’t steer clear of me as your middle wishes me however you simply want me for amusing..fool. i don’t know when will you realise my emotions..

Kartik in thoughts: iam sorry for mendacity and making you annoyed..however i wish to do that to precise my emotions in distinctive means..

They each sleep..

The subsequent day..

Naira will get able fantastically after preserving speedy and she will get blessings from her circle of relatives and is going to Goenka area and she enters the home whilst dadi stops her..

Dadi: wait until i give protection to you from evil eye..thu thu thu..

Naira smiles and enters the home and her eyes seek for kartik..

Naira in thoughts:the place is my mendak?

Mansi comes and hugs naira..

Mansi:yeyy.. after all you might be again bhabhi..i ignored you such a lot..

Naira smiles however even if her eyes seek for kartik whilst Mansi notices it..

Mansi:i do know what you might be looking..be endurance for five mins bhabhi. Bhai is getting able..he’ll come quickly..

Mansi leaves smiling whilst naira blushes..

Soon after kartik comes down dressed in a stupendous sherwani and sees naira and will get mesmerized whilst naira too sees him and will get mesmerized..

Kartik in thoughts:Hayee..how she is having a look..

Suddenly Manish comes there and sees kartik misplaced in naira and smiles..

Manish:beta..you’ll proceed your paintings later however now come and assist me in my paintings..

Kartik will get embarassed..

Kartik:ji papa..

Kartik is going with Manish whilst swarna takes naira along with her breaking their eyelock..

Later at night time the singhania’s and maheshwari’s come there and goenka’s welcome them…

Swarna: everybody are available in..

They all input and they see naira dressed stunning in a lehenga and they smile..

Devyani:my granddaughter is the same as fairy these days..i’m hoping no evil eyes forged on her..

Dadi:that’s why i warded off unhealthy sight when she entered this area atself..

Naitik:the place is my son?

Manish:i despatched him for a piece..he’ll go back in some mins prior to the rituals start..

They all communicate whilst bani and Mishti slowly strikes out from there..

Mishti:this elders are too dull..if i sat there until now then i’d have slept needless to say..

Bani:you might be proper..

Naira comes again of them and pulls their ears..

Naira:how dare you bitch about elders?

Mishti:arrey..didi..it used to be so dull that’s why..

Naira laughs and leaves their ears..

Naira:acha..now what you each are going to do?

Bani:i’ve to satisfy veer..he changed into mindless this present day..so iam going to him to thrash him.

Mishti:i wish to meet abir.. from the day past he’s speaking like saddist.


Bani:and my sister is looking ahead to her husband..hena?

Naira blushes..

Mishti shouts:wow..naira didi is blushing..

Naira shuts Mishti’s mouth..

Naira:close up Mishti..orelse i gained’t spare you these days..

Mishti:acha..sorry..sorry..we can cross and you stay up for your husband like majnu and experience.

They each run laughing whilst naira smiles…


Veer searches for one thing in his room in tensed..

Veer in thoughts: the place did my pills cross? I’ve to devour it now orelse i will’t steadiness myself and everybody might get to find out about my fact..i will’t let these days’s glad day cross vein via everybody realizing my illness.

He searches each nook and throws bedsheet in anger..

Veer:what the hell? Whenever iam pressing.. the whole thing flops. Where can it cross as i stored right here handiest? If somebody sees it then it’s going to be an enormous bother..

Bani: what’s it mr.veer Goenka that you’re hiding from everybody?

Veer will get surprised listening to her voice and turns and sees bani status on door..

Veer:bani..you right here?

Bani:sure..dadiji invited everybody for teej birthday celebration. And via the best way inform me the reality..what you might be hiding from everybody?

Veer will get surprised and scared..

Veer in thoughts: ohh god..now what is going to i do? I will’t let somebody know my fact because it’s special day.. now i will have to in some way persuade bani.

Veer:no.. not anything bani..

