Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshay promises Aparajita to find the truth

Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aparajita tells Disha that we will be able to display Ritika’s video to Akshay.

Chhavi and Veer alternate rings in the celebration. Asha calls Disha and presentations Chhavi’s video. Aparajita says we could pass there and spot what’s taking place. They are on the video name. Akshay says I used to be considering since they prefer each and every different such a lot so why look ahead to an yr? We have made up our minds that Veer and Chhavi gets married in every week. Aparajita hears that and is surprised. She says sufficient in their lies, its time to deliver out the truth. She comes out of doors Akshay’s space and thinks that I can finish what Mohini began on this space. All flip to see Aparajita getting into the space. Mohini is shocked. Aparajita is going to Akshay and says how dare you are taking this sort of giant determination with out asking me about my daughter? Chhavi says I asked him for an early marriage. Aparajita says you didn’t suppose to seek advice from me? Chhavi says Veer will pass to London and I will be able to proceed my research from there. Aparajita says we had a dialogue however how come you modified your determination? who crammed your ears? Akshay says sufficient, she is being impartial, what’s your factor? Aparajita says any person is fooling her and making her make a choice this trail. she asks who made you are taking this dialogue? Chhavi says I were given scared that I can lose Veer like I misplaced my father, I used to be scared that Veer shall be clear of me for 1 yr and he would possibly find some other woman like papa, he would go away me then. I had to undergo this ache once I misplaced my father however I will be able to’t lose Veer and undergo it once more. All other people get started to gossip. Aparajita tells Akshay that I would like to communicate to you by myself, she holds his hand however Mohini is available in entrance of them. Aparajita says Chhavi’s mom needs to communicate with Chhavi’s father, transfer away. She pushes her apart and takes Akshay from there.

Aparajita brings Akshay to a room and says I’m doing this for Chhavi. Akshay says Veer and Chhavi gets married after one week simplest. Aparajita says you sought after immune to Veer and now I’ve it. Mohini goes to the room however Disha stops her. Mohini says your mom is inside of the room with my husband. Disha says you might be that insecure even after snatching that guy? my mother has little interest in that guy. Mohini tries to pass and says what’s going on? Disha says we gained’t let Veer marry Chhavi now.

Aparajita tells Akshay that I’ve a video of Ritika wherein she confessed that Veer used to beat her up badly.

Mohini is anxious that Aparajita would possibly have one thing. She pushes Disha away and enters the room. Aparajita is ready to display the video to Akshay however Mohini asks what’s taking place? she says immune to Veer? Aparajita says you might be speaking such as you don’t know anything else? Akshay is ready to display the video however her telephone dies. Mohini says you suppose you’ll be able to deliver any video and lie to us? Akshay says I can fee the telephone and watch it to finish this drama. Mohini is scared. Akshay says I’m certain that is you deliver cussed once more. Aparajita says I wouldn’t be right here with none evidence.

Dadi will get a decision from the priest and says I noticed Akshay’s kundli and it sort of feels like there’s threat in his long term. I can come to your home in some days however don’t let Akshay go away the space until then.

Akshay is consuming water however Mohini slips and the water falls on the cell. Aparajita shouts that you just did this intentionally. Mohini says I can get it repaired, she tries to take it however Aparajita snatches it from her. Akshay shouts at Aparajita to prevent misbehaving, you might be crossing your limits. Aparajita says she intentionally did this so Veer’s truth gained’t pop out. Mohini says what are you speaking about? Aparajita tells Akshay that she is aware of about Veer however she needs Chhavi to marry him. Akshay says sufficient, you suppose everyone seems to be unhealthy. She slipped however you suppose unhealthy about her simplest. Mohini says she has misplaced it. Akshay says sufficient. He tells Aparajita that I do know you hate Mohini however don’t do that drama. Aparajita says I don’t care about her and I will be able to’t play any video games, I simply care about Chhavi. Mohini says you don’t have any immune to Veer or me. Aparajita says she destroyed this telephone as a result of she knew that I’d display you Veer’s video and likewise hers, wherein she confessed to her crimes. Mohini will get frightened. Aparajita says I can get this telephone repaired. Akshay takes the telephone and says if that is true then I can dig this truth out. He takes the telephone and leaves. Aparajita tells Mohini that the truth will pop out now. Mohini thinks I’ve to prevent Akshay.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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