Main Hoon Aparajita 7th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohini pleads with Aparajita to save Akshay

Main Hoon Aparajita 7th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aparajita is concerned for Akshay and recollects the priest’s phrases. She will get Disha’s name who tells her that I couldn’t see the individual’s face within the CCTV photos. Disha says we will be able to cross to the police station, Aparajita says I will be able to come there. The priest comes there and tells Aparajita that you’ll’t cross out, it is a sacred pooja and you’ve got to keep in the home to save his existence. Dadi asks Aparajita to concentrate to him, keep again. Disha tells Aparajita that don’t concern, we will be able to care for it. She ends the decision. Chhavi comes there and says Veer is searching for papa as neatly, I agree with him utterly. Aparajita thinks how to inform her that I doubt him probably the most.

Sunil beats Veer and says why did you assault Akshay and didn’t even inform me. Veer says I didn’t need to harm him however he had immune to me so I had to assault me, what if he tells the whole thing to Chhavi? Sunil says you could have long gone loopy for that lady such as you did with Ritika. I will have to have completed this Chhavi prior to most effective. Veer grabs him and says don’t you dare bring to mind hurting my Chhavi, he strangles him angrily. Veer calls his guy and asks them to to find out who gave the confession video to Aparajita. Mohini comes there and grabs Veer, she asks the place is Akshay? Veer says what are you speaking about? I don’t know. Mohini says Akshay had a telephone with Ritika’s confession so that you didn’t need Akshay to see it that’s why you probably did one thing with him? Veer says I don’t know what you might be announcing. Mohini asks Sunil to inform him to talk up differently I will be able to name Aparajita and Chhavi to inform them about Ritika. Your political occupation will finish and he’ll lose Chhavi. Sunil asks her to loosen up. Veer says no one can take Chhavi clear of me. Mohini shouts no one can take hold of Akshay from me, forestall this drama and inform me the whole thing differently.. Veer says I will be able to inform you.

Disha and Niya come to the police station. The inspector says we will be able to’t record a grievance prior to 24 hours. Niya cries and says what is going to we do? Disha says we will be able to take a look at in search of different CCTV footages. Another girl inspector comes to Disha and says I will be able to can help you. I misplaced my father as a result of I couldn’t to find him in time so I would like to can help you. Disha thank you her.

Veer presentations his video with Chhavi to Mohini and says I used to be with her when Akshay went lacking. Mohini says who used to be recording this video and the way do you know you may want it? Veer says my good friend used to be recording it simply to tease me. I had no clue in regards to the confession video, I really like Chhavi so much so why would I harm her father? Mohini thinks he wouldn’t lie so optimistically, what is going on? Sunil says possibly some other political celebration is attempting to harm Akshay? he did struggle with them within the riots, I will be able to seek for him. Mohini nods and leaves. Sunil tells Veer that we treated this girl however that Aparajita gained’t be silent. Veer calls his guy and asks him to decrease the temperature within the freezer. He tells Sunil that Akshay can be lifeless until they to find him.

Scene 2
Akshay is freezing within the truck and demise.

The priest tells Dadi that this pooja can be carried out provided that Aparajita does it totally with center. Chhavi tells Aparajita that I do know he has harm you a large number however he’s our father and most effective you’ll save his existence. Will you do it? Aparajita is going away.

Disha, Niya and the inspector discover a truck within the house. They open it however Akshay isn’t there. The inspector says we will be able to seek the world extra.

Mohini comes again house so Aparajita asks if Veer stated the rest? Mohini says Veer doesn’t know the rest, he didn’t even know in regards to the scenario. Aparajita says he stated that and also you agreed? Mohini says Veer wouldn’t lie to me. Aparajita asks why? Mohini thinks as a result of I learn about Ritika and he wouldn’t dare to lie to me. She says he wouldn’t lie to me as a result of he is aware of that I’ve energy to assist him. Dadi comes there and asks what came about? Mohini says we’re in search of Akshay. Dadi says most effective 2 hours are left until the eclipse. Aparajita says there used to be a truck within sight when Akshay went lacking so possibly he’s in some truck? Mohini says I will be able to ask Sunil to seek for the vehicles. Dadi says I do know most effective Aparajita’s pooja can save him. Mohini says I’m his spouse and now not Aparajita.

Disha and Niya are searching for the vehicles. Disha says we will be able to ask for CCTV footages. Another inspector arrives there and tells Disha that I will be able to can help you unofficially. Niya is getting dizzy so Disha asks her to cross house, you didn’t consume the rest. The girl inspector takes Niya from there. The inspector messages Veer that Disha is with me so I will be able to care for her. Veer calls his guy and asks him to decrease the temperature extra, the person says he’ll die in 2 hours then. Veer says I don’t care, they may be able to’t to find him alive. The guy lowers the temperature extra.

Dadi tells Aparajita that even Mohini couldn’t do the rest, most effective you’ll save him. Aparajita is going to the mandir and sits down. She tells Lord that I will be able to do the pooja for Dadi and my youngsters however I will be able to’t do that as a spouse, we don’t settle for every different as husband and spouse so how can I do that pooja as his spouse? I’ve lived as a mom for 15 years so how can I develop into a spouse abruptly? I don’t perceive what to do anymore. The flower falls in her lap. Dadi and Chhavi glance on. The priest says your resolution is right here, your existence is tied to your husband until your closing breath, we don’t have a lot time left so make a decision speedy. Mohini comes there and takes the flower. She crushes it and says you other folks see my ego however can’t see my love. I will be able to display you all that I really like Akshay probably the most on this existence. She falls to her knees in entrance of Aparajita and says I really like him such a lot that I’m hanging my ego away and pleading with you to save my Akshay’s existence. I’m right here however you might be getting this proper so I’m soliciting for you to save his existence. She cries and provides the flower to Aparajita. Aparajita says ok, I will be able to do the pooja. Mohini cries and thank you her. Niya comes there too.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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