Kundali Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun manages to board the plane.

Kundali Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Viral22g.com

In the evening, Dadi asks Anjali if she goes to inform the reality, she asks what relation Arjun has with Kavya, she is stunned when Dadi explains she has lived a longevity so her revel in says that somebody can’t love a kid except they’re the oldsters, she questions what the quarrel between Arjun and the Luthra’s. Anjali tries to guarantee there may be not anything like that, Dadi calls for Anjali must inform her the reality as a result of she is aware of what the distinction between a trade and private competition is, she simplest needs to pay attention the reality and if Anjali can’t inform it then will have to now not say the rest in any respect, Anjali concurs asking if she truly needs to pay attention the reality.

The flight workforce is appearing the other people to their seats, a pair is playing status on the airplane when an individual will get livid teaching them to transfer forward, he isn’t even thinking about their jokes, a tender lady comes asking Rakhi and Karina to let her cross to her seat.

Kavya insists to play with the ball, Preeta informs she has positioned it in the bag and would take it out as soon as the airplane takes to the air, Rakhi asks Preeta to give Kavya as the ball as she is aware of Kavya wishes the whole thing at the identical second, Shristhi additionally requests Preeta who stands up to take out the balm she bumps right into a bearded individual and is shocked, she apologizes giving him manner when he smiles gazing Kavya earlier than strolling to his seats.

Preeta arms Kavya the ball, she begins taking part in with it on the seat which falls over to the nook of the seat, Preeta stops Kavya from going however she runs to select it and notices the knife striking out from the shoe of the individual, she feels angered so runs again when the individual thinks if he’s hiding the knife or revealing it in his shoe. Kavya informs Preeta he noticed a unusual guy, Preeta explains they must now not speak about any individual in this type of method, Preeta advises her to get some sleep as she wishes to leisure, an individual asks Kavya if she would really like to see magic, he finds he’s going to make the playing cards disappear from his arms seeing which Kavya together with Preeta and everybody clap for him, Preeta needs she must be in a position to make Arjun disappear like this, she wonders why is she eager about him.

Dadi sits down in surprise asking if Anjali is telling the reality or simply making tales, Anjali assures the whole thing is the reality, Dadi replies she is feeling sorry for him, Anjali kneels explaining there is not any want to really feel sorry as he’s Arjun like the Vardhan of Bhagwan so not anything incorrect would occur to him, the supervisor comes revealing the information in pleasure that the price ticket was once won from the counter that means Arjun sir is on the identical flight, Dadi will get excited so she raises his wage with fifty p.c when Anjali replies that it can’t occur like this as Dadi is solely truly excited when he additionally concurs that his wage can’t be raised over this type of small information, Dadi suggests they must no less than give him the present wage with fifty p.c building up, he begins arguing however in spite of everything concurs. Anjali is satisfied that Arjun were given onto the flight.

Shristhi asks Preeta to see how glad Kavya is, she replies she truly preferred the magic, Rakhi asks Kavya to come to her as she goes to display her every other trick, Shristhi will get excited asking if Rakhi’s mother is aware of magic to, she assures she is aware of it turning to Karina di inquiring if she recalls her magic trick, Karina replies to Rakhi must now not do it differently the kids would possibly get scared. The magician mentions he has a cat which is sort of a monkey, Kavya insists on seeing it at the moment when he replies he would display it to her when they achieve New Zealand, Preeta smiles citing the individual is solely teasing her, the air hostess publicizes that the boarding procedure is entire so now all of them will have to fasten their seat belts, they even give directions which everybody will have to apply on the flight. A passenger will get annoyed asking for them to be sure the flight takes to the air briefly.

The kid sitting beside Karina Luthra mentions she is scared, Karina asks the place her oldsters are when the lady finds she is travelling by myself, Shristhi is stunned questioning why this type of younger kid is travelling by myself, Karina asks her to cling her hand and pray to god and then she is probably not scared.

Kavya mentions she needs to cross and attend the bathroom toilet earlier than the flight takes to the air, she falls when Arjun instantly choices her up, Preeta thank you him when he simply helps to keep gazing her, Preeta leaves considering how such extraordinary individuals are in this flight.

Anjali instructs them to give the supervisor his wage after an building up of 50 p.c, Dadi sitting asks Anjali if Arjun married her sister Neha, however even then has returned to take revenge from Preeta, she exclaims that now just one issues can deliver him again to lifestyles which is correct love, Anjali replies that occasionally they aren’t in a position to reach real love and if it occurs then the whole thing could be looked after, Dadi asks what would possibly occur if Rishab unearths out about Arjun, Anjali replies she is certain it’s going to now not occur however in case he does in finding out even then Rishab would now not be in a position to do the rest.

Rishab is truly pissed off when Sameer comes asking what came about, Rishab furiously replies that he has labored so much in this venture, so he isn’t going to let it cross to waste. The Private detector comes informing that they have got discovered arjun went into the airport and he feels Arjun could be going after Kavya. Rishab begins calling Arjun however then even tries to touch Anjali, she is stunned questioning what the explanation why is he’s calling her, Dadi replies that Rishab would possibly have additionally employed a personal detective as now each Rishab and Arjun are preventing each and every different. Anjali requests Dadi to now not say the rest after which she takes out even her cell, appearing as though Arjun is in the rest room, Rishab is relieved considering that now his plan is a success as a result of Arjun would now not be in a position to achieve his circle of relatives.

Preeta is status out of doors the rest room when the air hostess comes explaining the airplane is set to take off so she will have to take a seat down on her seat, in the closest seat. Preeta briefly after sitting down call to mind tying the seat belt, she isn’t in a position to do it correctly in a rush and blames it for being inaccurate, Arjun replies it’s completely high quality, he even ties it which amazes Preeta. She begins reciting the Mantar, Kavya finds her mom will get scared all over the takeoff. Shristhi wonders the place Preeta is as they’re on the run manner.

Rakhi informs Karina that she is aware of she isn’t scared simply however she is solely announcing that if she feels scared then can recite the Hanuman Chalisa, as it will give them power. Preeta is scared, she holds the arm of Arjun and feels a extraordinary connection.

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