Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Escapes From Police Station?

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

Pakhi tells Virat that she didn’t like him submitting an FIR towards Sai and getting her arested. Virat says Sai must get rigorous punishment for her heinous act and he’ll be certain that she will get punished. He takes Savi to Vinayak’s room. Sai calls Savi, however Usha choices name and informs that Savi left her cell when Virat took her away, she had known as Jagtap when Sai determined to go away Nagpur and returned to the outdated area. Sai asks why did she take Jagtap’s assist as the issue is created on account of him. Usha says she didn’t have another choice. Constable tries to grasp Sai’s telephone. Sai pleads her to let her discuss to her daughter as soon as as Virat snatched her daughter from her, asks doesn’t she have a middle. Constable allows her to make a choice.

Virat sings a tune and makes Savi and Vinayak sleep. Kids go to sleep. Virat will get emotional and thank you Vinayak for purchasing his daughter to him. He notices Sai’s name on Vinayak’s cell, disconnects it, and blocks her quantity. Sai realizes Vinu’s telephone is with Virat and thinks how low Virat would droop. Virat calls inspector and orders her to grasp telephone from Sai. Sai will get extra livid, runs out of interrogation room, and choosing inspector’s gun threatens police to let her cross and meet her daughter. Ninad and Ashwini really feel satisfied seeing Virat making Savi sleep. Ashwini says she is worked up for Virat, however unhappy for Pakhi as she were given a hurricane in her existence; a kid completes a pair’s existence and with Savi’s go back, Sai and Virat’s courting were given entire even with them separated, however Pakhi’s courting didn’t entire in any respect even along with her staying with Virat. Ninad says she is true, he can see happiness and peace on Virat’s face with Savi’s access; even they have got grow to be grandparents of a grandson and granddaughter via god’s grace. Ashwini says she desires to hug her granddaughter. Ninad says later as Savi is slumbering now and takes her out. They realize Pakhi sitting unfortunately in eating corridor.

Inspector warns Sai to go back the gun and go back to investigation room as she is getting hassle on herself via doing this. Sai says she doesn’t need to hurt somebody and simply wishes her daughter again. She asks to inspector to name Virat. Inspector says Virat is her upper authority and she will’t name him. Sai requests to make a telephone name once more and calls commissioner to return to Civil Lines Police station at this time as she wishes his assist. She tells inspector that she is going to display what upper authority way. Ashwini and Ninad walks to Pakhi. Pakhi presentations her anxiety and says she is going to serve them dinner, then realizes there’s no dinner in any respect. Ashwini asks if she is fearing that Virat would take note of Savi and forget about her. Pakhi says she is worked up for Virat. Ashwini hugs and comforts her.

Commissioner meets Sai and listens to her ordeal. Sai says everybody right here considers Virat as their idol and detained her forcefully. Commissioner says she did a mistake via pointing gun at police. Sai says it used to be accidental and he or she accepts her mistake. Commissioner calls inspector, enquires her about fees on Sai, and asks if Virat filed an FIR that she detained Sai. Inspector says Virat stated he would later. Sai says her Aaba taught her to recognize legislation, however she doesn’t know what she is going to do if she doesn’t get again her daughter. Commissioner frees her. Sai reaches Virat’s area and will get emotional seeing Savi slumbering hugging Virat. She choices Savi silently and leaves from there.

Precap: Virat doesn’t in finding Savi in room and realizes Sai or Jagtap would have taken her.

Update Credit to: MA

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