Bigg Boss 16 8th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Shalin and Tina talk

Bigg Boss 16 8th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 98
10 AM
Sajid asks Shalin are you k? He says I believe like a silly idiot. Is the sport so essential? I put myself in hassle for her. Sajid says you’re no longer a child. Shalin says she’s additionally no longer 19. Sajid says did you discuss to her? Shalin says she got here to talk. Sajid says I advised her to talk to him and cling his hand or differently don’t talk to him in any respect. She stated she’d puzzled herself too. Shalin says I’ve been fooled and I do really feel unhealthy.

Alarms blare. Everyone comes out. Everyone dances. Soundarya says Sajid is consuming. He says I’m consuming meals from the day prior to this. Sajid says Shalin is performing all harm. Archana says he’s going to return to her and make a pet face. He’s a donkey. Soundarya says he’s performing dumb. He is doing it deliberately as neatly. Archana says tina used to be performing like she didn’t know he had emotions.

10:30 PM
Sajid, Abdu, and Shiv funny story round. Sreejita says I noticed Micheal in my dream. We have been chilling. Tina says how great. Stan and Shiv make a laugh of Tina.

10:45 PM
Sumbul and Shalin select culmination from the shop. Sajid takes out his hidden espresso. Tina says he’s going to grow to be Devdas the next day to come. Priyanka says you simply keep on with your level. Tina says I will’t be with an competitive guy. Sreejita says my first courting used to be competitive. Tina says mine too. He would shout, and be abusive. I’d get harm. He threw one thing in my face. Sreejita says the abuse best grows. Everyone does breakfast. Sumbul says to Sajid you all stay making a laugh of me. Sajid says inform Shiv to not funny story round with you. She says I received’t talk to him. Shiv says we have been joking. Shiv says we simply stated she’s sound asleep. We simply had a good time. Sajid says she’s crying. Shiv says we received’t talk to her once more. I can funny story with Priyanka and Tina now. Nimrit cries in mattress. Stan says is she loopy? Shiv says sorry to her, he says we have been having a laugh. She says am I a funny story? you all stay joking about my sleep and tears. Shiv does ups and downs. He says don’t cry, you’re my good friend. He hugs her. He will get her away from bed. Shiv says other folks don’t perceive jokes. Abdu ignores it and says Shiv is competing with Shalin’s performing now. Shiv laughs.

12:15 PM
Shiv writes sorry with noodles. Nimrit hugs him. He offers it to Sumbul too. Abdu eats it. Nimrit says he ruined it.

1:45 PM
Archana hugs Maheen and says will have to I sing to you? nobody is dependable to me right here. I believe so by myself.
Soundarya says to Shalin you crossed all of the limits. I maintained dignity with you. He says they have been all taking about you. She says it displays on them and you. Shalin says sorry. Archana says to Shalin I’m so harm. I used to be scolded. He says I used to be fooled. She says nobody beloved me like this. What’s in her? Shalin leaves. She hugs him and says sit back and center of attention at the trophy.

6:15 PM
Shalin says to Priyanka she fooled me. Priyanka says are you a child? He says I advised her I can make her meet their folks and she stated sure. She stated our youngsters can be lovable, what used to be that? Priyanka says why have been you letting her confuse you? Shalin says she did it fascinated by the digicam. It’s all her drama.

Abdu says I is in love with Soiundarya. Soundarya says you’re the sort of drama queen. Sajid says everywhere once more. Shiv says once more in love. He will take all of the ladies. Abdu laughs with them.

7 PM
Abdu selections meals from the shop. Tina says to Priyanka what did he say? Priyanka says he stated you stated your youngsters with him can be lovable. Tina says he’s the sort of liar. I by no means stated that. I used to be joking with him. He used to be by no means transparent together with his phrases. He’s the sort of drama. Priyanka says you will have to make one choice and keep on with it. She leaves in anger. Sreejita says to Shalin you stated you fall for individuals who’re grounded? She talks about manufacturers always. Numerous other folks can say issues no longer for the digicam. People don’t talk about manufacturers always.

