Mera pyaar… Part 19 (Plan…)

Mera pyaar… Part 19 (Plan…)

hello readers… here is the next episode. This episode is simple one..☺️


Manish calls kartik and tells him everything and Kartik cuts the call speaking to Manish and he goes to naira in tensed..

Kartik:naira..we need to go udaipur immediately..

Naira:why? What happened?

Kartik tells the happenings which Manish told about Abir while naira gets shocked..

Naira:ohh godd.poor Abir. How can that girl’s father be like this? He knows that his daughter only did wrong then how can he lie and get him arrested..

Kartik:that we will see when we catch we should go udaipur and talk to lawyer.

Naira:do you know any best lawyer?

Kartik: ofcourse.. Damini mishra..the lawyer who never lost any case. She is mr.arvind’s sister in it would be easy to convince her. book the tickets immediately.

kartik books the tickets for them to go udaipur..


Akhilesh informs naksh about abir’s arrest and every matter what neha did and how her father made him arrested while naksh gets shocked..

Naksh:uncle..she proved she is a psycho..leave her.. what’s wrong with her father? He scolded neha when he got to know what neha did in college and now he himself is lying..

Akhilesh:maybe to take revenge as her daughter died because Abir dint accept her..

Naksh:both daughter and father are psychos.. don’t worrry uncle..i will talk with Kunal..i have his number as i exchanged our numbers when we got introduced by Abir.

Akhilesh:ok.. and one more thing.. please don’t tell this matter to anyone till it gets solved.

Naksh:even to my family also?

Akhilesh:yes..let them be happy.. Don’t make them also tensed like us. You tell them once this matter gets solved..

Naksh:ok uncle..

Akhilesh cuts the call while naksh calls Kunal..

Kunal:hello..naksh bhai..

Naksh:hai Kunal..i need to talk something important.

Kunal:tell me..

Naksh tells about abir’s arrest and Kunal gets shocked..

Kunal:i was sure that this psycho won’t let Abir in she died leaving Abir in trouble. And her blo*dy father well acted as if he supported the truth in college but he..chi.

Naksh:now what will we do? We need any evidence that photo is a lie and it was done by only neha by spiking Abir..

Kunal:thank god you called me now..i have one evidence. I will bring that tomorrow morning to udaipur..

Naksh:are you sure?

Kunal:yes.. actually before Abir left ahmedabad..i spiked her drink and recorded her statement to prove Abir in college but Abir left i dint do it. Now i thought i was keeping that audio uselessly and was about to delete..thank god you called me before that.

Naksh smiles..

Naksh:this is called destiny. God may give troubles to good one but he won’t let them suffer. Now we can prove that Abir dint use her but it was neha who clicked those fake intimate photos by spiking him and making him unconscious…

Kunal:but what about death? They tell that Abir pushed neha right?

Naksh:we will get evidence through call log..the time when neha died and the time she called can help us.

Kunal: that’s good idea..then i will reach tomorrow.


They cut the call..


Later Mishti comes home happily from college..


Akshara: arrey..Mishti..what happened? You look so happy..

Mishti: actually naksh got a lottery. My staff teachers are visiting krishna restaurant at thought of informing him. My teachers will eat it’s naksh bhai’s profit right chachi?

Akshara:ohh that’s the matter. Actually a suprise for you too..kartik and naira are coming in an hour so naksh went to airport to pick them up..

Mishti gets suprised..

Mishti:why suddenly?is any good news?

Akshara: don’t know exactly as naksh dint tell me anything after talking with kartik and naira..he just rushed immediately.

Mishti:why naksh gone to pick them up..are they coming here?

Akshara:woh..naksh told that he is getting naira here and kartik is going somewhere important.

Mishti:maybe he came for some work.. anyways iam excited to meet my sister..i will suprise her by making her favourite kachoris.

Akshara:done..go and do..


After an hour naksh picks up kartik and naira from airport..

Kartik:naksh..thank you for..

Naksh:arrey.. what’s this..iam doing saale saab’s duty. And moreover naira is my sister too so i should do the duty when her husband has works right?

Kartik:it’s ok..but thanks. What did Kunal say when you called him?

Naksh tells everything what Kunal told..

Kartik:that’s great..we will prove Abir innocent now. Ok..leave me at st.john’s street and you take naira home..


Naksh leaves kartik on that street and he takes naira home…

Akshara and Naitik hugs naira..

Akshara:how are you my beti?

Naira:iam fine mumma..i missed you so much.

Akshara:even me too..after you gone..after you left we felt as if a part of our soul went away. is your life in Mumbai?

Naira:good papa. My dance academy is going well and..

Naira blushes thinking about kartik..

Naksh:arrey my sister is blushing..what happened?

Naira smiles and runs to her room while naitik Akshara and naksh smiles..

Naitik:i guess…

Naksh: naira started to like kartik i guess..that’s why she is blushing like that.

