Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Virat Fulfills Savi’s Wish With Sai’s Help

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

School important continues to host sport and says her subsequent query is for Mr Chavan. Pakhi requests her to let it’s as her husband can provide unsuitable resolution and he or she would possibly lose a received sport. Virat asks important to head forward with the questions. Principal asks what’s his spouse’s favourite colour. Virat says white. Pakhi presentations crimson. Principal says unsuitable resolution. Virat says he’ll resolution subsequent query proper. Principal asks who’s his spouse’s favourite actor. Virat says the only and best Shahrukh Khan. Pakhi presentations Irfan Khan. Principal says unsuitable resolution. Savi says they’re going to lose. Virat asks Pakhi since when Irfan Khan changed into her favourite actor. Pakhi says since Irfan Khan changed into Virat’s favourite actor.

Sai thinks why she all the time has to endure Virat and Pakhi forceful portrayal of public show of love. Teacher asks what’s Virat’s spouse’s favourite interest. Virat says images. Pakhi presentations images. Teacher says its a proper resolution and asks what’s his spouse’s favourite drink. Virat says inexperienced tea. Pakhi presentations espresso and says inexperienced tea is Sai’s favourite and now not hers. Teacher asks what used to be his spouse dressed in when she met him first. Virat says the only she is dressed in now. Pakhi presentations similar get dressed. Other scholar’s folks comic story that Mr Chavan doesn’t know his spouse smartly whilst his spouse know him really well. Pakhi says its higher if they’d now not performed as everybody are giggling on them. Virat says even different husbands gave unsuitable resolution. Pakhi says he’s arguing along with her once more abd walks away fuming. Teacher says no person received.

Bhavani accuses that its Savi’s plan to intrude in Virat and Pakhi’s lives the usage of Savi. Ninad asks why would Sai use Savi. Bhavani says Virat and Sai’s wedding ceremony anniversary and Sai’s birthday on a similar date isn’t a twist of fate however Savi’s conspiracy which Ninad and Ashwini can’t see, she is aware of Savi isn’t Virat’s daughter and Sai is attempting to go into Chavan nivas once more and looking to spoil Virat. Ashwini says she desires to consult with Pakhi at the moment. Ninad says they may be able to’t move there as Pakhi is in picnic. Ashwini says she sensed Pakhi’s ache and as a mom its her accountability to convenience her daughter, she is going to move on my own if Ninad doesn’t accompany her. Bhavani asks if she is aware of what she is as much as.

Principal selections subsequent chit and says subsequent contestants are Savi’s folks. Everyone clap for them. Savi really feel excited and asks her aayi and baba to go back victorious.
Virat and Sai have a look at each and every different’s face ins hock. Pakhi warns Virat now not to take part. Sai tells Savi that she will be able to’t particiapte. Savi insists to get winner’s crown as her birthday reward. Sai scolds her. Savi asks Virat if she is unsuitable if she calls for a birthday reward from her folks and begins crying. Sai tries to persuade her to not get cussed. Savi will get adamant. Other folks taunt that Virat is playing 2 other halves. Virat will get irked listening to that and tells Sai they will have to take part. Pakhi asks what does he imply. Virat says he simply desires to meet his daughter’s want at any value, so Pakhi shouldn’t misread him. He requests Sai once more to take part for Savi’s sake. Savi consents and participates with him.

Principal proclaims that Mr Chavan and his ex-wife are subsequent contestants. Sai requests to name them as Savi’s aayi and baba. Principal apologizes and asks Sai what does she nick Savi’s baba. Sai thinks snooty undercover agent, however she shouldn’t resolution this. Savi cheers them up. Vinu asks how will they win when baba doesn’t know anything else about mamma smartly, he’s positive all their solutions will likely be unsuitable. Sai hears them and writes khadoos jasoos. Virat presentations similar. Everyone clap for them. Vinu says even mamma doesn’t now about it. Teacher questions Virat what’s Sai’s favourite drink. Sai writes inexperienced tea. Virat writes similar. Teacher says proper resolution. Savi says her mamma serves inexperienced tea to even her. Teacher asks Sai what’s Virat’s favourite meals. Sai writes fried modak. Virat writes similar. Pakhi feels extra dishheartend seeing that.

Teacher says allow us to see howmany questions Vriat solutions proper as he couldn’t closing time. She asks what’s Sai fearful of. Virat and Sai each write lizard. Savi says she didn’t know aayi is fearful of lizards. Teacher questions what’s Sai’s favourite meals. They each write sweet floss. Everyone clap for them whilst tears roll down Pakhi’s face.

Precap: Picnic bus breaks down whilst returning and hangs on a cliff with Sai and Pakhi on each and every facet of the door striking and calling Virat for assist. Virat seems to be in delimma whom to save lots of.

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