Main Hoon Aparajita 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Someone has kidnapped Akshay

Main Hoon Aparajita 5th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadi cries and says Akshay isn’t coming again, please to find him. Aparajita takes Dadi from there. Sunil tells Mohini that you just folks stay doing drama, he leaves together with his circle of relatives. Niya asks Mohini to seek for Akshay. Veer glares at her and leaves. Mohini asks Niya to go away. She calls somebody and asks the place is Akshay?

Aparajita asks Disha to move and search for Akshay. Disha says perhaps he noticed the video and should be surprised. Aparajita says he cares about Chhavi, if he had noticed the video then he wouldn’t be silent like this. He should have damaged my consider however he earned my consider as a father. Maybe somebody could be looking to harm him like Veer or Mohini. Aparajita asks her to move and seek for him. Chhavi comes there and asks what’s happening? I do know one thing is occurring however you’ll’t even percentage issues with me? particularly relating to papa? Aparajita says not anything came about, I simply requested Disha to move and search for him. She asks all her children to move and seek for him. Aparajita thinks the place is Mohini? perhaps she is as much as one thing.

Veer asks Sunil the place did Akshay cross from the birthday party?

Mohini calls somebody and says we need to do that.

Akshay is locked in a truck and tied.

Chhavi, Asha, Disha and Niya cross out of the home to search for Akshay. Disha involves the marketplace and asks the vendor if he noticed Akshay? She displays his photograph and the person says sure he got here right here to get a telephone repaired. Disha calls Aparajita. The supplier says I repaired the telephone however he left with out taking the telephone and somebody else got here to take the telephone, he mentioned that Akshay despatched him. Aparajita says who would take the telephone? used to be it Veer? She asks Disha to turn Veer’s photograph to him. She displays it to him and he or she says no, he didn’t come. Aparajita says best Veer or Mohini would care about this video.. she ends name. Disha seems to be round out there and reveals Akshay’s watch at the flooring.

Aparajita says what if Akshay is in bother on account of me? Dadi is crying for Akshay. Aparajita assessments and says she has top fever. She calls the physician and says she isn’t waking up. The physician says I will be able to ship medications and a nurse. Disha calls Aparajita and tells her about his watch. Niya calls Aparajita and says I’ve discovered Akshay’s brouch. Aparajita asks Disha to test the CCTV photos of the store. Niya says I’m coming there too.

Mohini calls her guy and asks when will or not it’s achieved?

Aparajita thinks it looks like somebody kidnapped Akshay.. what if Mohini is in the back of this? can she do that along with her husband? I’ve to speak to her. She leaves Dadi from there.

Aparajita seems to be round for Mohini in the home. Mohini calls her guy and says this must occur at this time. Aparajita hides and hears her. Mohini says I do know you might be in Dubai and has your males to search for Akshay however you already know Anish how vital Akshay is for me, I will give my existence for Akshay. Aparajita thinks if its now not Mohini then Veer?

Disha seems to be on the CCTV photos with Niya. The supplier displays them the person who took the telephone. Niya cries taking a look at his brouch. Disha seems to be on. She says you like your father and I hate him however not anything will occur to him, she hugs her and says we can to find him in combination. She takes her from there.

Akshay is freexing within the chilly truck and cries for assist.

Aparajita involves the mandir and prays for Akshay. She says I do know Akshay has harm me however please don’t harm Dadi and he’s my children’ father, Dadi will die with out him. I’ve not anything towards him, please save him. Disha calls her and says a person got here to take the telephone. Disha says a truck handed by means of and not anything else. Aparajita says it implies that truck should have entered a dead-end or within the colony as that’s the one approach from there. What if Akshay is in that truck?

Chhavi calls Veer and says we will’t to find Akshay, I thinks Aparajita and Disha know one thing however aren’t telling me. She asks him to do one thing and to find him. Veer ends the decision and takes to the air his hoodie. The flashback displays how he heard Disha telling Mohini that they have got immune to Veer. Then he attacked Akshay and kidnapped him.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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