Main Hoon Aparajita 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini scolds Niya for going to Aparajita’s house

Main Hoon Aparajita 25th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Akshay is with Chhavi, she asks if he talked to Veer? He says no, what took place? Chhavi says I do know he’s nervous for me however I will’t inform him that I’m really not neatly in a different way he’ll come speeding to me, Maa will likely be offended to see him right here. Aparajita hides and hears that. Akshay says to consider all this, in a while, you want to relaxation for now. Chhavi asks if he likes Veer? he nods. Chhavi says then why Maa thinks wrongly of him? How do I make her take into account that he’s a pleasant man, I want Maa would perceive me such as you do. Maa has made a belief about Veer however actually Veer looks after me so neatly that even Maa wouldn’t be ready to. She asks Akshay if he’ll at all times take her facet proper? Akshay nods and says I’m at all times with you however you want to relaxation, for now, I can maintain your happiness, I promise you. Chhavi hugs him. Aparajita thinks Chhavi loves her papa and he desires her to be at liberty however they don’t perceive Veer isn’t a excellent individual, I’ve to reveal Veer briefly.

Aparajita comes to Disha who tells her that she will be able to’t to find Ritika’s picture. Aparajita says we’ve got to to find it, they seek for the bag however can’t to find it. Aparajita says I can go searching. She tests her different bag and unearths her picture. Aparajita seems at her and says don’t know what Veer did along with her however I will’t let the similar occur with Chhavi. Disha says I can to find the reality quickly.

Mohini stabs her thumb and cries in ache. Dadi comes there and says you might be crying over a small ache however consider while you broke my Aparajita’s house. Mohini says I didn’t do the rest, Akshay selected me. Dadi says you got here again and you might be torturing her even now. Mohini says I’ve a plan for you, what if I throw you from the balcony? Dadi kicks her foot and asks her to concern about herself.

Disha comes to Chhavi and sees her sound asleep, she says I do know I used to be at all times difficult on you however I like you such a lot, we care about you and doing all this for you. Once we convey Veer’s fact out then the whole lot will likely be positive.

Niya calls Asha and says I don’t know why Maa doesn’t need me to cross to your house. She asks how is her tests going? Asha says the whole lot is ok however there may be one drawback however don’t inform any person about it. The seniors have arrived they usually stay taunting me about Chhavi and Veer. I want Chhavi wouldn’t pay attention all the ones name callings once more. Niya says don’t concern, I can determine one thing for Chhavi however you simply center of attention for your research.

In the morning, Niya is leaving the house so Dadi asks the place is she going? Niya says I heard Chhavi has fever once more so I’m going to see her sooner than Mohini wakes up. Dadi provides her goodies and asks her to percentage it with others. Niya leaves. Mohini sees that and says I advised her to steer clear of Aparajita’s house however she isn’t listening and Amma is giving her freedom too.

Niya comes to a store and asks for skimmed milk however he doesn’t have it so Niya buys commonplace milk. Bappi says did Mohini requested for it? Niya says no I’m taking it to Chhavi’s house, I can make tea for her. She leaves. Bappi tells every other girl that this woman is so other from Mohini, she is rather like Aparajita.

Niya comes to Aparajita’s house and presentations her milk. She says I couldn’t to find skimmed milk so I were given this, I can make tea for Chhavi. Disha will get offended and says you assume we don’t have milk within the house? Niya will get nervous and says I didn’t imply it like that, I simply sought after to get the milk so I will make it myself however I’m sorry in the event you felt dangerous. Disha laughs and says take a look at your face, I used to be simply joking. Niya says you might be so imply, you scared me. She asks about Chhavi. Disha says she doesn’t have fever anymore however she remains to be susceptible, you cross and meet her. Niya nods.

Niya meets Chhavi and asks her to devour Dadi’s goodies. Aparajita says your mom could be offended that you’re right here. Niya says she should be sound asleep so don’t concern. She asks why are they cleansing such a lot? Aparajita says its Sunday so we blank the entire house. Niya says my mother asks servants to do it. Aparajita says cleansing your individual house provides us peace, we blank it like we wish. Niya says I would like to assist too. Disha makes her do her paintings and sits to relaxation. Aparajita says why are you making her paintings? she is our visitor. Niya says a visitor? I believed that is like my house, you might be differentiating me and your daughters? that’s hurtful. Disha says she is this sort of drama queen. Aparajita says I didn’t imply it like that. Niya says then I can assist in cleansing. She is helping Disha and Aparajita in cleansing the entire house. Mohini arrives there and shouts Niya? Aparajita says you stay coming right here, did you pass over us? take some tea. Mohini shouts how dare you’re making my daughter paintings like a servant? Niya says its now not like that, I used to be doing it myself. Mohini snatches the broom from Niya. Aparajita says I’m really not forcing her to do the rest, we take her as our personal. Disha says if you wish to have to bond then I will come up with a brush too. Mohini asks her to close up, she tells Niya that they’re the usage of you. She takes her from there. Mohini tells the neighbors that Aparajita used to be the usage of my daughter like a servant. Niya says its now not like that. Mohini shouts that you’re silly. Aparajita comes there and hears all that. Mohini says Aparajita is making my daughter in opposition to me. Bappi says you might be flawed, Aparajita isn’t like that. Mohini says I noticed Niya cleansing her house. Bappi says we all know Aparajita and she or he would by no means manipulate any person like that. All take Aparajita’s facet. Aparajita tells Mohini that that is the variation between fact and a lie, you’ve to shout your lie however the fact comes out by itself. Mohini angrily takes Niya from there.

Mohini brings Niya house and shouts that they’re the usage of you to harm me. Niya says you might be grabbing my arm tightly, its hurting me. Mohini says I can punish you correctly now. She locks her within the room. Niya cries and says what are you doing mother? Akshay comes there and asks why did you lock her inside of? Mohini says as a result of Aparajita is the usage of our daughter as her servant. Akshay seems on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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