Durga Aur Charu 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Binoy slaps Durga

Durga Aur Charu 10th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Viral22g.com

Scene 1
Chumki dances round her room and says I become a princess. She sees Durga and Charu’s picture and throws it. She says get misplaced, Charu. Durga alternatives the picture. She appears at Chumki. She says why did you throw it? She says I are living right here. It’s my room. You and I will be able to are living right here. Charu received’t be coming right here. She divides the entirety in the home. Durga says don’t throw Charu’s issues out. She says Charu has long gone to prison. She won’t ever come again. Durga says she is going to come again. Don’t you dare to mention the rest in opposition to her? She shoves her. Chumki cries and says Durga shoved me. Binoy says what’s mistaken with you Durga? Bholi says Chumki why are you combating? Durga will take time to be informed. She will settle for you with time. Durga doesn’t need you in her room. Chumki cries and says my again is damaged, Binoy says I received’t tolerate this Durga. Sampurna says I will be able to communicate to her. She will take time to know this courting. She says to Chumki are you able to are living with Bholi within the visitor area? I will be able to make Durga perceive. Bholi says sure she will be able to keep there. Chumki says k.

Scene 2
Charu is at the police bus. There is every other prisoner at the bus as neatly. She sits subsequent to Charu and says give me area. Charu says there’s area. She says is that this your dad’s van? Charu will get offended dn says don’t you dare to speak about my dad. She cries interested by Makay.

Chumki says this room is so small. I will be able to are living in Durga’s room. No one even slapped her. Bholi says to begin the use of your thoughts. She says I know the way to inform Durga her position. Bholi says you need to slowly throw Durga out. She says I will be able to make a plan like I made one for Charu. I will be able to make you the princess of this position. Chumki says I really like you. Bholi tells her the plan. Charu cries at the bus. She thinks about Durga. Charu says please save me, God. The prisoner says nobody is coming to save lots of you. The twists Charu’s hand. Charu says don’t you dare. The prisoner hits her. She says to name your devi maa now and ask her to save lots of you. They all battle.

Durga cries lacking Charu. She sees her footage with Charu. Chumki comes there. Durga says what are you doing right here? Chumki hits her head at the replicate. It begins bleeding Durga says what are you doing? Chumki begins screaming. Charu prays to God for assist. The automobile’s brakes fail. Everyoe falls out. There is a procession happening there. Chumki screams sve me. The door is locked. Binnoy and everybody pop out. Durga is going to open he door. Chumki stops her. Bholi says to save lots of her. Durga will kill her. Sampurna says, Durga open the door. Binoy breaks the door. Chumki says save me. She hit me so badly. Durga says I didn’t od the rest. Chumku faints. Binoy will get mad at Durga.

People from the procession pick out everybody up from the coincidence automobile. They pick out Chaur up as neatly and take her to the truck. The physician treats Chumki. Binoy says I’m right here with you. Don’t be scared. The physician says this bruise may well be a lot deeper. THank God she’s outh of risk. Binoy shouts at Durga and slaps her.

Episode ends

Precap: Durga prays to God and says my Charu will have to get justice you’re going to give her.  Charu prays to God and says take me anywhere you wish to have to hides in the back of the idol. Durga sees the idol herald and says Charu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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