Bigg Boss 16 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: 3 family members come in

Bigg Boss 16 9th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 100
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Archana says to (*3*) my lifestyles is needless. I need any individual to come and inform me the place am I going improper and the place must I am going. Stan says she’s loopy. Archana says to Abdu you’re captain, you’ll’t sleep. He says I’m a human. Who ar you to inform me?

12:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks everybody to come to the dwelling house. Bigg Boss says we’ve saved your garments right here very properly not likely you all. it’s the a centesimal day right here. There is some distance to head. Let’s rejoice holiday week. Some VVIPs will come this week. Room 2 and the captain’s room shall be given to them. Some of you’re going to be on a vacation and the visitors will constitute you. I’ve despatched your grocery as neatly. It’s commonplace. I can provide the order to loose and unencumber it. Tina says wouldn’t it be family? Nirmit says VIPs. Bigg Boss says you’re going to know with time. Bigg Boss says I can inform in which process you’re going to be on holiday and the visitor would constitute you.

12:45 PM
Bigg Boss freezes everybody. Abdu strikes just a little. Bigg Boss asks what took place Abdu? He says I used to be converting. Sajid says we can lose groceries on account of you. Bigg Boss freezes everybody after which releases Abdu simplest. He freezes Abdu. Farah Khan comes in. Bigg Boss welcomes her. Farah hugs Sajid and says don’t lose the grocery. She cries. She says you’re doing so neatly, we’re so proud. Mom is so proud. Don’t transfer. I really like you. She hugs Shalin. She says I were given hen for you. She hugs Sajid and says everyone seems to be sending such a lot love for you. Don’t cry. Farah hugs Shiv and says you’re my brother. Thank you for taking a look after Sajid. You’re superb. She meets Sreejita. She says Sumbul, my child. I really like you, my child, you’re this type of great child. Sajid teases you a large number. He teases all his sisters. He sees Diva and Aniya in you. Never thoughts, he jokes round. He hugs her and says I really like you. She hugs Sreejita and says you want to get up slightly. She says the place are Abdu and Altaf? Bigg Boss releases Sajid. Sajid hugs Farah. He asks how is mother? She says she’s very proud. Farah appears to be like for Abdy. She says Archana my firework. She hugs (*16*) and says you all are caring for him so neatly. He hugs Abdu and says my child angel, my darling. I’m taking you house. Abdu hugs her. Farah says you’ve been an angel. Bigg Boss releases everybody. She hugs everybody. Farah hugs Priyanka. She says you’re doing so neatly. Farah says I were given meals for you all. She says Priyanka Ankit has despatched a message that he misses you a large number. He misses Sajid as neatly. He referred to as me. She says wow. Farah says everybody referred to as be expecting for Gautam. (*3*) laughs. Farah says that is the most efficient BB of all time. Sajid, you’re fortunate to have those pals. She says Tina your mother has turn into a celebrity out of doors. Everyone laughs. She says your mother fought with Shalin’s mother. Everyone claps. Farah says I can be in the captain’s room. Shalin leaves in anger and is going to the restroom.

1 PM
Farah tells Sajid everyone seems to be loving him in the display. She says you torture Sumbul such a lot, you are making her paintings. He says I really like her. Farah says that is his approach of loving. She says her dad has turn into very well-known. Sumbul laughs. Bigg Boss freezes Sumbul. Farah says your friendship is making information. She says Sajid will depart the display for you 3. But he bores you all so much. Shiv laughs. Farah hugs Shalin and says you’ve gotten the arena’s maximum uninteresting love tale. He laughs. Sometimes sure and no. Shalin asks what’s the mother combating about? Farah says it took place. I will be able to’t discuss it. Farah says to Archana, don’t cry an excessive amount of. Farah says we watch for the weekend for Shalin vs. Salman. It’s such a lot amusing when he begins with such things as don’t be onerous on her. Everyone laughs. Farah says tina’s mother has turn into a celebrity out of doors. People are making memes of her phrases. She stated the tongue has no muscle. Tina laughs. The tongue can do essentially the most hurt. She fought with Sumbul’s dad as neatly. She says (*3*) display me your ring. She presentations her. Priyanka says Sajid has misplaced weight. Farah says sure. Farah says he’s too aggravated with meals. Farah says all of them provide you with such a lot appreciate. Tina says he’s earned it.

