Doosri Maa 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna sleeps in storeroom

Doosri Maa 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna sleeps in storeroom

Doosri Maa 11th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashoda sitting to wash utensils with Krishna. Amma says nobody shall help him, else this boy can’t stay here. yashoda and Ashok go from there. Ashok breaks down and cries, seeing his family treating Amma. Yashoda comes there. Ashok goes to wash his face. Yashoda says you was right, if I had let him stay him there then he would have become criminal. She says he is allowed to stay here as Servant. He says he will not be Servant as this will be his house also. Yashoda asks whom you are convincing. Ashok says destiny is bad. Krishna washes all the utensils and looks at Yashoda and Ashok’s family pic.

Aastha is jealous that their parents are giving so much importance to that guy. Nupur says Dadi made him Servant. Aastha says he did right. Yashoda says sorry to Ashok. Ashok says I am tired fighting with the family and asks where is Krishna? yashoda goes to look at him. Nupur feels pity at him looking at him through the window. Aastha says she don’t feel pity on him. Yashoda comes there and asks Krishna to sit. He sits downstairs. Krishna sits with him downstairs. He asks why you are sitting here. Yashoda says it is house, I can sit anywhere. She asks why you agreed to do so much work. Krishna says I will do, and tells that if I had not agreed, then you would have fought with everyone and get unwell. He says it is enough for me that you will be here, I am not scared of work and used to do work in orphanage also.

Kamini says he shall sleep too and asks him to take newspaper and sleep on the tree. Yashoda says how a small boy can sleep on the terrace. Krishna says I will sleep whereever Amma ji says. Kamini says he is calling you Amma ji. Krishna asks shall I call you Dadi. Amma and Kamini scold him. Krishna says I will never call you Dadi. Ashok comes there and asks Krishna to come with him, to sleep in his study babu ji refuses. Ashok says he will get unwell if sleeps on terrace and then money will be spend on his treatment. Babuji says he will not spend and asks him to sleep in storeroom. yashoda takes him there. Yashoda takes him to the storeroom/attic. Krishna likes the room and asks Yashoda not to touch the dust. He gets scared. Aastha asks Yashoda to send him from there. Yashoda says it is my homework to take care of Krishna, else. Aastha asks why did you take homework.

Nupur says Mummy didn’t take it with her wish. Aastha says he is bad, leave him. Yashoda says he didn’t know you both. She says she will never leave them. Nupur asks if you will love him. Yashoda says if you say then I will not, but love increases with sharing. Aastha asks if that boy can’t go before 6 months. Yashoda says no and asks them to call him Krishna Bhaiyya. Aastha refuses. Nupur promises Aastha not to call him Bhaiyya. Yashoda talks to Ashok about girls. Ashok asks her to make their daughters’ understand. yashoda says she will. Ashok apologizes. Yashoda says you never break my trust. Kamini tells a fake story to Amma and Babu ji and tells the boy had killed the old couple, put salt in their mouths and killed them. Amma gets scared. Yashoda hears Kamini provoking them and confronts her. Kamini says I am alerting Amma. Yashoda asks Krishna is innocent. Kamini asks do you know him. Yashoda says we don’t need to know from before to understand someone. Kamini asks what kind of mother you are, to leave your daughters for Krishna. Yashoda says I know what kind of mother I am and my relation with Krishna.

Precap: Ashok fears if Mala’s pic is seen by anyone. Yashoda comes there. Kamini is about to see Mala’s photo frame.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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