Dheere Dheere Se 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 30th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Viral22g.com

Bhawana remembers the financial institution personnel advising her to report a grievance in a police station in cyber crime division. She says that she has to visit police station however she will be able to’t pass on my own and he or she wishes any person via her facet. She comes to a decision to name Abhishek. Other facet Bhanu is going to Afsan however the latter calls for him to present the pace keys. Bhanu tells him that he despatched any person to prepare cash because of site visitors they should be caught.

Afsan mocks at him. Malini calls Bhawana and the latter disconnects the decision which angers Malini. Brij Mohan and Devraj comes outdoor of the home. Afsan threatens to humiliate Bhanu infront of extra folks than the only already right here. Bhanu provides him the keys. Bhawana wonders whom to invite lend a hand to move along with her to police station. Brij Mohan smiles seeing Bhanu’s sufferings. Abhishek receives a decision from Bhawana. He solutions it however Bhanu snatches the telephone. Bhanu scolds her for now not returning but. He additional asks her the place is she. Bhawana will get scares then disconnects the decision. Bhanu will get surprised.

He then sees Afsan’s males using clear of there along with his pace. One of the plant pot falls from Brij Mohan’s space. Devraj scolds the motive force and scoffs Bhanu. Brij Mohan asks Devraj to chill out and asks to not argue with individuals who confronted the insults which is on due already. He additional began mocking at Bhanu which angers the latter so he’s taking some of the plant pot close to him to hit Brij Mohan. Devraj will get livid and threatens Bhanu to to not spare him if he tries to hurt Brij Mohan. Bhanu’s father takes the pot from Bhanu’s hand then takes him within the home. Poonam will get glad witnessing all this.

Bhawana seems at her touch in her telephone and cries announcing she could have such a lot of relations however no person is right here to lend a hand her when she is in hassle. She then says herself that she has to report a grievance atleast for Aanchal’s smartly beings sake so she has to courageous and asks the on goer concerning the police station. The guy instructs her. Bhawana reaches police station and wonders to whom to tell and report a grievance right here. Meanwhile Bhanu is in his house angrily makes use of the cutter to chop an onerous object. He remembers Brij Mohan’s phrases and will get livid. Bhanu’s father scolds Bhanu for falling sufferer to Brij Mohan’s provocation and scolds him for making him face humiliation on account of his errors.

Malini will get fearful seeing Bhanu’s hand is bleeding so asks Aarushi to carry first help child. Bhanu tells his father they confronted humiliation on account of Bhawana and shouts the place she is. Aanchal will get scared so she is going and stands beside her grandfather’s facet. Bhawana involves the police station. Raghav and Gaurav may be there for his or her shopper. The inspector praises each the brother’s to the person who will get glad. Raghav will get a glimpse of Bhawana so he turns round to peer her however fails. Gaurav asks him to test the papers. Raghav concurs. Bhawana hesitates however is going throughout the police station.

In the Shastri’s space Malini advices Bhanu to move and clean up. Bhanu talks concerning the insults he confronted and says it’s equivalent to dropping one in all their circle of relatives member in demise. Malini pleads him to not say such issues. Abhishek says that Bhawana referred to as them previous however now he can’t ready to succeed in her cell so comes to a decision to investigate cross-check her announcing she may well be in hassle. Bhanu stops Abhishek and threatens him. Bhawana enters the officer room simply then the folk round there shouts thief so she will get scared and is going and remains at the back of a door. Raghav sees few police officers are working at the back of a person and asks what’s going down right here. Gaurav smiles and tells it occurs regularly and asks him to not fear announcing the police officers will catch that man evidently.

Bhawana comes out of her hiding spot. She then will get surprised discovering few girl status beside her. She comes to a decision to leave from there simply then two girl constables arrives there and instructs to present their title and pass throughout the lockup. Bhawana will get surprised and tries to give an explanation for them they misunderstands her however they each refuses to hear her and locks her up with different girls. Bhawana will get fearful. Raghav crosses her however fails to note Bhawana there. Later some of the constable forces Bhawana to signal a paper. Bhawana refuses and pleads them to hear her that she isn’t a type of girls. She is right here to take their lend a hand to report a grievance of her personal. Both the constables insults her via calling her title which shocks Bhawana.

Bhawana asks them to not name her such names additionally refuses to signal the paper which angers some of the constable so she tries to hit Bhawana however Raghav stops the constable from doing it. Bhawana will get relieved seeing him. Bhawana tells Raghav concerning the constables false impression. Raghav asks the constables to unfastened Bhawana they usually obliges. Bhawana comes out of the lock up. Raghav scolds the constables for his or her means of treating folks and threatens to not spare them. The constable apologises to Raghav then says to Bhawana she is going to take her along with her to report a grievance for which she got here right here.

Bhawana thank you Raghav then requests to stick with her. She then says that he should be busy so she is going to set up the whole thing. Raghav requests the constable to carry the paper right here to let Bhawana report a grievance which the constable obliges and is going within. Bhanu’s father says that Bhawana is retreating such a lot cash on account of which she isn’t returned house but. Bhanu says allow them to see whether or not she returning with the cash or now not. Other facet Bhawana takes the glass of water in her shivering arms from Raghav and beverages it.

Precap: Swati reveals the bag of Bhawana from the pile of garments. Brij Mohan calls for a solution from Raghav and the latter stays silent. Other facet Bhanu calls for Bhawana to reply to him. Bhawana tells him that the cash has been stolen which shocks Bhanu.

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