8:15 PM
Tina and Shalin sit down. Tina asks what’s occurring for your thoughts. He says what do you care? Why do you wanna talk? She says what are you pondering? Shalin says did you ever love me? tina says to a point I had emotions for you. He says that is the way you confuse me. Tina says I will additionally say you have been taking part in with me. Your movements puzzled me. You stated issues off the digicam too. You can’t put all of the blame on me. He says Ia m nonetheless preventing for you. Tina stated you’re so emblem mindful and I stated she’s actual to me. Tina says if I talk to you, I’d seem like supplying you with hints once more. My persona is ruined. If you concept I used to be actual you might say that I used to be actual to you. You wouldn’t do that drama. Put all of the blame on me. Shalin says what’s going with you? Tina says what do you need me to do? I had emotions for you. Right now, I received’t need to do that. He says you days again you have been speaking about small children. She says you sue my jokes towards you. There may also be not anything between us. you could have been competitive. You have made false guarantees, I will take the blame. Forgive me. This is what you need to listen to. He says my emotions for you have been actual.

Tina says you’re such an competitive guy. Shlain says you are making me competitive along with your confusion. I need to stand by way of you and end up the arena fallacious. Don’t pay attention to others. She says you talk to others about me. He says I’m the person who will stand in entrance of the arena with you. Tina ask ssreejita you stated I’m all about manufacturers. Sreejita says you stated you’re keen on manufacturers. Shalin says arise. Sreejita says I’m least . tina says don’t create ruffles between us. Shalin says you will have relied on me. Tina says how can I accept as true with you? You talk to other folks in the back of my again. You mood my symbol. He says I got here to talk to yo. I don’t even wanna do that display. Tina says what do you need to do? I’m carry known as faux. Priyanka says their conversations by no means unravel. Sreejita says you then drag a 3rd particular person.

9:45 PM
Shalin says Sajid please come right here. When you and Tina had a battle, you stated she speaks to me very rudely. Sajid says you simply stated let or not it’s. Tian says you made a laugh of me Shalin. Shalin says let me talk. She says you shout and you then lie. Sajid says we have been giggling on the state of affairs, no longer you. Shalin says did I no longer take a stand for her? Sajid says loosen up and let me talk. Tina says it’s clarified. Shalin says why is everybody blaming me? Sajid says are you 15? Tina says I’m a villain. Sajid says you’re two consenting adults. You can do what you need. Who are people to query? But Shalin you’re no longer 15. Resolve like an grownup. Do you could have confusion? He says no. tina says do you could have confusion about him? She says sure I do. She leaves in anger. Sajid says now care for this distance for twenty-four hours.

9:45 PM
Tina says he’s going to get me in a battle with Sreejita and you too. He provokes other folks. I’m drained. Priyanka says simply take your distance. Tina says he frustrates me. Sajid says to Shalin now you’re performing faux. You’re announcing I wanna give protection to her, let her come on her personal. Tina says I can slap him at some point. He makes me actually offended. He can power any woman loopy.

12:15 AM
Abdu says to Sumbul they’re all very faux. Shalin and Tina. They make a laugh of affection. People make a laugh of your tears. It’s not anything fallacious. It presentations how robust you’re. Shiv, Stan, and Abdu funny story round. Sajid leaves to sleep.

Day 99
8:30 AM
Sajid says you all didn’t let me sleep. Abdu says I wasn’t dancing. Archana says to Shalin you spoke to her once more? Learn to make her worth you. You can in finding any woman. Don’t let somebody cut back your worth. Shalin tells Shiv what Tina stated.

12 PM
Shalin says lifestyles is stuffed with surprises. Sajid says you’ve noticed all of this. Salman used to be making you spot issues. Sajid says to Tina you get influenced. You do what you suppose is correct. Shalin says to Priyanka you glance just right lately. Nice hair. She says thanks. Sajid says to Tina nobody cares about symbol and all. You can do what you need. Salman advised you the ground 4.

12:45 PM
Sajid says they’ve made up our minds to be separate now. Nirmit says they’ll be again in combination. It’s all calculated. Priyanka says Tina fixes issues. You know the way faux he’s. Archana says I picked issues we had like rice and cooked that. He says you picked it up from the trash. She says I washed it. Sajid laughs. Archana says don’t act so snobbish. Shalin says no season had such a lot missing meals.

