Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The kids steal the handcuff

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Viral22g.com

The Episode begins with Happu coming to his room. Rajjo scolds him for praising Amma’s rai dal and doesn’t praised her dal. Happu says I believed it’s your dal, nevertheless it was once of Amma. Rajjo says you’ve got wasted my hardwork. Happu says he were given perplexed. Rajjo says you’ve got achieved my mistake, Amma will get peace and also you revel in. Happu apologizes. Rajjo says she is going to cross to her mayka. Happu calls Beni and tells that he has vital paintings. beni asks him to visit any person’s space after checking time. Happu says Rajjo is leaving the space. Beni asks him to forestall her. Happu says if Vimlesh stops then she may prevent. He runs within and asks Vimlesh to forestall Rajjo. Vimlesh says she is appearing tantrums. Happu says this time she is not going to go back. Beni says if you happen to do that then we can pay attention the first cry (child). All the kids attempt to prevent Rajjo. Amma says she is appearing and won’t cross any place. Hritik says the place you’re going to cross. Happu comes there with Beni and Vimlesh. Rajjo tells that although he likes Zeera dal, however he preferred Rai dal. Beni says mom’s handcrafted meals is excellent. Vimlesh will get disappointed with Beni and tells Rajjo that they each will depart the next day morning. beni will get disappointed with Happu.

Resham Pal tells Manohar that he desires to offer him a large accountability. Manohar asks what? He asks if Happu is demoted and I’m promoted. Resham Pal says now not now, however if you happen to display your competency then the day isn’t a ways. He says we’ve scarcity of handcuffs and Raka is surrending to us. He says we’ve simply hand cuff and I would like you to maintain it. Happu’s kids pay attention him. Resham Pal says we can be promoted after Raka’s arrest. He leaves. The kids come within and steal the handcuff. Happu, Rajjo and Amma argue. Amma desires Rajjo to ask for forgiveness. Rajjo doesn’t agree. Happu asks Amma to persuade Rajjo. Amma refuses. Happu asks them to not communicate to one another. They agree.

Happu tells Resham Pal that he idea to overcome Raka, however is excited that he surrendered. He asks him to advertise him. Manohar comes there and searches for the handcuff. Resham Pal says seek it, Raka goes to return. Manohar says he has come. Raka comes there and asks Resham Pal to arrest him. He says I wish to give up. Happu and Resham Pal ask him to have tea and water first. Raka says he wishes espresso. Happu is going to get espresso. manohar is going to look handcuff.

The kids play with every different. Chamchi tells about the play of their faculty. Amma says she will be able to’t play. Chamchi says you’re going to get likelihood to scare Mummy. Hritik tells the similar factor to Rajjo. Ranbir explains the scene and says commissioner will handcuff you. Amma tells Rajjo that Commissioner is ready to arrest us. Rajjo handcuffs Amma and her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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