Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The terrorists reveal their demands

Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Viral22g.com

The pilots are flying the airplane with none fear, when Shristhi secretly asks Rakhi if Karina Bua in fact has a boyfriend, Rkahi requests her to prevent speaking when Shristhi explains she will be able to inform her as she is circle of relatives however Rakhi replies that there is no particular person whom Karina di likes when Shristhi mentions there could be any person as she additionally noticed an individual on this flight who is rather like Karina Bua, Rakhi smiles asking her to prevent speaking.

Kavya is status with the magician who asks the place her mom is when kavya replies she has long past to carry the water, Arjun wonders why he’s speaking to her so asks who’s he, kavya explains that he’s her flying jut.

Preeta is delivered to the cabin with a knife round her neck, Kavya asks them to let her mom move differently they might pay the associated fee, Arjun explains he’s going to take kavya to the opposite cabin as it isn’t appropriate for her, kavya demands to stick right here, Arjun questions what sort of display she presentations her daughter, Rakhi asks why he’s speaking like this when she thinks he’s a wise particular person. Shristhi asks them to let her sister depart, Vinni and Minni additionally bring to mind it as a recreation so attempt to explanation why with them, however they’re livid, explaining that now their demands could be fulfilled, Arjun explains they are able to take him hostage whilst leaving Preeta. But the terrorists give an explanation for she is their price tag to get their demands fulfilled, Arjun is driven again by means of certainly one of their participants who asks if they aren’t figuring out the rest.

The pilots listen the knock at the door so move to open it when the terrorist enters with Preeta within the cabin, the captain assures they will have to now not attempt to do the rest mistaken as he’s the captain of this airplane, the Capitan requests them to let move of the ladies and communicate with him, the terrorist explains he desires to speak with the authority, Preeta asks what do they would like from her, she requests them to let her move as her whole circle of relatives is looking forward to her, the Capitan demands they will have to now not even attempt to hurt any person of the passenger, terrorist is surprised along with his perspective ,Vikram assures Preeta there may be not anything to be nervous about.

Vikram contacts the airport government bringing up there may be any person who desires to speak with them, the terrorist demands that the Indian government liberate the 3 terrorists which they have got stuck, the airport authority consultant refuses to comply with their call for, when the terrorist explains till their demands are fulfilled this airplane would move to the neighboring nation and if the terrorists aren’t launched, then this airplane may also now not land and may even blow up. He mentions the passengers may even die from their terror; he issues the knife in opposition to Preeta which forces the Capitan to comply with land the airplane.

Rishab asks if Anjali lied to him when he requested the place is Arjun and he or she defined that he’s within the bathe, Anjali acts as though she can not perceive the rest when Rishab replies that she is aware of how the people serve as, Sameer explains that he doesn’t accept as true with her from the primary day as a result of she first filed a mistaken criticism towards Rishab bhai after which even took them to the courtroom, Rishab stops Sameer explaining that she wronged them however they aren’t going to achieve her stage, as a result of they have got been taught to act in a undeniable means. Rishab mentions she did it as a result of a explanation why, they will have to be accountable to at all times you should definitely stay on the similar requirements. Anjali asks how he can are living with those two faces as Preeta first filed a police criticism towards Arjun then his spouse additionally filed a restraining order, Anjali explains when they’re blamed with doing any mistake it reasons anger so why is Rishab so livid.

Rishab stops her explaining she will have to concentrate to what she stated only a second in the past, Rishab explains he used to be additionally blamed for what he by no means did, he asks Anjali not to make any such face as she is aware of what he’s speaking about, he by no means stated the rest mistaken nor blamed her which is because of his teachings. Rishab explains that Arjun and them at all times generally tend to create such scenarios which angers them, he had warned Arjun to keep away from his circle of relatives and daughter, however he has a tendency to at all times to find such tactics which ruins the whole thing, Rishab furiously explains all of them have a restrict and if he’s compelled to pass it then would assault in any such means which Arjun and Anjali would now not be capable to undergo. Rishab apologizes to them each, Sameer whispers if they are able to test when Rishab asks if there may be any want when seeing their faces Arjun is within the flight. Rishab apologizes to Dadi if he stated a little bit extra as it isn’t great, he angrily tries to stroll away however Anjali stops him.

The terrorist warn them to stay calm and take a seat down, Rakhi asks how they are able to stay calm when the terrorist took her daughter in regulation to the opposite room, kaya asks her to calm down. Arjun assures they might enhance them, however the terrorist will have to let them take the youngsters to the opposite room as it isn’t protected, kavya asks if he’s scared, explaining they are able to throw the terrorists out of the window when Shristhi finds that the home windows don’t open. Shristhi takes Kavya in conjunction with the opposite kid after thanking Arjun, he exclaims what’s the want when he can not assume throughout a time of want.

The terrorist additionally brings Preeta to the cabin when she demands to head and be together with her daughter on the other hand the terrorist forestall threatening to kill Kavya which angers Preeta, she is thrown away, Shristhi additionally tries to enhance Preeta. Rkahi is livid and he or she slaps the terrorist who is set to hit her with a knife, Arjun now not having the ability to keep an eye on himself manages to push the terrorist, whilst preventing his beard is got rid of which shocks the Luthra circle of relatives and they can acknowledge him, Arjun threatens them with a knife on the other hand they organize to hit him at the head, they begin beating Arjun who isn’t even in a position to protect himself. Arjun is driven to the nook, Preeta asks what they’re doing asking for them not to hit Arjun when the terrorist explains it doesn’t swimsuit him as he’s the husband. Preeta feels bizarre and he or she begins recalling in regards to the moments spent with Karan. Preeta can not shake the sensation, as she is tormented by means of the recollections. Preeta begins weeping.

The airport government touch the safety company revealing that the airport has been hijacked by means of the terrorist who’re tough the discharge of the 3 terrorists that have been captured and in the event that they organize to land the airplane within the neighboring nation and then it’ll be unattainable to avoid wasting them. The officer calls the police informing him about all the state of affairs after they guarantee, they might deal with it, the reporter Ashish explains he would be the first one to record this information.
Preeta mentions he isn’t her husband however how can they take his lifestyles, the terrorist are adamant that they’re mendacity about the whole thing and donot even imagine when Rkahi and Karina attempt to tell him in regards to the fact. Rakhi requests the air hostess to carry the primary support field on the other hand the terrorist stops any person from leaving, Preeta is anxious.

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