Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ritesh comes back to life for Zoon

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ritesh comes back to life for Zoon

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaamna getting angry on Dr. Murthy and says she will pluck out his tongue. He says I can understand your anger, we have lost him, he has left us. Dolly says he can’t go and cries hugging Deep. Shakuntala, Kaamna, Rahul, Indu and Others cry. Sameer looks on. Zoon says everyone is crying here, asks Ritesh to get up. She asks him to return and says she will not trouble him. She asks him to return and kisses on his hand. Ritesh sees himself standing near the door to leave for the heavenly abode, when Zoon stops him and asks him to return with her, else she will come with him. Ritesh asks her to go to her Moj. Zoon refuses and says she has fought with Gannu bhaiyya and then asked him to send her Papa with her. The door of the heaven gets closed and Ritesh comes back to life. Zoon tells everyone that Genie Papa is back. Everyone looks at Ritesh. Dr. Murthy checks him and says this is an absolute miracle. He takes Zoon’s name. Dolly praises Zoon saying she is mata rani’s avatar. Sameer is upset. Zoon asks him not to leave her alone, and she faints and falls down. Indu asks Zoon to open her eyes. Dr. Murthy checks her and says she will be fine, she got weak as was hungry for long time. Indu thanks him.

Ritesh opens his eyes and asks for Zoon. Kaamna asks do you need anything. Ritesh takes Zoon’s name. Dolly says she was here, then she fainted and Indu took him with her. Ritesh says I want to meet her now itself. He removes the life support system. Kaamna asks what are you doing, you came out of death just now. Ritesh goes to guest room with Vivaan’s help. He asks Indu why Zoon fainted. Indu says she had fainted as she had kept fast for you. she says Doctor gave her IV. Ritesh says your genie Papa has come and asks her to open her eyes and talk to him.

He asks her to open her eyes and says we will have medicine together. He says you want Moj and genie Papa to get married, and that’s why you shall be fine. Zoon opens her eyes and looks at him. Kaamna goes upset from there. Zoon calls him genie papa. Indu goes to get soup for her. Zoon asks Ritesh if he will not leave her. Ritesh promises that he will not leave her and will take her home soon. They smile. They spend time together and the days are shown passing by. Ritesh feels pain and rests. Nurse gives him sponge bath and smiles. Indu comes there and stands infront of Ritesh. Ritesh puts towel on his head. Indu signs Nurse to go and she herself gives him sponge bath. Song plays…shayad yehi pyaar hai….Ritesh looks at her. Indu then makes him drink soup and wipes his mouth with her dupatta. She helps him to walk with her support.

7 days later. Ritesh gets ready for Diwali. Dolly, Deep and others wish him happy Diwali. Dolly gives credit to Indu and Zoon for his fast recovery. Ritesh asks where are they? Dolly says they went to their home to celebrate Diwali. Ritesh asks about Pankaj. Deep says he met with a major accident and got multiple fractures, so Kaamna went there in a hurry. Dolly says Kaamna has arranged everything and says now the functions will happen from Indu’s house. Ritesh and his family come to Indu’s house for mehendi function. Ritesh wears green sherwani. He looks at Indu laughing talking to a guest, she also wears green dress.

Precap: Indu sits to get mehendi applied to her hand. Ritesh dances with her. Zoon says I want to apply mehendi and Moj refused. Ritesh asks Indu. Indu says she talked to school authorities and they said that the student can’t apply mehendi. Ritesh says Zoon will apply mehendi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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