Main Hoon Aparajita 23rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Aparajita tries to save Disha’s life

Main Hoon Aparajita 23rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Aparajita tries to save Disha’s life

Main Hoon Aparajita 23rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini tells Chhavi and Asha that I will be leaving and permanently shifting to Dubai so my friends want to give me a farewell party, can you please arrange it? Asha says Dadi is in the hospital and you are thinking about a party? Mohini is on a call with her brother and tells Chhavi that if Dadi is not okay then I will postpone my Dubai trip. Chhavi says no.. you can do anything you want. Asha says you have to take Aparajita’s permission. Mohini says you can call her, I have already taken her permission.

Chhavi calls Aparajita but a nurse mistakenly pours water on her phone. She says sorry and leaves. Mohini’s brother paid the nurse. Chhavi tells Asha that Maa is not picking up the call. She tells Asha that if we say no to her then she will stay back which we don’t want. Asha says I will call Disha and ask her to let us talk to Maa.

Mohini calls her brother and says Disha would be busy with selling Aparajita’s van so she won’t able to connect with the family. Mohini says I want Chhavi alone for the plan to work.

Disha comes to the hospital. Asha calls her and tells her about Mohini wanting to arrange a party and Aparajita giving her permission. Disha says I will go and confirm with Maa. Disha goes in the lift so Mohini’s nurse locks her inside. Mohini’s brother calls her and says we have handled Disha too.

Aparajita is sitting with Dadi and tells her she will go and look for Disha. She hears Disha screaming from the lift. Disha says I am stuck inside. Aparajita says don’t worry, she asks them to call an electrician. The nurse says we are trying to arrange one. Disha says I am feeling suffocated. Aparajita asks her to calm down and keep counting.

Asha is calling Disha but she is not picking up. Chhavi tells her that we should give her permission otherwise she will postpone her trip. Asha leaves from there. Mohini comes to Chhavi and says you people are not even letting me arrnage a party. She says Akshay is upset that I have to leave him alone. Your mom allowed this party but you people haven’t confirmed it. Akshay would be upset to know how you people are behaving. If he gets angry then he might ask me to stay back here so think about it. Chhavi looks on.

Aparajita is worried as Disha is locked in the lift. She

In the morning, Akshay wakes up and has a hangover. Mohini’s brother gives him lemonade. Akshay asks if he called Aparajita? He says you were angry at her. Akshay says I should go home. Mohini’s brother asks him to just relax and don’t worry.

Chhavi sits with Asha and says I have to end all this, we have to make sure that Mohini leaves this house so just agree to it. Asha says but Maa.. okay I will help you. Chhavi hugs her and cries. Mohini hears that and smirks.

Mohini video calls her nephew Vicky and asks him to come on time tonight. She asks him to do as she said.

Disha is still stuck in the life. Aparajita is worried about her, she takes a phone and calls Guggo. She asks him to send their electrician’s number on the phone.

Chhavi and Asha clean the house for the party. Chhavi mistakenly drops her family’s photo. Asha says she is exploiting us. Chhavi says let’s just end this and go to the hospital. Mohini sees them and says they don’t have much time left.

Aparajita talks to Disha through the lift door and says you are my brave daughter. You know your mother is with you so nothing will happen.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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