Durga Aur Charu 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Durga asks Charu to leave her house

Durga Aur Charu 26th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Viral22g.com

Scene 1
Charu faints. Durga selections up the rod and hits Polash. she takes Charu out. Charu hugs her and says how did you get this braveness? She says I couldn’t let the rest occur to you. They hug each and every different. Polash will get up and laughs. Charu stabs on his hand. She says it’s a person, now not a ghost. They run after him. He’s nowhere. Charu and Durga search for him.

Durga and Chaur in finding kaka and hit him. He says it’s me. The actual beast tied me. Durga says actual? Wy have been you dressing up as kaalini? Charu says I requested him to take out your concern ut the true one got here. We have to know who that particular person is. Someone hears.

Scene 2
Durga and Charu inform Sampurna and Binoy the whole thing. Sampurna says I’m so glad Durga didn’t concern. She says it best came about as a result of Charu. Sampurna says thanks Charu. For telling Durga her energy. Binoy says we will be able to in finding out who he’s. Charu says I stabbed him on foot. He should have that scar.

Binoy calls all servants. No one has the bruise. Sumona says to take a look at mine too. Sampurna says what are you pronouncing. She says to name Polash and assessments his toes too. He says I don’t say that. He went out to the bus stand with us. Sumona says it’s their creativeness. Charu says Kaka noticed him too. he says sure I did. Binoy says it should be an intruder.

Sampona says to Charu you risked your lifestyles to give Durga this power. She says I knew Durga would save me. She would kill her concern to save me. They leave. Sampurna says to Binoy can’t you spot Charu is our Devi? She’s like Bondita and Devi. He says let me discuss to Kali babu first. Sampurna says I’ve religion Charu is our Devi.

Scene 3
Chumki asks Kali babu, the place is Charu? he says she’s long gone to Durga’s position. She says I wanna pass too. He says you’ll be able to’t pass there. Chumki will get disillusioned. A servant is available in and says I’ve observed this child someplace. He says she’s new and there’s any other child with her Charu. He remembers they’re Makay’s daughters and he’s in search of them like loopy. The guy Nandu calls Makay. Bholi selections. He tells her discovered their daughters in Calcutta in an orphanage. He says Chumki was once there. He says to inform Makay he was once actually frightened. She says I can. She says I’ve to pass there with out telling Makay.

Binoy tells Sampurna he’ll get all main points of Charu. She says she’s our Devi evidently. Chumki is available in in search of charu. Charu says what are you doing right here? Chumki says Durga am I now not your buddy? Can I are living right here with my sister Charu? Sampurna says sister? She says sure we’re sisters. Charu says she’s my sister. She says let’s pass, Chumki. She leaves. Sampurna says I’ve religion. Charu is devi. Sumona says so Chumki is Bondita’s 3rd daughter? Sampurna says I can in finding solutions.

Scene 4
Bholi packs her baggage. Makay asks the place are you going? she says my mother passed on to the great beyond. She cries. Makay hugs her. He says your mother died closing 12 months. What drama is that this? She says the person who followed me. You doubt me on the whole thing. He says I don’t say that. She says I’m going. He says will have to I come too? She says no I can be fantastic. She leaves.

Sampurna tells Durga is pronouncing she can be fearful of making a song. Charu says she will be able to by no means be scared. She hit that Kalmini. She was once joking, she will be able to by no means be scared. Durga says I wasn’t joking. Charu says let’s apply. Charu asks Durga to shut her eyes and sing. They each sing in combination and hum hungry kamiyab. Sampurna will get teary. She says you’re each like sisters. Charu says can I name you masimaa? she says sure. She says Chumki you additionally take rasgulla. Charu says you are going to sing even higher at school. She says there can be a large number of folks there. Charu says they’re going to all clap for you. Durga says I wanna be such as you, robust. Sumona asks Chumki to come to her.

Chumki is crying. Durga asks what came about. She says I’m coming between you and Charu. Durga says you’re her sister. Chumki says I’m by myself. You took my sister from me. She doesn’t even communicate to me. She forgot me as a result of you. You have a complete circle of relatives. I best have Charu. Nothing else. You took her from me. You took my happiness. Did your mother now not train you to now not take people’s happiness? Return my sister to me, please. She cries. Durga says you’re now not going any place. Chumki cries. She remembers Sumona gave her a large number of meals and requested her to do that drama. She provoked her.

Durga and Charu play ludo. Durga fights with Charu. Chumki says Durga is true. Durga says don’t play unfairly. Charu says what are you pronouncing? I’m really not unfair. How can your recall to mind me like that? I by no means cheat. Durga says so am I a liar? Chaur says no. Durga shoves her and says you supposed that. You all the time assume you’re proper. You all the time give your reviews. I don’t like that. Sampurna asks what came about? She says you’re even making an attempt to take my maasi ma from me. This is why you have been coming right here proper? Charu crie sand says don’t say that, please. What more or less shaggy dog story is that? I best come right here for you. She says you come back right here for meals and garments. You’re grasping and egocentric. Binoy says sufficient Duga. Charu isn’t like that. She says you’ve by no means scolded me sooner than. You did nowadays as a result of this lady Charu. Charu shouts sufficient. If you assume I’m grasping. I received’t’ come right here once more. Durga says sure don’t come. Charu cries and says k. She says I can perceive our friendship was once until right here best. I can by no means come again right here. Durga says sure don’t. She leaves. Durga cries.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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