Farah says he assists in keeping announcing nominate me. We are so scared, we would like you to stick right here for a protracted. Everyone laughs. You will worsen us. She says we can stay you right here after the display. Bigg Boss freezes everybody. Shiv’s mother Aasha comes in. She says hello to Farah. Aasha hugs Shiv. She says don’t cry. You’re doing too neatly. She says Priyanka you’re doing really well. Bigg Boss releases Shiv. He hugs his mother. She hugs Stan and says he’s my 2d son. He’s too just right. She hugs Abdu. She says everybody loves you. I don’t know English. She hugs Sajid and says you’re too great. You took care of Shiv. Farah says Shiv took care of him. Sajid has given him numerous love. She hugs (*3*) and says you probably did neatly and treated Gautam and (*3*). Don’t cry. She hugs (*16*) and says you’re doing really well. You’re my daughter. She hugs Tina. Bigg Boss releases everybody. She hugs Shalin and says you’re too blameless. Have amusing, and make pals right here. Archana hugs her. Everyone touches her ft. She hugs Priyanka. Sumbul hugs her. Aasha says she’s really nice. Sajid says he misses you a large number. He’s this type of great man. Farah tells Shiv you’re doing neatly. he says you’ve given me numerous self belief. Sajid says to Aasha, Shiv cleans everybody’s tears. She says the way in which you all have given appreciate to friendship over the entire accusations of grouping is astounding. Stan says one can’t reside by myself. Aasha says to Abdu you’ve gotten turn into an overly giant guy out of doors. Farah says to Shalin we can move to Dubai in combination while you’re out. But for now, you keep right here. the weekend is amusing on account of you. You mess with salmon. He says I don’t.

Sreejita asks Aasha are we doing neatly? She says sure. Don’t drag folks. Archana hugs Farah and says I stated dangerous issues to Sajid, I’m sorry. Farah says it’s ok. Fights are the belongings of it. Farah says Sajid cried seeing Ritesh greater than me. Shiv presentations Aasha her room.

1:45 PM
Bigg Boss freezes everybody. He welcomes. Priyanka’s brother Yogesh. He hugs Priyanka, she begins crying. He says don’t cry. he meets Farah and Aasha. Bigg Boss releases Priyanka. She presentations him round. He says you’re doing really well. Everyone is loving it. She says you’ve gotten modified in 3 months. Farah asks is more youthful? She says he’s the youngest. She says that is (*16*) my very best pal. He laughs. Bigg Boss says we now have VVIPs Farah, Aasha, and Yogesh. In no matter process we do, Priyanka, Sajid, and Shiv won’t participate. They shall be on a vacation. Bigg Boss releases everybody. Yogesh meets Sajid. Farah says you like Abdu such a lot. She says Sreejita attempted so much to damage the crowd. Everyone laughs.

Yogesh tells Priyanka that Vikas were given engaged. He says sure. She says Couldn’t you all watch for me? He says there have been causes. She says what? Is papa ok? He says the entirety is okay. Don’t fear. She asks odes papa watch? He says he sleeps and watches a repeat telecast. Aasha says to Shalin I inform Shiv he can marry whoever he needs. Shalin says that’s the way it must be. She says Shiv has accomplished many presentations so he is aware of the best way to act actual and speak to you pretend. Shalin laughs. He says your son may be very great. Farah says to Tina you’re a lot nicer to Maheen than Shalin. Tina laughs.

2:15 PM
Farah says the long-son short-son display is so well-known folks wish to do it out of doors as neatly. Abdu says persons are loving it. Aasha tells Tina your mother were given very emotional. Tina says she’s very protecting of me. Aasha says it’s ok, you’re her child. Stan tells Farah how Sajid has at all times lifted them up. (*16*) says he’s been there to boost us up. Farah says that’s how he’s. He resolves my fights. Shalin says to Aasha your son teases me so much. I at all times discuss properly in the back of his again. she says you’re proper. He’s very artful. Shiv laughs. He says you’re my mother. Maheen comes in. Bigg Boss has despatched fries for everybody. Tina asks Aasha aai do I really like anger out of doors? She says no you glance just right. Sometimes you get company, nevertheless it’s wonderful. Farah says my cook dinner Dilip cooked all this meals. Archana says I can cook dinner for aunty. Farah says that is the primary and ultimate day everyone seems to be consuming in combination. She says Archana come. She says I’m making paratha for her. Sajid says she flirts with the digital camera. Abdu says Shalin does overacting. Farah says Shahrukh is gonna sue him for copying him. Farha says Archana has turn into the DIL. Shiv says she chefs for everybody.

