Main Hoon Aparajita 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Aparajita tells Akshay about Veer’s past

Main Hoon Aparajita 26th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Akshay tells Aparajita that what came about was once now not excellent. Aparajita says you additionally suppose I used to be the usage of your daughter as a servant? Akshay says It’s not that i am pronouncing that, I’ve noticed you taking good care of Niya, I’m pronouncing Mohini shouldn’t have created a scene. Aparajita says Mohini hates me and my daughters, she will do the rest in her anger. Akshay says I can communicate to her. Aparajita says I perceive her concern, it’s a must to make her imagine that me and my children gained’t come for your courting. I don’t need her to do the rest like she did with the jok… she stops herself and says I will be able to’t pass any place with my daughters however you’ll return to Dubai along with your circle of relatives. Akshay says I wish to be shut with my daughters so what’s her drawback? I’m nonetheless their father and we’re oldsters so can’t we be with our youngsters like common oldsters? Aparajita says no, It’s not that i am preventing you from giving love in your children however don’t be expecting greater than that from me.

Disha calls Aparajita and says I’m looking out up for Ritika’s knowledge. Ritika’s picture falls down, Chhavi comes there and is about to peer it however Aparajita comes there and takes it. She asks Chhavi to move and leisure. She leaves. Disha says sorry to her, Aparajita says we will’t let Chhavi to find out the rest, I don’t wish to mislead Chhavi however we need to. Disha says you’re the easiest mom. She says I’m looking for the rest about Ritika however I will be able to’t. Aparajita says we will pass to the police station and spot if her father complained about her going lacking.

Mohini involves Sunil and says congrats, you are going to win the elections so I wish to congratulate you. She offers him a cheque of 10 crore and says you must get Veer and Chhavi married in 10 days. Sunil says now not a possibility. Mohini says you realize there are a large number of mysteries like Ritika, who went lacking? Sunil will get scared. Mohini says Veer and Chhavi can have a roka in 3 days, she offers him a card. She says you simply have to provide out the inside track that you’re sending Veer to London.

Aparajita involves the police station and presentations Ritika’s picture. She says Ritika is lacking and her circle of relatives isn’t round, I’m right here to record a grievance. They write her grievance. The inspector thinks those ladies are searhing for out about Ritika, I should be cautious.

Veer involves Akshay’s area. He tells him that my father is sending me to London however I will be able to’t reside with out Chhavi, I do know I’ve finished errors however I like her so much. He sits on his knees and says what’s Aparajita’s drawback with me? I will be able to surrender the rest for Chhavi. He burns his playing cards and papers. Akshay stops him and asks if he’s loopy? Veer cries and says I don’t wan to lose Chhavi, please get Aparajita to just accept me. Akshay asks him to relax, I can do one thing. Veer says Chhavi all the time stated you could possibly perceive her, she trusts you a large number. Mohini comes there and says Akshay will toughen you, Veer nods and leaves. Mohini tells Akshay that he’s a pleasing boy, he loves our Chhavi so much however I don’t know what Aparajita’s drawback with him is, she by no means proved the rest in opposition to him however she is cussed. You like Veer so don’t disappoint Chhavi. Akshay says I don’t know what’s Aparajita’s drawback is, if Chhavi’s happiness is with Veer then I can get them in combination, when is he leaving? Mohini says in 10 days. Akshay leaves. Mohini smirks.

Aparajita asks Disha if the police will seek for Ritika? Disha says they are going to.

The inspector calls Sunil and says Aparajita-Disha got here to invite about Ritika. Sunil says Veer’s title shouldn’t arise on this case in any respect, its about my place additionally.

Aparajita tells Disha that Mohini gained’t be silent, she will likely be as much as one thing.

In the morning, Sunil comes to fulfill Akshay and says energy and cash must mix to develop. You have cash and I’ve energy so wew must get Veer-Chhavi in combination. Akshay says Chhavi is my daughter and now not a deal. Sunil says I imply I simply noticed them in combination and Chhavi is a mature lady so I’m considering of doing roka in 2 days. Akshay says what? Mohini says ofcourse we can do it, Akshay doesn’t want Aparajita’s permission, its a super concept. Akshay leaves. Mohini says nobody can forestall this roka.

Akshay involves Aparajita and says Veer goes to London. Aparajita says that’s excellent. Akshay says Chhavi will breakdown, I’ve made up our minds to get them married prior to he leaves. Aparajita says what are you speaking about? She locks the room and says how are you able to take this choice with out chatting with me? Akshay says you don’t care about my daughters’ happiness. Aparajita says Veer isn’t a excellent man. Akshay says what’s unsuitable with him? Aparajita says concentrate then.. Veer had a female friend and he or she went lacking after which her father did a suicide, I believe Veer is at the back of all that. Akshay is surprised.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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