Bani: don’t lie. I discovered that you’re hiding one thing that day atself as your behaviours appears bizarre and now you used to be in search of one thing…so inform me the reality.

Veer:why do you take care of it..it’s my secret. Do you inform your secrets and techniques to somebody.. like that it’s my secret.

Bani:ohh wow!! Lame excuse.. preserving secret isn’t fallacious veer however converting your self for that secret creates doubt and frightened for everybody and that’s why iam asking..

Veer: i can inform when the correct time comes.. now you cross with out nerve-racking me.

Bani:acha..you inform your secret every time you’re feeling however why do you need to chase me out? I wont cross..

Bani sits at the mattress whilst veer will get annoyed..

Veer:i advised to get out..that is my room.

Bani:if in case you have rights to your room then even i’ve rights on my good friend. Till you behave generally i gained’t go away you..

Veer: chudail..


Veer:chudail ka bachi..

Bani chases veer whilst veer forgets his illness and he runs giggling…

Bani:should you prevent your self..it’s going to be protected orelse..

Veer:inform that you’ll’t run..why are excusing your self within the identify of threatening me?

Bani:you..what did you are saying..i will’t run huh? See how i catch you currently..

Bani chases veer and all at once veer feels dizzy and falls down part subconscious making bani surprised..

Bani runs to veer..

Bani:veer..veer..what took place? Are you high-quality?

Veer in thoughts:ohh..god..when this bani is right here..iam getting distracted. I actually forgot about my illness..now i will have to in some way organize this example.

Veer:act.. in fact leg were given spinned..that’s why.

Bani presentations her palms for serving to and veer will get up preserving her hand however he feels his head spinning and falls on bani once more and each loses steadiness and falls at the mattress and they meet with an eyelock..

Veer in thoughts:ohh godd..she is so lovable that i will’t regulate my middle..i might blurt that i like her..so please save me ohh krishnaji..

Suddenly bani pushes him and will get up..

Bani: your leg is so vulnerable..thank god you simply fall on me. If you fell on every other woman any place..what is going to she suppose?

Veer:she thinks that i like her..

Bani will get indignant..

Bani:what nonsense? No one has rights to like you understood?

Veer:why? It’s my existence..i additionally wish to get married proper..so somebody can love me and i will additionally fall for somebody..why are you getting indignant for that?

Bani realises her sense..

Bani in thoughts:sure..he’s proper..he has proper to like somebody and some other woman may love him..why am i troubled? And why did i am getting indignant? Iam so silly..

Bani:i advised merely as no woman has proper to like donkeys..


He tries to stand up however he falls at the mattress once more feeling heavy on head however bani thinks he’s disturbed because of leg and twists his leg..

Veer shouts:aaahhhhh..whaaattt areee you doiinngg??

Bani:iam serving to you recuperate from leg spinning. So don’t shout like a ghost..

She leaves his leg and..

Bani:now iam going downstairs to assist everybody..you too come down. And another factor..i can to find your secret out should you don’t inform your self.

Bani is going whilst veer holds his leg and makes face..

Veer:you fool veerr..you lied to cover the name of the game however she made the lie true now. My leg is paining so much..i don’t she is a human or some spinning wheel. She spinned in one of these means that it’s paining so much now..ohh god!.


Kartik drives the automobile in stress..

Kartik in thoughts:ohh godd.. only one hour is left for moon to return out..i’ve to achieve house in some way in order that i will smash my and naira’s speedy.

Suddenly he notices some goons troubling a veiled woman and he right away stops the automobile and runs there and will get surprised seeing the lady shut..

Kartik in thoughts:why does her eyes glance precisely like naira’s?

Then he sees goons and stops pondering and is going to them..

Kartik:good day you blo*dy fools..what are you all doing? Just go away her..

Goon 1: it’s none of your enterprise..so go away from right here..

Kartik:no longer till you permit that woman..

Goon 2: then you definitely too sign up for along with her class..we can kill you each.

The goons tries to catch kartik however he fights with them..

