It started with confusion PraRish TS Part 2(Last part)

It started with confusion Part 2

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Rishab were given in a position for the engagement.When he reached the venue,his eyes looked for Pratha.He noticed Pratha in a purple robe.He may now not take his eyes off her.

Rishab idea:You have a mystical energy to drag me in opposition to you.Otherwise how did you’re making an unromantic man like me to be desperate to marry you?

Seema:Let us get started the hoop rite.The to be bride must come and stand close to the to be bride groom.

Rishab smiled considering that Pratha would come and stand close to him.

Mahek got here and stood close to him.Rishab was once at a loss for words seeing her close to him.

Rishab idea:Why is Mahek status close to me as an alternative of Pratha?

Seema:You each alternate rings now.

Rishab was once surprised.


Seema:Have you long gone loopy Rishab?You are the to be bride groom and and Mahek goes to be your fiancee.So you each must alternate rings.Right?

Rishab was once stunned.

He idea:Mahek is my fiancee?

Suddenly he remembered Mahek dressed in white best on the cafe.

He idea:That way Mahek was once the lady selected via mother and seeing Pratha additionally within the white best I mistook her for the lady who was once selected via mother.Oh my God!What will I do now?

Seema:Rishab and Mahek…alternate rings with every different .

Rishab who was once damaged utterly attempted laborious to not display his ache out of doors.

He and Mahek exchanged rings with every different.

Mahek and Pratha’s Dadi Maina requested Pratha:Pratha,why are you having a look unhappy although it’s your sister’s engagement?You are meant to feel free.But…

Rishab was once observing them and listening to what the Dadi stated.

He idea:Why Pratha is having a look disenchanted?I want Pratha additionally has emotions for me like I’ve for her.

Pratha smiled.

Pratha:No Dadi.I’m glad for my Mahek didi.

Pratha checked out Rishab and smiled painfully.


Rishab’s lips shivered:Thank you.

She walked away.



Mahek and Rishab had been mentally disturbed.

Mahek:I’ve to inform the reality to Rishab.

Rishab:I’ve to speak to Mahek.Otherwise it’s going to motive extra harm.

They each messaged every different:I wish to meet you.


Mahek and Rishab met every different.

Rishab:I wish to inform you one thing.

Mahek:Even I wish to inform you one thing.

Rishab:You say first.

Mahek:Actually..if truth be told I like any person.ACP Vijay.

Rishab was once stunned.

Rishab:Then why did you get engaged to me?

Mahek:Vijay is lacking since previous couple of months.Nobody is aware of the place he’s.All are pronouncing that Vijay was once dishonest on me and he left where to keep away from me.But I didn’t consider it.I had religion that Vijay cherished me actually and he’ll go back.I requested a while.



Flash again….

Mahek’s father Shankar:Ok.I will be able to provide you with 5 months of time.If Vijay does now not come inside 5 months,you’ll have to marry the individual I selected.

Mahek:Thank you dad for giving me time.I’m certain that Vijay will come inside 5 months.

Shankar:But promise me that you are going to marry the boy of my selection if he does’nt go back.

With hesitancy Mahek stated:Yes..I will be able to.

Shankar smiled.



Mahek was once disenchanted.

Mahek:But Vijay didn’t go back.So I needed to conform to get engaged to you.But I will be able to’t settle for you Rishab.I like best Vijay.

Rishab:So nonetheless you suppose that Vijay has now not betrayed you.Then the place is he now?Why is he now not returning?Why is he now not seeking to touch you?

Mahek:I nonetheless believe him.I don’t know why he isn’t returning.All I do know is I will be able to best love Vijay and I belong best to Vijay.

Rishab:Don’t fear.We will discover a explanation why to damage this alliance and I will be able to attempt to seek for Vijay.

Mahek was once relieved.

Mahek:Thank you Rishab.But what did you need to inform me?

Rishab:I additionally don’t love you.I agreed to get married considering that the lady who was once discovered for me was once Pratha.

Mahek was once stunned:What?


