Meet 20th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Dadi protest for Meet

Meet 20th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Dadi protest for Meet

Meet 20th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishani and Meet in hospital. Ishani says this hospital is huge where we will find them. Meet remembers talking to Meet Ahlawat through video call and says he could be in store room, both of them rush towards store room, both of them walk inside and finds it empty. Meet see blood mark on floor says she tortured my Meet Ahlawat here, I won’t leave her.

Dadi doing pooja. Masum walks to her crying. Dadi says stop faking your cry and tell me what is happening. Masum says I asked you not to let your Meet live there alone you know Meet is been accused of kidnapping Meet Ahlawat, she ran away as she is scared and police is looking for her. Dadi in shock says this is not true you telling lie, if this is true then I’ll not leave Ahlawat’s and she walk away. Masum says Dadi is so innocent.

Meet says to Ishani we have find them soon and they start looking for them in hospital.

DCP says to Babita the work she did for police department I don’t think she would do something illegal but for now we will take action according to actions, we will examine this video to check if it’s been done on purpose and he leaves. Dadi walks inside Ahlawat mansion clapping and shouts at Raj, how dare you accuse my daughter. Raj says please calm down we will talk about this, I believe Meet is not wrong. Babita says last time you slapped my son and I didn’t forget everything, and for your kind information we didn’t accuse her and show her video.

Meet and Ishani separately looking for them.

Dadi says you can’t accuse her on this one video and if you show me more I’ll still say she is not wrong. Babita get’s offended says this time nothing would work because she crossed her limit, she kidnapped my son wait here because police will bring your daughter and tell the truth. Dadi says listen to me I’ll protest over here until my daughter is back with Meet Ahlawat and she sit down on floor.

Meet disappointed sit on chair and start crying. Ishani walks to her.

Ragini bring water for Dadi . Dadi refuses to drink says till the time my Meet is back I won’t drink water. Ragini says please have some water or you will get sick. Dadi says nothing will happen to me, my Meet’s problem are more bigger then mine.

Laila with Goon and Meet Ahlawat. Laila once we reach airport then nobody will know where we are. Meet hear voice of wheel chair she rush towards the voice. Meet and Ishani walk downstair. Laila and Meet Ahlawat in car. Meet and Ishani see them sitting inside car. The car start moving. Meet run behind car to catch them. Laila in shock after seeing her, she thinks how did she got saved. Meet fall down. Ishani brings car and they start chasing them.

Sunaina and Babita doing pooja. Ragini walks to them. Raj, Ram, Masum and Barfi join them.

Meet and Ishani chasing them. Meet says I cannot see there car. Ishani says don’t worry we will find them. Meet ask her to take right.

Everyone and Ahlawat mansion praying.

Meet says why we can’t see the car. Ishani says they we in speed


Update Credit to: Tanaya


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