Akshara:if it’s true..then it will be the happiest news ever.

Naira stands before mirror and thinks..

Naira: what happened to me? Why did I suddenly blushed thinking of kartik..yes he is always protects me and cares for me and even i too care for him as he is my life’s best friend but i feel something more than that..

Angel naira comes aside..

Angel:this is called love kartik..

Naira gets stunned..

Naira:did…did i fall for kartik?

Naksh enters and holds her cheeks caringly and..

Naksh:yes.. ofcourse..i found out that you love kartik seeing your blush atself. This is called love naira..i guess you can understand it.

Naira thinks of her moments with kartik and blushes hard while naksh teases her..

Naira:but..bhai.. if he considers me as only as friend?

Naksh:then make him fall for you..that’s it.

Naira smiles and:thank you for making me understand bhai..

Naksh shouts:Woohoo..a good news..a good news..

Naira:shut up bhai.. don’t shout..

Naksh:let everyone know this good’s such a big news.

Naira:it will become big when kartik too feels for me as i now please don’t tell anyone.

Naksh:but will tell muma papa..they already doubt you.


Naksh:ok..come and sit..I’ll feed your fav chole bhature as it’s been long since i fed you.

Naksh feeds naira..

Suddenly Mishti storms..

Mishti:bhaiiiiii…you spoiled everything.

Naksh and naira gets shocked..

Naira:what happened Mishti?

Mishti:i made your favourite kachoris myself and thought to suprise you but naksh bhai spoiled by feeding you chole bhature..all my hard works got vein.

Naira giggles..

Naira:arrey angry’s okay leave it. Actually iam more hungry feed me kachoris too..I’ll be satisfied.

Mishti gets happy and feeds her and the three talk and have some good time..

Suddenly naksh’s phone rings and he picks up..


The conversation goes on and naksh gets happy..’s a lucky day for us. So soon Damini mishra tomorrow Abir will be proved innocent for sure.

Mishti gets shocked while naksh cuts the call..

Naksh:naira..are you coming to meet abir? We will go and pacify him and tell the good news so that he won’t be sad..

Naira:haan..come lets go..

Mishti:bhai..naira di.. what’s it about Abir?

Naksh and naira realises that Mishti was also there and looks each other..

Naksh: woh.. sorry Mishti actually..we dint tell this news to anyone as Akhilesh uncle told not to tell anyone. But now iam telling you as you heared..but you don’t tell it to anyone..

Naira tells about neha and abir’s past and the present happenings while Mishti gets shocked..

Mishti:this much big thing happened in abir’s life..i never knew it.

Naksh:no one had known it except me..

Mishti gets worried unknowingly..

Mishti:bhai..iam also coming..


Mishti:he is my friend too.. please bhai.

Naksh:acha come..

Mishti naksh naira set to go out while Akshara catches them.. brother sister squad joint..where are you three going? meet our friends only.

Naksh in mind:i have never lied to maa..but sorry maa i don’t have any option as i promised Akhilesh uncle.

Akshara:acha..naira..why dint you go your sasural straight?

Naira:maa..dadi told to stay in maayka for 2days and come there on teej..

Akshara:acha..ok beta go safe and come.

They leave..


Kamal is seen seeing his daughter’s pic and cries..

Kamal:iam sorry beti..i couldn’t save you.

Then he goes near Krishna idol and cries..

Kamal:i know i did wrong by lying. It was my daughter who took the photo by spiking his drink but what to do..if Abir accepted her love then she would not have done that and also she would have not died. So only..i accused him falsely in pattern of taking revenge for not accepting my daughter. Uf he accepted my daughter wouldn’t have done bad…iam sorry krishnaji for making an innocent victim.

Naksh Mishti and naira reaches station and they see Manish Akhilesh Andy and veer and they greet them and meet abir..



Naira:Abir.. don’t worry.. tomorrow you will be bailed.

Naksh:haan..infact Kunal has you will be surely bailed.

Abir:iam not worried for that as i know you guys will bail me out..but iam feeling guilty. Someone’s life has passed away because of me..

Abir cries..

Mishti:Abir.. please don’t cry. It’s not your fault at’s her destiny for her wrong doings.

Naira:haan Abir.. don’t feel guilty.

Abir:but if i had told that matter earlier then everything would have been sorted out and she would have not died too..

Naksh:arrey.. anyways she was a you think even after you tell to family and sort the matter she will be silent? She would have done the same by blackmailing calm down.

They console broken Abir while kartik reaches there..


Kartik:papa..i hone straight to lawyer damini Mishra’s house from airport and now i came here..

Akhilesh:what did she tell?

Kartik: all is well that ends well..she agreed and we have proof too..

They all get happy hearing it and kartik too goes and consoles broken Abir..


PRECAP:-  Kartik and naira realise their love for each other. Abir is proved as…


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