Mahek:Does Pratha love you?She didn’t inform me the rest.

Rishab:I don’t suppose Pratha has emotions for me.I feel she considers me best as her brother in regulation.

Mahek:Don’t conclude it so rapid.We will follow Pratha first.What if she additionally likes you and is hiding her emotions as a result of our marriage is fastened?

Rishab was once surprised.

Rishab:Is it conceivable?

Mahek:I don’t know.Let’s see.

Rishab nodded.



Rishab-Mahek’s Sangeet serve as….

Music was once performed.

The {couples} started dancing.

Pratha may now not tolerate Rishab-Mahek’s romantic dance.

Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai (x2)
Toote toh toote teri baahon mein aise
Jaise shaakhon se patte be-haya
Bikhre tujhi se aur simte tujhi mein
Tu hello mera sab le gaya
Na fiqar, na sharam, na lihaaj, ek baar aaya

Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aaya hai
Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aaya hai

Suddenly she discovered that it was once her creativeness they usually weren’t dancing in combination.She was once relieved.

Pratha idea:Why Rishab and Didi don’t seem to be dancing with every different?

Suddenly she heard their dialog.

Mahek:Rishab…my legs are aching.So I will be able to’t dance with you.

Rishab:It’s adequate Mahek.You take relaxation.

Pratha was once relieved.

She imagined dancing with Rishab.

Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai (x2)

Tu hello meri awaaragi
Tu hello duaa har shaam ki
Tu khamakha, tu laazmi
Tu hello razaa, tu hello kami
Aur tu hello wo, firaaq hai jisko

Suddenly she discovered what she was once doing.

She was accountable.

She idea:How can I recall to mind having a romantic dance with my long run jeeju?

Mahek:Pratha…Rishab has no dance spouse.Will you please dance with him?

Pratha was once stunned.

Pratha:What are you pronouncing didi?He is your fiance.

Mahek:So what?It’s only a dance.Please Pratha.

Rishab checked out Pratha:Please Pratha…

Pratha nodded.Mahek and Rishab smiled.

Pratha and Rishab started dancing with every different.Pratha was once having a look at him emotionally.Mahek was once staring at Pratha.

Hai silsilon ne mere go laaya
Hothon pe tere izhaar aaya hai
Hothon pe tere izhaar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai

She felt accountable and attempted now not to take a look at his face.But Rishab’s eyes had been on Pratha.

Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai (x2)(Hate story2)

Pratha was once now not ready to keep watch over her emotions and ran away.

Rishab:What came about to Pratha?

Mahek went close to him.

Mahek:Still you probably did’nt comprehend it?Pratha loves you,however she isn’t ready to stand you as a result of she thinks that she is sinning via loving her brother in regulation.

Rishab was once surprised.

Rishab:What?Are you certain?

Mahek:I’m her sister.I will be able to perceive her rather well.Did’nt you are feeling the rest from her facet?

Rishab:During our dance when she checked out him,I may see love in her eyes for me.But I used to be at a loss for words as she did’nt categorical it in phrases.

Mahek:She will confess her love as soon as she will get to grasp the reality.We will inform het fact.

Rishab:And I will be able to inform her how a lot I like her.

They smiled.



Pratha was once crying in her room.

Pratha:Why God?For the primary time I fell in love.But he grew to become out to be my jiju.It’s tricky to believe the individual I like as my brother in regulation.

Suddenly she heard a voice from at the back of.

“Then don’t believe me as your brother in regulation”.

She grew to become again and was once stunned to look Rishab there.She discovered it tricky to stand him as she discovered that he had heard what she spoke about her emotions for him.

Rishab was once more than happy as Pratha additionally loves him like he loves her.

Rishab:I heard the whole lot.Don’t believe me as your brother in regulation for those who love me.

Pratha was once surprised.

Pratha:What are you pronouncing Rishab?

Rishab:I informed you so as a result of I’m really not your brother in regulation nor I’m going to be your brother in regulation in long run.Because your brother in regulation is Mahek’s lifestyles spouse;inspector Vijay.

