Durga Aur Charu 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Charu vows to take out Durga’s fear

Durga Aur Charu 22nd December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Viral22g.com

Scene 1
Charu says it’s hurting since you were given the bruise. Durga says I think like we now have an excessively robust connection. Charu says we now have a dating of middle. Durga hugs her and smiles.
Bholi says Tanay how do I glance on this get dressed? Makay says Charu and Chumki aren’t right here. Where did you get this cash from? She says I were given my mortgage again. She says I picked Chumki from the rubbish and also you introduced Charu. We used them for the carnival. We acted to be their folks. Don’t cry for them. Door rings. Makay says it’s my daughter. The goons are available in. They shout at Bholi and say you bought your daughters to us and so they fled. Rahat and Rashika are looking ahead to them. Makay shouts what? You bought Charu and Chumki. The goon says deliver them to us or I can ell you to them. They take the entire issues from them. Makay says do you’ve any disgrace? He slaps her. She says I did it for us. We want to save for our unhealthy time. He cries an says you’re a witch. Wher are my daughters? I don’t even know the place they’re.

Scene 2
Charu is helping sampurna with paintings. It reminds her of Bondita. She says I can do it. Charu says let me do it. Sampurna asks did you sleep neatly? She says sure. She asks the place did you reside ahead of the orphanage? Do you’ve any circle of relatives? She says no. Sampurna offers the servant an inventory and cash for groceries. Charu says Durga is petrified of a beast. I’ve to kill her fear. Sampurna says how can you do it? Charu says I’ve an concept abut I would wish your lend a hand. She tells her the plan. She says k we will be able to communicate to Binoy about it.

Durga wakes up. She asks Charu who’re you looking ahead to? She says no person. She says we now have to play. Charu says I’m pondering what’s going to we play? Charu seems to be on the vegetable. Durga asks the place can we play? Sampurna asks the servant any alternate left? He says no all spent. Charu says prevent. She says all of the cash isn’t spent. According to my calculation cash must be left. Sampurna says how have you learnt? You stated you didn’t even pass to faculty? She says I do know math. She asks the place is last cash. Sumona says now you’ll query our workforce? Polash says calling Vikas a thief isn’t proper? Vikas says I’m leaving this area. I’m accused right here. Polash says she’s going to both turn out her phrases or she’s going to depart this area. Sampurna says should be a miscalculation. She says I will turn out it. Charu brings two bowls. She begins counting pebbles for weight. Charu calculates it and proves that cash is left. She says Vikas stored the rest 3 takas. Right Polash? I proved it. No? She says to pay the remainder to kaki. He says I don’t have it. I gave it to you. Polash begins hitting him and says I can ship you to the police. Ask Binoy’s pardon in his toes. Binoy says depart my toes. Never repeat this error.

Scene 3
Sampurna and Charu come to Binoy. Charu says I will take away Durga’s fear. She has to face him and combat it. Sampurna says we must lend a hand her. She says to Binoy you’ll have to depart the home. She has to get up and combat for herself. Sampurna says Charu will give protection to Durga. Binoy says k we will be able to depart the home. You take care of her. Charu says I can take care of my sister. Sampurna hugs her.

Charu prepares the servant. He says I can do it for Durga. Charu is going out. Polash says Durga would possibly get scared by myself. She says the demon would come? He says the demon can come any time. Our fear offers the demon energy. Sampurna and Binoy pass to temple. Polash says the pressure is on a depart. Can you drop me on the stand? I’ve to pass to the village. He says k. Sumona offers his baggage to him. He says it gained’t be imaginable for any individual to live to tell the tale nowadays.

Episode ends

Precap: Mahishasur walks in. Durga will get scared. Charu says, didn’t I inform you to scare her from distance and now not this manner. He pushes Charu. Durga will get scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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