Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Sameer brings Kadambari as his wife

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Sameer brings Kadambari as his wife

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ritesh telling that he will bring first aid kit. Zoon brings it. Ritesh cleans Indu’s injury with the cotton. She holds his hand feeling pain. He then bandages it. Song plays…Dolly asks Ritesh to fill Indu’s maang with sindoor. Ritesh fills Indu’s maang with sindoor. Everyone claps. Ritesh then makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji says marriage is completed. Zoon congrats them and says now we are happy family. She kisses them. They kiss her too. Dolly and Deep congrat Sunita and Rajendra. Sunita says we will do Bidaai arrangements. Dolly asks Vivaan where is Sameer? Vivaan says he is not picking the call. He asks them to come for the group photos. The transgenders come there and asks for the nek. They give. The transgender blesses them. Ritesh takes Sunita and Rajendra’s blessing by touching their feet. Sunita tells Indu that she was getting mad thinking about her marriage, now she will pray that Zoon and her life shall be filled with happiness always. Indu throws the puffed rice as the bidaai ritual. Zoon cries and comes out happily seeing Ritesh. Song plays as Indu meets her family. Zoon also meets everyone. Indu and Zoon sit in the car. Ritesh hugs Rajendra and sits in the car. They leave. The Rainas get emotional.

In the car, Ritesh asks Indu why she is crying so much, as she got married to him or that she left her family. He says may be she is crying as they had filmy marriage and asks Zoon to ask her not to fight with him today. Sunita gets emotional. Asha says Indu and Ritesh shall not fight. Anjali says Ritesh cares for Indu a lot. Sunita says they shall not get anyone’s bad sight.

At Ritesh’s house. Dolly asks Indu to kick the kalash and come inside. Kadambari comes there and kicks kalash with Indu shocking everyone. Indu looks at Kadambari. Sameer comes there wearing the garland. Ritesh and others are shocked. Dolly asks what is it? Sameer says what you are seeing? He says Ritesh was marrying, so I thought to get married. Dolly asks if joke was going on. Sameer says no, my life is truthful like Ritesh and of Indu’s marriage. He says just like Indu is Mrs. Ritesh Malhotra, Kadambari is Mrs. Sameer Malhotra. He says your anger will end with time and you will understand my helplessness. Ritesh asks why did you marry, what was your helplessness. Sameer argues with everyone and calls Deep as Ritesh’s puppet. Dolly asks did you forget your manners? Vivaan tells that Ritesh didn’t marry any random girl. Sameer says Kadambari is not a random girl, and says I have married her as I loved her. He says I didn’t marry like you, who doesn’t like the girl and don’t want to see her face, but had married her. Ritesh says I know why you have married her. Sameer says Kadambari has married me for the custody just like you have married Indu. He says he will be a good husband and father, and will get Zoon’s custody. He says you people are fooling zoon. Kaamna comes there and tells that Pankaj was fine and sent her back. She says I am surprised here. Sameer says Kadambari and I got married, I had proposed Kadambari. He recalls sharing his plan with Kadambari. Ritesh says they are acting for Zoon’s custody. Sameer argues. Kaamna says we have to accept this thing, now two bahus came, instead of one. She says when I can accept your marriage, then why can’t Sameer. She says I know that Sameer and Kadambari used to like each other, whatsoever the reasons. Ritesh says you are covering up his conspiracy. Dolly says we will never accept her. Kaamna says nobody shall talk about this. Ritesh takes Zoon to his room. Indu and Kadambari are still standing in hall. Kadambari winks her eyes at Indu. Indu stands worried.

Precap: kadambari says it is open war between two mothers, who gave her birth and who snatched her. Indu says it is a war between two mothers, one who left her after birth and the other who raised her as her own daughter. She says I will see if this fight will be won by a woman’s stubbornness or a mother’s motherly love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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