Mahek and Vijay got here from at the back of sudden Pratha.


Mahek:Yes.Vijay is again to me Pratha.You all idea that Vijay betrayed me.But I had complete religion in my Vijay.My Vijay proved me proper and he returned to me.

Pratha smiled with reduction.

Pratha:But how did this occur?

Mahek:After getting engaged to Rishab,I informed him the whole lot about Vijay and the way I used to be pressured via dad to get engaged to him.

Rishab:We had been on a venture.Inspector Vijay’s lacking case.We had been serving to the police division secretly as he was once abducted via terrorists.When Mahek informed me about Vijay itself I noticed that he was once the similar Vijay.But I didn’t inform the rest to Mahek as I didn’t wish to make her disenchanted.But our military drive effectively rescued Vijay and taken him to Mahek first.



Flash again….

Mahek and Vijay embraced every different crying.

Rishab:As I promised I discovered your Vijay.

Mahek:Thank you Rishab. But the place had been you Vijay?

Vijay:I used to be abducted via terrorists Mahek.

Mahek was once stunned.

Vijay:I were given scared whether or not I will be able to by no means be capable to see you once more.But your love stored me.You love made Rishab save me.

Mahek was emotional.


Shankar who got here there was once stunned to look Vijay.

Shankar:Vijay,you got here again?

Mahek:Yes dad.I informed you that Vijay can by no means betray me.

Vijay stated emotionally:Mahek is my lifestyles.I will be able to by no means recall to mind leaving her.I might had been with Mahek if I used to be now not abducted via terrorists.

Shankar was once stunned:Terrorists?

Rishab:Yes uncle.Terrorists had stored him in captive.But fortunately shall we save him.

Shankar checked out Vijay and Mahek

Shankar:I used to be flawed in judging you.Sorry Vijay.You had been proper Mahek.Your love gained.You each must unite.

Vijay and Mahek was more than happy.

Mahek:Thank you dad.

Suddenly Shankar was uninteresting.

Shankar:But Rishab…

Rishab:Don’t fear about me dad.I if truth be told love Pratha.I agreed to marry Mahek on account of some confusions.

Shankar was once stunned.

Shankar:What?Does Pratha love you?

Rishab:I don’t know.Mahek and I’ve determined to proceed our marriage drama to test whether or not Pratha has emotions for me or now not.

Shankar was once surprised.




Pratha was once shocked.

Pratha:Dad additionally was once part of this drama.

Mahek:Yes.Now inform Rishab overtly whether or not you’re keen on him or now not.

Pratha was shy.

Mahek and Vijay left to provide them privateness.

Rishab:Pratha…I don’t know whether or not I fell in love with you or now not.But after I idea that you simply had been the lady who was once selected via my mother I felt more than happy and started taking into consideration you as my spouse.

Pratha was once shocked.

Pratha:What?You idea that I used to be the lady?

Rishab:Yes.Mom informed me that the lady will probably be in a white best.So seeing you within the white best I mistook you for the lady and agreed to marry you.If I had identified that Mahek was once the lady,I don’t have agreed to get married.

Pratha was once more than happy.

Rishab:Now I will be able to inform overtly that I like you Pratha.

Pratha was emotional.

Pratha:I didn’t know the way I fell I like with you.When I noticed you as Mahek didi’s man,my middle broke.I didn’t know why.But later I noticed that I had fallen in love with you.

Rishab smiled emotionally.

Rishab:I like you Pratha.

Pratha:I like you too Rishab.

They embraced every different emotionally.

Rishab Pratha and Vijay Mahek exchanged rings with every different at their engagement serve as.

Both the {couples} posed for images.

Rishab-Pratha and Vijay Mahek were given married.

Rishab cupped her face emotionally and stated:Our love tale had a twist.But our married lifestyles will probably be easy and clean.

Pratha:We will make our married lifestyles clean via our love.

He nodded.

They shared an emotional eye lock.



Rishab and Pratha had a toddler lady they usually named her Prathana.They lived thankfully with their daughter Prarthana.

The finish.

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