Doosri Maa 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ashok decides to leave the house with Krishna and Yashoda

Doosri Maa 9th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

The Episode begins with Yashoda telling Amma that she is not going to input the house, however is not going to move both. She says she is going to sit down there best, as her mayka folks left her there, and she don’t need means to go back. She says you had introduced me right here as a bride, and will take me within. She says until then I will be able to sit down right here. Kamini asks Bansal to come. They leave. Arvind says Bhabhi. Mahua takes him with her. Aastha and Nupur take a look at Yashoda and Krishna. Ashok tells that he had instructed her that this house will spoil. Krishna and Yashoda are sitting outdoor. Babu ji remembers Yashoda and Ashok bringing Krishna house and will get indignant. Bansal and Kamini stares at the cash notes thankfully which they were given from Lalita. Arvind seems at them from the window. Ashok is gloomy. Yashoda and Krishna are sitting outdoor nonetheless. Krishna asks the place we will be able to move? Ashok comes out and asks Yashoda to solution Krishna. He asks her to give solution. He asks what you wish to have to end up via sitting right here. He says I already mentioned that the members of the family is not going to agree. He says he’s going to communicate to Judge. Yashoda says if pass judgement on will agree everytime. Ashok asks her to take into consideration Aastha and Nupur. Yashoda says they’re my daughters, they’re going to keep with me. She asks will you keep with me. Krishna asks Ashok to ship me again to Juvenile house. He says my father had left my mom and she was once very lonely. He asks him no longer to leave Yashoda, slightly ship him again there.

Ashok runs to rest room and washes his face. He calls him as a coward and tells that Mala was once brave to give start to Krishna, and introduced her up. He says Yashoda is brave to stand via him, and Krishna may be brave to stand robust all through difficult occasions. He cries and tells that he couldn’t save himself. He thinks he’s going to no longer get susceptible, however will improve Yashoda like her mirrored image. Babu ji asks Amma why she isn’t going and name callings her. Amma says what else I may do. Ashok comes there and confronts his folks for being stone hearted. Babu ji says we will’t let someone play with our values, and tells that Yashoda can come right here, however no longer the boy. Ashok asks Amma to make him perceive. Amma tells that Yashoda didn’t obey me, and blames herself. She says don’t know whose rubbish she is throwing right here. Ashok says sufficient. Babu ji says that is my ultimate choice, she will keep right here by myself. Ashok says adequate, I will be able to leave out of your house with Aastha and Nupur. Amma says he’s leaving house for the orphan. Babu ji says it’s going to be downside as the house bills is controlled with Ashok’s wage. Amma says you’re frightened for cash. Babu ji says so what to do. He says he’s going to no longer prevent him.

Ashok asks Aastha and Nupur to pack their stuff. They inform that they’re going to no longer leave from the house and says if he harms us. Ashok tells that Krishna isn’t to blame and asks them to accept as true with him. Amma comes to Ashok and emotionally blackmails him. She tells that Aastha and Nupur is not going to move with you. Ashok asks why you wish to have them to keep, in order that you taunt them for a grand son. Amma says she loves her grand daughters such a lot. Kamini tells that the key is large and she shall divulge it. Bansal asks her to move there and to find out. Kamini thinks who’s Devki? She comes to Yashoda and says you’re cussed to sit down right here even now. She asks Yashoda to ship him and asks what’s your relation with him. Yashoda says she has humanity relation with him. Kamini asks if she is risking her family members for them. Yashoda says she don’t need to say. Kamini is going within. Everyone is anxious.

Precap: Ashok comes out of the house with their daughters and asks Yashoda to come. He says we will be able to take a house and will keep there. Yashoda says I will be able to no longer move from there and faints. Babu ji is within nonetheless. The neighbor calls babu ji to come outdoor. Ashok and Krishna sprinkle water on Yashoda’s face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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