Falling in love with an Alien… Part 1 (Kaira FF)

Iam Luo from Assam. And iam a brand new creator right here however have learn numerous FF.. so kindly please do give a boost to me thru feedback. This will likely be completely other tale from others. I noticed many korean motion pictures..so this film could also be in line with Korean film. So please do give a boost to.

A good-looking man is using the automobile..

Suddenly he will get a choice and he attends it..

Guy:hi mr.Singh…howdy?

Mr.singh:kartik sir..when will you achieve? The purchasers are in hurry..

Kartik:iam virtually within sight. Don’t allow them to go away..they’re essential for us for our merger objective. So lead them to keep through distracting them by hook or by crook..

Mr.singh:certain sir..

They reduce the decision and kartik steady his using and abruptly his spoil fails..

Kartik:ohh god..what came about to this automobile? I will be able to’t in a position to regulate..

The automobile loses the regulate completely and abruptly a large truck approaches the automobile and kartik will get stunned..

Kartik:ohh noo..

As truck nearsby kartik right away turns the steerage and the automobile skits and it rolls down the hills assembly with an twist of fate..


Some more or less car forcefully falls inside of a woodland from the sky..

A wonderful lady comes out of the car and sees her car broken..

Girl:ohh my goodness..my craftship were given broken. Now how will i were given to my planet?wait..to start with the place did i finished up?

She seems right here and there and will get stunned..

Girl:my goodness..i got here to earth through mistake. I will have to do one thing quickly to go back again orelse my circle of relatives will wreck me to dying.

She begins repairing her craftship and after someday she finishes repairing and will get glad..

Girl:heyy..i in the end repaired. Now i will fly again to my planet..

She was once about to move in however abruptly she hears a smashing sound and forestalls..

Girl:what was once that vast sound? I will be able to test and cross..

The lady is going against the sound and sees kartik injured inside of a automobile and the automobile is observed broken completely and she or he will get stunned..

Girl:my goodness.. that man is bleeding. I will be able to cross and lend a hand him..

She runs to the automobile and opens the door and she or he pulls kartik out and makes him lye below a tree and she or he stares him..

Girl: with my energy i will be able to remedy him..

The lady closes the eyes and recites one thing..

Girl:yang ji jio..yang ji jio..

Her eyes becomes blue and A glowing gentle comes from her hand..

and she or he glints it on kartik and the wounds disappears making kartik positive and the lady smiles seeing him..

Girl: now you were given positive.. and you’re going to achieve awareness in some mins.

Suddenly kartik’s automobile explodes because the fuel leaked and the lady sees it and will get scared..

Girl:ohh..m..my cross..goodness.. what came about he..right here? Is people automobiles burst like this? My goodness..

Suddenly part of car hits her and she or he falls on subconscious kartik..

Slowly kartik tries to open his eyes and the lady will get scared and she or he will get up right away..

Girl :i will be able to cross from right here sooner than he sees me..i..iam scared to speak with people..

Kartik opens his eyes and sees the lady working and he shouts..

Kartik:hiya lady prevent..

She doesn’t prevent and she or he reaches her craftship and sits inside of and tries to start out nevertheless it doesn’t get started and she or he will get stunned..

Girl: what came about now?

Suddenly she feels one thing lacking in her middle and will get stunned..

Girl: ohh my goodness.. the place is my prescula? Without my prescula..i will’t do anything else. I will be able to simply use my powers but when prescula isn’t there..then it’s threat for my existence. If any people contact me then i will be able to die with out prescula and in addition prescula is my charger for my powers..now how will i in finding?

The lady thinks and abruptly she recollects falling on kartik..

Girl:i were given it. As i fall on that man..possibly the prescula would have were given into him. I will be able to cross and get from him..

The lady runs against the man and she or he sees him long past and will get stunned and holds her head tensed..

Girl:ohh my goodness..he left i feel. Now i will have to keep on earth until i am getting my prescula..i will have to in finding that man first.

The lady runs out from that woodland..


Singhania home is proven..

Everyone is observed praying sooner than an image with garland..

Naksh: it’s been 2 years since naira died..i will’t disregard her..i in point of fact omit her.

Gayu: even me too brother.

They each recall their second with naira..

They get unhappy..

Naksh: i by no means knew that day would be the remaining day in combination.

Gayu: if i had identified that she’s going to die..i’d have safe her extra and evaded dying however the whole thing was once no longer in our arms.

Naksh:sure..she slipped down the hills and we couldn’t do anything else.

Gayu: naira broke my promise too..

Gayu recollects the promise with naira..


It was once gayu’s birthday so she was once getting in a position in entrance of the replicate and abruptly naira comes and hugs her..

Naira:gayu di..whom are you on the point of provoke huh?

Naira laughs whilst gayu pinches her..

Gayu:it’s my birthday nowadays..so iam getting in a position.. don’t communicate nonsense good enough?

Naira:acha..iam sorry. Anyways get in a position to recieve my large reward..

Suddenly gayu will get unhappy and..

Gayu:naira.. don’t get me flawed..i don’t need your reward.

Naira will get stunned..

Naira:why di?

Gayu: as a result of i were given a abnormal dream and iam in point of fact petrified of it..so i simply want your true promise nowadays.. that’s a large reward for me.

Naira:as you assert di..

Gayu: promise me that you are going to by no means go away me until the top of my existence..

Naira hugs her and..

Naira: don’t concern do..i wont go away you in any respect.

They each smile..


Gayu: she proficient her promise as my birthday reward that day..however she broked it up..

Naksh: even she damaged her promise with me.

Naksh recollects naira’s promise..


It was once raksha bandhan birthday party so everybody sisters was once tying rakhi with their brothers..

Naira tied a chain of thread on naksh’s hand..

Naksh: what are you doing? Leave some area to look my pores and skin too..

Naira laughs..

Naira:i will be able to fill my love for my brother this manner yearly..in order that you received’t disregard me.

Naksh hugs her..

Naksh:who will disregard you.. you fool. Anyways this left hand is for best you each and every yr to tie rakhi. Gayu can tie on my proper hand..

Naira:thanks bhai..i will be able to tie like this until the everlasting.


Naksh cries remembering that..

Naksh: she promised to tie rakhi until everlasting however she left and went with incomplete..

Gayu too cries seeing him and Akshara recalls her moments with naira..

She breaks down remembering it..

Akshara:why did you do like this god? my bachi was once simply younger..why did you took her clear of us?

She cries extra and will get panic whilst gayu notices her and holds her..

Gayu:maa..relax. If you get panic..then naira can’t relaxation in peace seeing you..so be non violent and pray.

Akshara will get satisfied and she or he prays silently..


PROMO:- The Alien lady’s loopy act. Kartik’s fiance is proven..

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