2:30 PM
Shalin asks Farha if is she faking. Farah says it looks as if once in a while she likes you however she by no means takes a stand for you. You took this type of large chance telling Salman don’t be onerous on her and she or he was once like he’s doing it for my higher. She by no means takes your facet in entrance of Priyanka. Abdu says I can get one spouse, 4 are complications. Sajid says he’s additionally faking it. Shalin says no bro. Abdu says I ate burgir. Yogesh tells tina you’re each torturing each and every different. Shalin says to Sumbul I’m sorry for the rest dangerous I stated about uncle. I used to be tousled. She says it’s wonderful. Sumbul says it’s ok.

3 PM
Farah says to Tina you each can’t even communicate. It looks as if you’re torturing him. You’re too sensitive and oversensitive. Tina says that I’m. She says how will any guy perceive? He would want some area too proper? Farah says it takes time to come to working out. You can’t combat over each small factor. Pick your battles correctly. You are very delicate. She says sure I’m. (*3*) says to Shalin she’s repeatedly asking how am I taking a look out of doors. Shlain says oh how am I taking a look out of doors. How is my symbol? (*3*) says why is she so . Farah stated you glance pretend. Tina says what must I do? Farah says in case you like him opt for it. Why are you so aware? She says he will get competitive. Farah says then don’t return to him. You additionally say we will by no means be in love. Tina says we’re pals right here. Farah looking to be open along with your emotions. Let’s see. Sajid says to Stan what if Boba comes? He says no don’t ship her Bigg Boss. Send my mother. Farah says to Shalin I defined the similar to her, give it time. Give efforts. She says you realize Shalin you get competitive. Control it. Shalin says I instructed her I can stand for her. Farha says she’s a powerful woman. Tina says then he talks in the back of my again. Shalin says she doesn’t consider me. Farah says you additionally discuss her. Sreejita says Farah will lose her thoughts. Everyone laughs. Sajid says Farah is aware of the best way to kind these items. Shalin says the day sooner than the day prior to this she stated she likes me. Farah says don’t lower each and every different in love. Farah says Shalin may be an overactor. Sajid says in the event that they grasp fingers it could glance deliberate. Farah says why would they care about folks. Sajid says Tina does. She cares about audience and her symbol. Farah says audience aren’t liking you that approach. Try the wrong way. Actually pretend a courting. Tina laughs. Farah says to be pretend candy and great and notice if that works.

3:45 PM
Shalin says to Tina the way in which we see the display is other. Tina says I’m paid to be right here and paid to entertain. It’s my first precedence. He says ok I want you the entire very best for the display. Tina says what do you wanna say? He says we must stay phase, we’re a lot better that approach than in combination. Farah needs it however she is a wellwisher. But Ia m drained now. Tina says you actually assume I used to be faking? He says I don’t know. He says so that you don’t consider me. Shalin says you misplaced me. Have a great time right here. He says we must take care of distance.

4:30 PM
Farah says to Archana numerous folks love you. Don’t trade. She says that is how folks communicate in Meerut. Farha says don’t cry, that’s now not who you might be. You can combat with Sajid as neatly. He doesn’t love to combat. He will get very prompted when dad’s identify comes in. When you stated it he misplaced it. I knew he would blast. Archana says I need mummy or papa to come now not brother. Farah says she doesn’t need the brother. Archana says I need them to make me perceive. Farah says you’re very well-known out of doors. She says I’m hoping I win the elections. She says such a lot of folks wanna meet you.