Shekhar Suman. He says let’s meet the particular visitor of lately. The digicam. It’s by no means out of center of attention. But it’s a bit of complicated. The digicam cries about how all of them confuse him and they don’t even sleep. Shekhar says Sajid isn’t fearful of nominations however doesn’t let somebody nominate him. The digicam appears to be like for Sumbul. Shekhar says she is sound asleep. Shiv and Abdu used jacuzzi such a lot that now the jacuzzi wishes a bath. Shalin attire as a woman and Shiv flirts along with her. They dance in combination. Everyone laughs. The digicam says this used to be faux love. Archana is in actual love with Bigg Boss. Archana tells how she imagines Bigg Boss. He says Priyanka is the digicam’s favourite. Tina took its battery. The digicam says we don’t perceive Shalin. He makes a laugh of Tina’s Shah. Shekhar says Nimrit acts like tina. Do it Nimrit. Nimrit mimics Tina. They all make an apology to the digicam.

2:45 PM
Nimrit says to Shiv you don’t talk to me. We can talk instead of jokes too. He says I really like joking round and you get harm over it. Nimrit says k I am getting it. She leaves. Shiv holds her. Nimrit says you don’t understand. Where is my good friend? She says you at all times funny story. He says you additionally trade. Nirmit says I’m best hooked up to you right here. He says you’ll’t even tolerate my jokes? Are you Sumbul? Nimrit hugs him and says sorry. They hug. Nimrit asks what have you learnt about me? HE says your nature. Tina says Nirmit jokjes about ladies. Priyanka says she used to be mimicking. It’s nice. We do this too. Tina says I don’t.

4 PM
Archana says I’ve made the meals. Nimrit says Archana may be answerable for groceries. Archana says to Shalin you act so puzzled. Priyanka says to Tian Soundarya will get well mannered to him in case you have a battle. Tina says Archana used to be announcing now they’ll have a love perspective. Soundarya says like no. Archana says we will additionally time move with him.

5:30 PM
Abdu says I’m so unhappy. I want a center, Sreejita. I would like goo center. Sreejita hugs him. Shiv says he steals all of the ladies. Abdu says I’m so unhappy. Shiv says then have meet time. Sumbul brings in meals. Abdu says give me milk.

6:45 PM
Nimrit reads you’ll all enhance your bonds with chocolate. You will all talk about one second and give that particular person a chocolate. Soundarya offers it to Archana. She says Archana advised me I’m robust and I will’t be susceptible for someone else. Archana says my very best second used to be with Soundarya once we have been surprised about Vikas’s boxers. They snicker. Sumbul says when I used to be low after papa’s name, the individuals who took care of me have been Nirmit, Shiv, Abdu, Stan, and Sajid. Nimrit says I had probably the most a laugh with Abdu, Shiv, Sajid, and Stan. Shiv offers it to Abdu. Stan offers it to Tina and Sajid. Abdu offers it to Sajid, Nimrit, Stan, and Shiv. Shalin offers it to Abdu. Srejita says after I got here again right here Nimrit welcomed me rather well. She offers it to the company. Priyanka says Sreejita got here again right here. I actually like her. She offers her the chocolate. Tina offers it to Stan, Abdu, and Priyanka. Sajid offers it to Priyanka. He says she cooked rather well for me.

8:15 PM
Sajid says to Sumbul you began speaking to Sumbul. Stan says you began. Sumbul says he used to be speaking fallacious. Sajid says so you’ll proper him each time? Shiv says it’s your choice. Sajid says what do you need from him? She says not anything. Sajid says you each are looking to talk to one another. She wishes love and friendship. Sumbul says I’ve buddies. Sumbul will get teary. Stan says you cry such a lot.

12 AM
Sumbul cries out of doors. Sreejita asks why are you sound asleep right here? She says simply resting right here. Soundarya will get teary. Shalin asks what took place. She says I were given to grasp such a lot about lifestyles right here. I can trade right here as an individual. People are loopy to win. They get so evil to win. I’ve at all times been very safe. This is all an excessive amount of for me. Sumbul cries out of doors.

Shiv comes and says Sumbul let’s cross in. She says you all at all times make a laugh of me. Shiv says prevent crying. Shiv takes her within. He says don’t suppose an excessive amount of. Sajid says why are you disenchanted? She says I’m nice. Sajid says we can no longer say that once more. Sajid says sorry. She says no.

Episode ends

Precap-Bigg Boss freezes everybody. Farah Khan is available in and hugs Sajid. She says mo misses you such a lot. We’re so proud. Shiv’s mother hugs him. Priyanka’s brother hugs him. Farah says I left one brother right here, I’m taking 3 extra. She hugs Abdu. Farah says that is the most efficient Bigg Boss. They get started the nomination activity. (*16*)

Update Credit to: Atiba

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