Kartik throws telephone close to the lady and indicators her to name police and the lady does identical and later kartik beats everybody effectively and police arrives there..


Kartik:sir..those idiots have been misbehaving with a lady..

Inspector:ohh..one of these affordable paintings. They have been already beneath suspicion for robbery paintings and now you made my paintings more straightforward via catching them..thanks such a lot mr.goenka.

Kartik:it’s my accountability sir..

Girl:sir..i wish to confess.. in fact those guys attempted to thieve my chain and bracelet and i used to be adamant not to give them and that’s why they change into violent and attempted to..

Inspector:i perceive. Thanks for confessing..now i wont go away them.

The police arrests the ones goons whilst kartik and the lady will get relieved..

Girl:thanks such a lot sir for saving me..

Kartik: it’s my accountability to save lots of other folks and assist other folks.. and via the best way..you should no longer roam on my own like this dressed in pricey jewels so watch out subsequent time.

Girl:positive sir..thanks.

Girl is going and kartik walks in opposition to his automobile..

Kartik in thoughts: this woman  is having a look like naira..her eyes are identical like her..how? Anyways i will have to no longer be aware of that now  as time is much less..i will have to cross speedy..

Suddenly kartik feels drained and dizzy and falls subconscious close to his automobile..



Abir will get pissed off and throws his books..


Abir:how a lot ever i attempt to put out of your mind..iam simply getting the ones ideas extra. Wherever I’m going..some unhealthy incidents occur and make me really feel unhealthy. I left ahmedabad to do away with neha however now iam dealing with identical drawback in udaipur..i couldn’t put out of your mind her loss of life or the incidents took place…it’s simply making me really feel extra to blame..

Mishti comes with two chilly ice lotions and provides to abir..

Mishti:have this… When you talked to me the day past in telephone..i realized that you’re not Abir however a saddist. So considered bringing your fav ice cream to make you smile.

Abir: no..i don’t need it.

Mishti: don’t be silly. I heared no matter you advised now..the unhealthy incident took place i settle for however it passed on to the great beyond..then why to really feel and fear pondering which already took place?

Abir:from time to time where the place the incident occurs will remind the ones issues and makes us disillusioned..

Mishti:so will you run clear of every and each position if some unhealthy issues occurs there?


Mishti:Abir..not unusual.. the whole thing were given high-quality…so cheer up. Whatever occurs is at all times for our excellent handiest as a result of lord gained’t do any injustice for excellent peoples. Moreover neha used to be psycho..so it’s no longer your fault for her loss of life adequate?

Abir:however nonetheless i believe unhealthy as she advised that she’s going to die as a result of me handiest…the ones phrases are ringing in my ears steadily. I believe to blame as i will have to have achieved one thing throughout faculty days atself in order that this wouldn’t took place…her existence wouldn’t have long gone if i took some motion that day..

Mishti:then I’ll do something..i can do suicide via writing letter it’s as a result of you…then what is going to you do? Will you be like this handiest huh announcing that as a result of me..Mishti died??

Abir playfully slaps Mishti..

Abir:close up.. don’t communicate pointless and unnecessary. If you dare discuss loss of life..I’ll kill you.

Mishti:then you definitely too close up and don’t communicate pointless and unnecessary. And should you dare discuss the ones and really feel to blame of previous..then I’ll additionally kill you.

Abir:Mishti..you aren’t working out..

Mishti:even you too..

Abir will get annoyed and stands up..

Abir:you might be troubling me..i can higher cross down..

Abir is going away whilst Mishti will get disillusioned..

Mishti in thoughts: you might be nonetheless sticking for your pointless previous. Everything were given high-quality however you aren’t high-quality..iam seeking to cheer you up however i couldn’t.. please change into commonplace mr.irrritating Goenka..i omit you such a lot.

Mishti too is going..


PRECAP:- Kartik and naira’s distinctive teej. Veer will get under the influence of alcohol and proposes bani. Abir takes a surprising determination..


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