Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Vinayak And Savi’s Unthinkable Act

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Vinayak And Savi’s Unthinkable Act

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Pakhi that a woman doesn’t mind if someone loves her husband but minds if someone loves her husband, they need to free themselves from the cage of past and leave peacefully. She wishes Viratt and Pakhi a happy married life and offers them holy leaf. Pakhi extends her hand. Sai says they both should take it sa its auspicious for a married couple. Virat and Pakhi together receive a leaf from her. After a few minutes, Sai completes Vinayak’s exercises. Vinayak says he wants to spend some time with Savi. Savi says she will take care of herself and Vinayak and takes him to her room. Sai tells Usha that Savi is up to something. Usha asks her not to worry about kids. Sai tells her that her online interview will start now, so she doesn’t want to be disturbed until it finishes.

Savi tells Vinayak that he may find his real parents at a dussehra mela. He agrees to accompany her. She writes a note for Sai that she and Vinayak are going to find Vinayak’s real parents and takes Vinayak along. Pakhi returns to pick up Vinayak. Usha doesn’t find children in room and gets tensed. She interferes Sai’s interview and informs her. Sai leaves the interview in between. Interviewer asks if she is sure she wants to discontinue the interview as she may not get a job. Sai agrees and says her daughter and her friend are missing from home, so she needs to go and search them.

Vinayak gets tired walking and asks Savi if she is sure he will find his real parents in dussehra mela. She says and goes to get an auto. A speeding truck heads towards her. Vinayak pulls her away on time and rescues her. They then boards an auto for dussehra maidan. Driver asks if they are alone. Savi says yes. Vinayak teaches her that they should reveal their secret to strangers. Savi laughs and says their parents are waiting at the maidan, she was just joking. Sai with Pakhi checks Savi’s room and finds Savi’s note that she and Vinayak are going to find Vinayak’s parents. They both panic.

Virat is busy with his team planning city’s security dussehra festival when Pakhi calls him and informs him about Savi and Vinayak leaving home to search for Vinayak’s real parents. Virat gets angry and asks what was Sai doing. Pakhi says Sai was busy when children left home. Virat asks his subordinate Kadam to track Vinu’s mobile location and inform him. He asks Pakhi to reach the spot once he confirms location. Driver heasds Savi and Vinayak towards police station and dussehra mela is a dangerous place. They both get tensed. Driver reaches police station and asks them to go and meet police who will drop them to their parents.

Kadam notices mobile location outside police station and informs Virat. Virat informs Pakhi and heads back towards police station. Driver notices kids already left and forgot their mobile. He hands over mobile to police. Virat reaches there followed by Pakhi and Savi. Driver informs them that kids were traveling to a dussehra mela at some park to search for their parents. Pakhi gets tensed thinking how will they find kids in such a big mela. Sai says let us go there first and then decide. Vinayak asks Savi to call him dada/elder brother from hereon as he is elder to her. Savi agrees. Vinayak realizes he forgot his mobile in police station and thinks how will they reach mela now. They notice a religious group and follow them.

Bhavani with her team heads towards mela and curses Savi for brainwashing Vinayak to search for his real parents. Ninad asks her to stop cursing a small innocent kid as Vinayak had already determined to find his real parents, they should praise Savi instead for risking her life and helping Vinayak. Bhavani continues to curse Savi.

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