Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid reveals truth without proofs

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The Episode begins with Aryan preserving Shahana’s hand whilst Mili hugging him. Shahana says one thing is occurring, is going. Aryan says I will be able to be again. Ranbir comes out of the washroom and is going. Rhea thinks she has to forestall Buji, then thinks she is dropping the sport. She says I will be able to ask Prachi and she or he has to reply to me. She slips and anyone is helping her. Prachi seems to be at Rhea. Someone helps to keep hand on Prachi’s mouth and takes her from there. Rhea says the place did she cross? She says she shall cross to forestall Aaliya. Shahana runs and thinks of Aryan preserving her hand. Aryan involves her. Shahana says she concept Mili looking to suicide. He says he understands and is aware of her. Shahana says while you don’t perceive Mili, then how are you able to perceive me. She sees Rhea going in the back of Aaliya and is going. Aryan says if I will be able to run in the back of her all the time.

Ranbir has taken Prachi to facet. Prachi asks why don’t you do it rightly. Ranbir asks should you would have come to me, if I ask. She says sure. He says now I’m telling, please don’t cross. He pulls her nearer for a hug. Prachi says she has to move, as as of late is her sangeet. Ranbir says I will’t will let you cross and tells that he’s appearing his rights on her. He asks if she actually need to cross, leaving him. Prachi nods no. He says cross and performs romantic track on his cellular. Ek duje ke….Prachi stops. Ranbir involves her and kisses on her neck. Prachi hugs him. They dance at the track haan hone lage…Rhea asks Aaliya to not cross. Aaliya says not anything will occur to me, they’re my males and I will be able to regulate them. Rhea says if they’re for your regulate, then they wouldn’t have known as you prefer this. She asks Aaliya to stick at house and deal with the record and tells that she is going to cross and deal with the goon. Shahana sees Rhea going and sits within the automobile decky.

Ranbir says you used to be going? Prachi says your middle stopped me. He says my middle mentioned such a lot of issues, however you listened only one. He makes her sit down and takes mehendi cone in his hand. He says he heard that if the colour is darkish then husband’s love shall be extra. Prachi says I heard about Mother in regulation will love extra. Ranbir says you’ve heard a distinct tale. She asks if he’s trapping her. Ranbir says woman’s don’t lure if title is written on their palms. He writes Pranbir on her hand. Prachi seems to be at it. He says it’s having either one of their names Prachi and Ranbir, Pranbir, and takes a swear that he’ll by no means let their relation wreck.

Aaliya waits for record to come back. She will get busy speaking to women. Courier man comes to offer report back to Prachi. Sid takes the record and asks Priya to move. The record flies and falls close to Aryan. Aryan exams the record. Sid says I will say unquestionably that Rhea’s child isn’t of Ranbir. Ranbir takes the record and sees it.

Dr. Madhurima asks Nurse if any emergency got here. Nurse says no. Dr. Madhurima asks Receptionist about Rhea’s record. Dr. Preeti comes there and asks Receptionist about Kinjal. Receptionist says Kinjal will ship child as of late. Dr. Preeti says as of late is excellent. Dr. Madhurima says hello. Dr. Preeti says hello, how are you. Dr. Madhurima walks to a distance and prevents to listen to them. The receptionist exams and tells Dr. Preeti that Rhea’s record is in Kinjal’s document. Dr. Preeti says that she is going to see Kinjal’s document in her pc, she will perform on her. She is going asking her to stay it in report title. Dr. Madhurima asks Receptionist to offer Rhea’s report back to her. Receptionist refuses and tells that it’s senior physician orders, as you each don’t like every different. Dr. Madhurima is going to facet and calls Rhea. She informs her that anyone else’s record is couriered to her space. She asks her to come back to health facility and takes her record from health facility. Rhea asks Madhurima to move and get it. Dr. Madhurima says she will’t do it as there i a conflict between them.

Rhea calls Aaliya and asks her to visit health facility and take the record. Aaliya says good enough. Shahana thinks she has to move there ahead of Aaliya. Aaliya collides with Pallavi. Pallavi asks the place you’re going? Aaliya says the entirety is ok, she shall be again. Sid tells Ranbir and Aryan that Rhea isn’t pregnant with Ranbir’s child. He says Ranbir must have concept that he can’t impregnante somebody, as he loves Prachci. Ranbir asks why did you get nearer to Prachi. Sid says you’re having Rhea’s record and pronouncing this. Ranbir says this isn’t Rhea’s record. Sid seems to be on the record.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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