6:45 PM
Farha says to Sajid why are you roaming round with a towel? She says I took a bath. She says in the captain’s room. it’s a VVIP room. Sajid says it’s flooded now. Bigg Boss says Sajid you ruined it. He says it’s now not my fault. He says if folks in the VVIP room allowed it what we do? Farah says to increase for 3 extra months. Mummy would feel free too. Bigg Boss says let’s get started nominations. I can name you to the confession rooms and you’re going to do the duty there. Sajid, Shiv, and Priyanka shall be on holiday. Your family will participate in your home. Bigg Boss says Priyanka received’t be coming so it’s going to finish temporarily. Bigg Boss says you all have made this display a luck. But I wish to divide you all into 3 classes. One class is hyperactive. Archana, Shiv, Sajid and Priyanka. The 2d is energetic, Tina, Shalin, (*3*), and Abdu. Third is misplaced. Sometimes they are able to’t be noticed, they usually don’t have their issues. And they wanna move house. Stna, (*16*), Sreejita, and Sumbul. Archana says really well. Bigg Boss says that is my selection however your enthusiasts could be other. You will nominate a whole class as of late. Sajid, you’ll nominate your self however Farah would come in your facet.

7 PM
Farah is going to the confession room. She says too excited. Bigg Boss says we’re more than happy to peer you right here. She says this time the display is other as a result of my brother is her I’m looking to see it as a viewer. This display has given him numerous love. I couldn’t have requested for a greater comeback for Sajid. Bigg Boss says now there’s a twist in the tale. Bigg Boss tells Farah plot twist. He says go searching. There is prize cash tied to each and every staff. If hyper energetic class is nominated, 5 kacs would come again. If energetic is nomainted 10 lacs would come again and if misplaced is nominated 20 lacs would come again. She says it could be higher for everyoe if maximum moey comes again so I can nominate misplaced class.

Archana involves the confession room. Bigg Boss tells her the twist. He says you earn your prize a reimbursement as neatly. She choices the misplaced class. She says (*16*) has no level or person. She’s the use of the crowd. Sumbul is at all times snoozing. Stan has no issues of his personal. Sreejita simply needs to leap into the entirety. Shalin comes in. He says there’s no buzzer. He says I wanna nominate misplaced. I wish to deliver most financial again. People who’re doing one thing must be given extra probabilities. Bigg Boss says the place have been those ideas while you misplaced the cash? He says there have been feeling concerned again then. Bigg Boss says don’t be onerous on your self. Shalin laughs. Aasha comes into the confession room. She says I really like being right here. I got here right here to present love simplest. I can nominate Shiv. I don’t wanna be onerous on different youngsters. Shiv is doing neatly. He says simplest 5 lacs will come again. She says ok then energetic staff. (*3*) nominates the misplaced class. She says (*16*) is in it too however I wanna get essentially the most a reimbursement. Sreejita isn’t very concerned. Stan and Sumbul aren’t very energetic both. Tina nominates the misplaced class. She says Sumbul simplest assists in keeping snoozing. Nirmit may be misplaced. Other persons are placing in onerous paintings. Stan at all times cries he needs to head house. Sreejita is doing wonderful. Sumbul involves the confession room. He says you’re twinning with Tina. She says with the jacket? He says let or not it’s. She says I wish to ninmiate energetic class. I don’t like Tina and Shalin. Should I give extra? He says is it your snoozing time? Sumbul says sorry. Tina acts candy however she’s pretend. Shalin is pretend and disrespectful. (*3*) and Abdu are just right. (*16*) nominates an energetic class in says tina and Shalin are there. They are the fakest right here. Yogesh nominates the misplaced class. He says prize cash is vital. If they’re now not energetic then they must move. Abdu nominates tremendous energetic. He says the cash could be just right. Bigg Boss says simplest 5 lacs would come again in case you nominate them. Stan nominates an energetic class. He says Tina and Shalin are too pretend they usually misuse love. Abdu tells (*16*) he took hyperactivity. She says however that’s the least cash. He says it’s ok. I didn’t wish to. Sreejita nominates an energetic staff and says Tina is in that staff and 10 lacs wound come again.

8 PM
Bigg Boss says as of late’s nomination process ends. One particular person nominated hyperactive staff. Everyone says who’s that groovy? 5 folks have been nominated energetic class. 6 folks nominated misplaced the class. (*16*), Sreejita, Stan, and Sumbul are nominated. 20 lacs come again to the prize cash. Farah says Abdu was once nominated as hyperactive. Archana says critically? why Abdu? You don’t need cash? He says I’m ok with 5 lacs. Priyanka says you nominated Sajid and Shiv? he says it’s ok? Archana says that is about cash.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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