Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Sai Reveals Her Reason For Barging Into Anandi’s Cabin

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai will get right into a Anandi’s cabin toilet by the use of window and hides. Her hand will get injured via a damaged glass. Watchman notices glass piece on flooring and searches round Anandi’s cabin. Sai assessments Anandi’s laptop for clue. Virat, Ashwini, and Harini congratulate Shivani for changing into pregnant. Bhavani yells and curses Shivani for changing into pregnant at this age and her nephews Virat and Mohit will have to grow to be a father, however she is giving them a cousin. Shivani provides her a befitting answer and says Bhavani isn’t glad together with her being pregnant and roams round Pakhi wagging her tail who can’t be pregnant perpetually. Pakhi feels unhealthy and leaves from there crying. Virat walks at the back of her to convenience her.

Watchman takes a team of workers to Anandi’s room and says he’s positive any person entered it as he noticed a damaged window glass out of doors. Sai hides at the back of a table. Staff says there’s no one round. Watchman notices Sai’s blood drops on flooring and displays it to team of workers. Staff reveals Sai hiding at the back of a table. Virat comforts Pakhi and asks her to not hassle about Shivani’s phrases. Pakhi continues crying and expressing her misery and says even Virat values Sai greater than her. Virat denies and asks her to to not hassle about all that. He will get Anandi’s name who informs that Sai is stuck via her team of workers stealing knowledge from her laptop. He in a surprise says Sai and leaves from there. Pakhi misunderstands and thinks Virat in point of fact values Sai greater than her.

Virat reaches orphanage the place team of workers informs that Sai is stuck red-handed seeking to thieve confidential knowledge from Anandi’s laptop, they sought after handy her ove to police, however stopped on Anandi’s order. Virat says its his case now and he’ll take care of it. He takes Sai from there and asks her why did she do this. Sai unearths that she used to be in search of their son Vinayak. Virat acts as surprised and asks why didn’t she tell him previously. She says she sought after to ensure about it first and requests him to hunt knowledge from Anandi. Virat says Anandi is out of the town. Sai asks how does he know. He nervously says Anandi referred to as him to tell about Sai’s act, he’s nonetheless Napgur’s DCP. Sai says then Anandi smartly undoubtedly proportion Vinu’s knowledge. Virat catches Sai’s tears and notices her hand damage and first-ids it. Sai says their issues might be solved if Vinu is located.

Virat returns house. Pakhi asks if he had long gone to satisfy Sai. Virat denies and says he had long gone out relating to some case. She will get extra emotional, notices blood on his hand and asks if he’s injured. Virat says its a sufferer’s blood whom he went to satisfy and asks her to relaxation now. Pakhi thinks she is aware of he’s mendacity.

Precap: Sai tells Virat that if he had stopped her that day, their Vinu would had been alive. She cries hugging him. Virat additionally cries and says if he had stopped her, he, she, Vinu, and Savi all 4 would had been a circle of relatives. Pakhi feels heartbroken seeing that.

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