Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai And Virat Rescue The Kids

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai And Virat Rescue The Kids

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Kidnapper asks his aide to hit Pakhi and drives off. They drive off while the kids Vinayak and Savi try to call her. Sai comes to injured Pakhi and asks if she is fine. Pakhi makes her see the car in which the kids are taken away. Sai looks at the kids. Bhavani tells Ninad that they shall search the kids. Ninad asks few men to search the kids and give their photos. Savi and Vinayak open the rope of the other kidnapped kids. Savi, Vinayak and other kids run away from the back door of the car. The kidnapper asks her coordinator to catch them. Sai attacks and break the glass of the car front view. The kidnapper gets down and asks Sai why did she break the glass. Sai tries to hit her, but she holds the rod. Virat comes to Sai’s rescue when the kidnapper and her helper overpower her. Pakhi opens the back door of the car and finds the kids missing. Sai gets worried. Vinayak and Savi are walking on the road. Savi asks him to walk faster. He asks where shall we go? Savi convinces him to go to the Ravan effigy program, citing their mothers can be there. Announcement is made to stay far from the Ravan effigy. A boy shoots the fire arrow at the Ravan and the effigy starts burning. Vinayak and Savi get scared seeing the fire, as they are standing near there. Bhavani and others see them on the projector screen. Bhavani says someone save them.

Virat, Pakhi, Sai come there along with the kidnappers. Pakhi tells Sai where Vinayak and Savi could go. Virat sees the screen and stunned. Pakhi and Sai run with Virat to save them. Pakhi falls down and calls Virat to save Vinayak. Vinayak pacifies scared Savi. Virat and Sai jump inside the circle of the Ravan effigy. Virat lifts Savi while Sai lifts Vinayak. They smile as they have rescued the children. Somehow they manage to bring the children out from danger and take them to safety. Virat asks Savi if he is fine. Vinayak and Savi hug Virat and Sai. Virat and Sai smile. Pakhi comes there and hugs Vinayak. She asks why did you come here and scolds him. Bhavani asks Pakhi to scold Savi, as she brought him here. She taunts Sai and Savi. Virat says they are small children and could have lose their lives. Savi apologizes to Sai. Sai asks why did you come here? She says she had watched on TV and thought Vinayak will be happy here after meeting his real Aai and Baba.

Virat hugs Vinayak, but he doesn’t reciprocate the hug. He asks what happened? Sai calls Vinayak near her and asks if he wanted to find his real parents. She tells him that Savi is her real daughter and she had given her birth. She says your Aai and Baba were equally worried for you, like I was worried for Savi. She says your Aai stood infront of the kidnapper’s car to save you which nobody else could do. She says your Aai risked her life to save you. Ninad tells Ashwini that Sai made Vinu understand in a simple way. Sai explains to Vinayak that his Baba jumped in the fire to save him, and asks if he thinks that he will leave him. She says your entire family had come here and was afraid seeing you in danger. Savi tells Vinayak that God Krishna was brought up by Yashoda though Devki had given him birth. She says your Aai and Baba loves you a lot, and it is their love that you ran away from kidnappers’ clutches with Savi, and fought with them. She says you are getting fine due to your Aai and baba then why will they leave you.

Precap: The play director that Aarav and Ankush were in hospital. She says who will do the Luv and Kush’s role and they want Ram and Sita’s characters too. Savi and Vinayak to play the charaters of Luv and Kush. The other kids ask Sai and Virat to play Luv and Kush’s parents.

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