Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Kadambari challenges Indu

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Kadambari challenges Indu

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ritesh sitting in his room with Zoon. He says whenever I think that this is last step, when someone from my family makes me fall down. He says he can fight with outsiders, but how to fight with my brother. Indu comes there and hears him. Zoon asks Ritesh with whom he is talking to. Ritesh says he is talking to his genie Papa and he gives him solution too. He says he is your genie dadu and will listen to you first. Zoon says I have a wish and asks genie dadu to ask genie papa not to get angry, as she gets scared when he gets angry. Ritesh promises her that he will try not to get angry and tells that he will never hurt her. Zoon says she wants to have water. Indu says I will bring. Ritesh asks if she wants any toy from genie dadu.

Indu gets water from the kitchen. Kadambari comes there and says congrats. She says congrats me also, now we are bahu of the same family. She says I have failed your trump card with my marriage. She says didn’t you know me, and says I am kadambari patel and I get what I wants. She says now I have a family, financial stability and has father for Zoon and most importantly I am her own mother who gave her birth. She says it is open war for two mothers, who has given her birth and who has snatched her. Indu says you said right, it is a war between two women, one woman who gave her birth and left her and other is her mother who accepted her and brought her up. She asks her to tell about her likings and things, and tells that you gave her breath, and I gave her life. She says I will see if your stubbornness will win or my motherly love. Kadambari says your answer is good, but you are afraid.

Indu gives water to Zoon. Dolly asks Indu to make her sleep. Indu says we will change and sleep. Indu asks if I will sleep here. Kadambari says no Zoon beta. Ritesh asks what did you say? Kadambari says Zoon can’t stay here. Ritesh says I will decide. Kadambari says court had decided that Zoon will stay in foster care until her custody is decided. Dolly says how to take the little girl outside at 2 am. Ritesh asks Kadambari to stay in limits, else he will throw her out. Sameer comes there and asks Ritesh to talk properly with manners, as she is Mrs. Sameer Malhotra. Ritesh gets angry and asks him to take her to his room. Sameer provokes him to get angry. They have a fight. Indu tells Ritesh that Zoon is scared due to his fight. Kadambari takes Sameer from there. Indu asks Zoon if she is fine. Ritesh says sorry and says he will try not to get angry. Zoon says ok. Indu says Zoon shall stay in Vivek’s house. Ritesh asks her to ignore her. Indu says we can’t ignore law and tells that we can’t let court final verdict affected. Kaamna says Indu is right, Zoon shall stay in Vivek’s house for few days.

Zoon says she don’t want to stay in Vivek’s house. Indu says you have to go there and sleep, I will be with you in daytime. She says when you open your eyes, I will be infront of you. She promises her. Ritesh says I will come to drop Zoon. She holds their hands and leave. They come to Sunita’s house. Vivek and Ritesh go to make Zoon sleep. Indu tells Sunita that she will meet lawyer in the morning. Sunita gives the letter which they got from court. Indu reads that court gave new date due to diwali holidays and Kadambari’s health issue.

Indu asks Ritesh to go home and tells that she will come back home with Zoon. Ritesh says he will sleep in his car and will go home tomorrow with them. Sunita asks him to sleep in Indu’s room. Kadambari thinks about Ritesh and Sameer’s fight. Sameer comes there and hugs her. He says room should have been decorated and I should have brought milk class. Kadambari says there is nothing ideal in this marriage. He says you are ideal. Kadambari thanks him. He says we shall do something special and takes her to bed. Kadambari pulls his closer to her.

Indu asks Ritesh to sleep on the other bed and says she will sleep there. Ritesh asks did you have extra clothes. She says she will take from Asha tomorrow. She gives him mosquito coil. Ritesh says he is allergic to it. Indu argues and keeps it there, asking him to burn it if mosquito bites.

Kadambari asks Sameer if Ritesh has anger issues. Sameer says yes, and tells that he has it since his parents meet with an accident. Kadambari tells that she will use his anger as the trump card, and the court have to give zoon custody to me. He asks how you will do this. She asks him to wait and watch.

Precap: Kadambari asks Sameer to give her all details about Ritesh. Meghna requests Ritesh and Indu not to give chance to them. Kadambari tells Kaamna that she will get 5 k crores if gets Zoon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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