Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Manohar gives an idea to Happu and Beni

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Manohar gives an idea to Happu and Beni

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu telling Beni that he thought that his destiny is winning, but don’t know whose bad sight fell on him. Beni says you are inauspicious. Happu scolds him for giving him the idea. Manohar brings the files there and asks Happu why he was worried. Happu says he has lost much money in gambling, along with Bonus money. Manohar taunts him. Happu asks Beni to give him some idea. Beni says he don’t have any idea. Manohar gives them an idea. Golmaal song plays….Rajjo makes Kamlesh clean the house and wipes the floor. Kamlesh says I am trying to do. Rajjo scolds him and says you are not doing it properly. Kat says Kamlesh is tired, and says you promised small work and giving big work. Rajjo says Kamlesh offered help and what is the hesitation to work in his own house. Kat says she wants t help him, but she will get dull and it is not good from her skin too. Kamlesh says kat. Rajjo sends him to clean the terrace. Kat goes with him.

Happu comes home. Rajjo asks what happened? He says someone looted Beni and him. Rajjo asks what type of Inspector you are? Happu says even I thought the same. Rajjo asks if he didn’t have the gun. Happu says he didn’t have the bullets and then the goon aimed gun at his forehead. He says I thought of your empty hairline and asked him to loot me. Rajjo gets upset and goes.

Beni comes home. Vimlesh asks did you bring necklace, give it to me. She says if you don’t give me then I will go to Papa or will call him here for a week. Beni says it is not needed. He tells that some goon had looted Happu and him. Vimlesh says you didn’t bring the necklace. Beni asks what is dear to you, and says they loot us on knife point. He says if he had resisted then she would have hairline without sindoor. Vimlesh asks if everything is stolen. Beni says not even 25 paise. Vimlesh cries. Beni says atleast your husband got saved. Vimlesh says shall I make achaar and cries.

Kat tells Kamlesh that she wants to help him, but her nail paint will be ruined. Amma asks where is Happu? Rajjo says your son was looted by someone. Amma says his nautanki started. Rajjo asks if he is lying. Amma says Happu told me that Bonus is cancelled, but Resham Pal said that it is given to everyone. She calls Happu. Happu comes out.

Amma asks him to walk slow. Happu asks what to say? Amma says now I came to know everything. He says I will sell my kidneys and will fulfill your wishes. Rajjo says your idea is good. Amma says what will you do with two kidneys. Happu says your desires are big that you are asking me to sell my kidneys. Amma says we came to know that you lied to us. She asks him to fulfill the demands.

Happu comes to the PS and tells manohar that the family members are doubting on him. Manohar says your face is such. Happu says his wife and Amma are so clever. Beni says Vimlesh had agreed with his acting, but Amma and Rajjo took her on their side, that she is fuming. Manohar says you might have not done a convincing act. Happu says nobody cares for our lives. Manohar says he has the solution for this. He asks them to make video standing near CCTV camera. He says that will be me, I will give you money and then will steal it. Happu appreciates Manohar and kisses on his cheeks. Beni also kisses him.

Manohar keeps the camera on the tree. He signs Happu and Beni. He then comes to Happu and Beni and tries to loot them. Kamlesh beats Manohar and asks how dare you? Kamlesh tears his pant to teach him a lesson. He asks them to beat him. Happu beats him. Kamlesh asks beni to beat him. Beni hits him and says I am hurt. Happu says he will take the goon to the PS and tells Kamlesh that he is proud of him. Manohar cries and says you called me here to get beaten. Beni says Happu will give some share to you from his bribe. He asks him to loot them again.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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