Durga Aur Charu 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Durga’s family accepts Chumki as Devi

Durga Aur Charu 6th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Viral22g.com

Scene 1
The goon is available in. Makay asks Shiva, I will be able to pay you again. he says give her to me. Makay hits him. The goon hits Makay. Charu screams. She hits the goon with a rod. He grabs her hand and says let’s pass. Makay says I will be able to kill you. The goon hits makay. Charu tries to prevent him. She rushes out to name Sampurna. No one choices up the decision there. Charu cries for Makay. She says any individual will lend a hand me shape Durga’s house. I’m going. She falls and her head hurts. She faints. Chumki hugs Sampurna. Binoy says we discovered our devi. She is our devi. She is house. Sampurna says Durga, you’re devi is right here. Durga says she’s now not my devi. Bholi says Chumki, Devi you discovered your family. Chumki hugs her. Bholi whispers stay giving me issues from this space. Binoy says we will be able to rejoice. Our devi is united with us. He dances thankfully. Durga is perplexed.

The goon grabs Charu’s leg. Charu tries to run loose. Bholi says devi, don’t cry. Don’t forestall me. This is your new family now. Chumki cries and says don’t pass now. They hug each and every different and cry. Chumki says I wanna reside with you. you’re my mother. Bholi says that is your family. This is your house now. how are you going to reside with me? Makay is taken by way of the police. Binoy says Makay might be out. Sampurna says thanks for uniting us with our devi. How do we go back this desire? Bholi says to Chumki keep right here with love. This si your family. Make this house yours.

Scene 2
Charu hits the goon. He runs. Makay is wrongly injured. He says pass to haveli. She says I will be able to get lend a hand. He says this is your actual house. Durga is your actual sister. She doesn’t concentrate and rushes out to get lend a hand. Sampurna asks Durga to do pooja with Chumki. Chumki pretends to slide, sindur falls in Durga’s eyes. She cries. Binoy says it’s k. She made a mistake. Durga is disappointed. Sampurna says you’re each our daughters now. Chumki says Durga isn’t glad I’m right here. I must return with Bholi. Binoy says you’re our daughter. I will be able to by no means help you pass. Durga should settle for you as her sister. Durga locks herself. Binoy says Durga come downstairs presently.

Bholi comes house and sees Makay useless. She tries to wake him up. He shoves her and says pass clear of me. Why did you ship Chumki to haveli? She says I made her a princess. She will trade our days too. She will make us wealthy. Makay slaps her. He says you disgusting girl. I will be able to disclose you. charu goes there.e She goes house. Charu rushes to the haveli.

Episode ends

Precap: Durga sees Charu at door and is going and hugs her. Charu tells Sampurna she wishes to return briefly along with her. Bholi walks in and begins hitting Charu. Sampurna asks what’s improper, Bholi tells Charu killed Bakhe. Police take Charu away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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