Bigg Boss 16 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Tina and Sumbul fight

Bigg Boss 16 7th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

Day 36
8:45 PM
Soundarya sits in Gautam’s lap. Gautam says why do you fight with me? Soundarya says I by no means idea I’d date a Punjabi in my lifestyles. He says you will have to by no means have observed a lover like me. Abdu laughs. Shiv says why are you guffawing? Gautam says I’m snoozing like a just right boy for three days. Soundarya laughs. Abdu says Nimrit see. She says I noticed already. They snicker. Gautam says I need to win this for you. Soundarya kisses him at the cheek. Abdu says it’s out of the toilet. He says Sajid you’re lacking. Abdu laughs. Soundarya says why are you giving me further consideration? He says are you nice? She says sure. Abdu sits in Shiv’s lap. He says my father and mom see. They snicker. Shiv says come right here.

Stan is dissatisfied. Nimrit says we’re all with you. Abdu and Nimrit hug Stan. Sajid says let us know what’s on your middle? Do you leave out house? Stan sleeps within the different room. Gorisays don’t cry. He says everybody is faux right here. I don’t need to exchange for a display. I will’t pretend emotions. I will be able to cross loopy right here. Gori says to stick sturdy.

10:30 PM
Priyanka says if you’ll be able to’t prepare dinner Sumbul inform Abdu. There isn’t any vegetable on our plate. People absorb teams. Nimrit says I best ate one roti. Priyanka says I wasn’t counting yours. I will be able to talk if I don’t get equivalent meals. Tina says I served myself. Shiv took himself. Priyanka says then we will be able to take ourselves too. Nimrit says that is very petty. The amount of meals you consume, nobody counts. Priyanka says I used to be speaking to Tona. Don’t come between for pictures. Everyone gets equivalent meals. Nimrit says you took my title. I best ate something. This is so affordable. Priyanka says we all the time allotted meals similarly. You are affordable. You don’t care about others. That’s you tbhat you don’t depart meals for others. Nimrit says we will see how petty you’re. Soundarya says why are you abusing Nimrit? This isn’t k. Gori cries. Soundarya consoles her.

12:30 AM
Abdu and everybody come to Ankit and want him a cheerful birthday. They’ve made a cake. Abdu hugs him. Ankit says thanks. Priyanka says they’re doing this to make me really feel higher. Because I don’t have goodies. Everyone hugs Ankit. Ankit is going again to sleep. Priyanka comes and says finished? They’re doing this to make me really feel higher.

Day 37
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Sajid says Nimrit and Priyanka fought. Shiv says Priyanka was once already within the unhealthy temper. Nimrit says I all the time consume lower than her. She doesn’t need to prepare dinner for others. (*16*) says her urge for food is greater than mine. Sajid says Ankit is a pleasing man. But Priyanka overshadows him. Shiv says if he got here by myself he would have made pals. Stan sits by myself. Sajid and Gori attempt to communicate to him.

9:15 AM
Abdu says Priyanka says you wish to have juice? She says watermelon. He says and sour guard for Archana. Priyanka says to Gautam they got here to pray him to make me really feel higher. You’re wishing my buddy and no longer involving me? Ankit gave them that floor. Gautam says you confirmed friendship from one facet. It must be equivalent. You fight for his issues however he doesn’t do the similar.

9:45 AM
Sajid says to Gori there are 4 other people on your room. You can’t give meals like this. Ask us too. I additionally give oiks. It’s ok to make pals however don’t harm previous other people. Gori says it’s my room too. Sajid says then don’t sneak the meals out. I will see it. It’s been 3 days. If you wanna give then give it overtly. He says to throw the entire meals out. Give all of it to them. Why is she stealing it? Abdu says loosen up. I will be able to communicate to her. Sajid says kick her out of the room. I by no means say no to meals however she steals. Sajid says that is very mistaken. Don’t cover it a minimum of. Gori says it’s my room too. I by no means say no to you. You additionally give issues. I requested MC too. Sajid says we additionally reside there. Ask us too. Soundarya says I simply requested her. Sajid says it’s no longer about her however her movements are mistaken. Soundarya says Stan was once additionally there. He says why sneak it? Shiv says there are 4 other people within the room. Gori says it’s my room too. Change my room in the event you don’t love it.

Priyanka tells Archana they’re mad as a result of Gori gave Soundarya basin. Sajid says to take all of it. Gori says throw it then. You simply mentioned it. Sajid says don’t argue with me. Sajid takes meals out. Shiv says please pay attention. We can’t injury ourselves for her. Ankit calms him down. Sajid says she thinks we will’t see. Make new pals however don’t thieve our issues.

10:15 AM
Shiv hugs Tina. He says do you’re feeling higher now? She says I think higher. Abdu teases them. He hits Shiv. Tina asks (*16*) why are you mad at me? He’s my highest buddy. You can exchange the woman. You have on within the kitchen. He says you’re the most efficient I’ve.

10:30 AM
Ankit asks Priyanka what took place. She says you realize the whole thing. I do know when you’re feeling unhealthy. She says I requested Gautam how would he really feel if other people rejoice his birthday and depart Soundarya out. You don’t fight for me. That’s your nature. If fight for you at all times. It’s my downside.

10:45 AM
Priyanka asks Stan what took place? He says Gori feels by myself. Priyanka says it’s important to rise up for your self. Stan says that is affecting me so much. They mentioned we’re so great we don’t permit you to cry. They’re so pretend. Priyanka says don’t harm over it. Archana says why did he come if he didn’t need to be there. Gori involves Stan. Priyanka says see Gori is so sturdy. Soundarya returns Gori to the basin. She says I’m placing it again. Shiv says what’s the purpose now? You needed to ask when giving. She says I instructed MC. It’s my room too. Gori is going to the room and says I don’t care. Priyanka says they saved Stan with them for votes. Sajid says she’s so ill-mannered.

12 PM
Sajid asks Abdu if was once Gori proper. He says no. She needed to ask other people. Gautam says Stan didn’t even give a boost to Gori. His downside is why si Gori speaking to us.

1 PM
Tina says to (*16*) if we weren’t on digicam it might had been other. My symbol issues to me. I don’t like every information about my persona. I’m protecting of my title. I don’t need any drama. He says I (*16*), in the entire cameras need to say we’re superb pals. We are adults. She says to present her the jacket if she needs. He says how may I say no? She says give it then. (*16*) says k finished. I will be able to no longer speak about it anymore.

1:30 PM
Nimrit says I need to slap some other people, I’ve such a lot anger inside of me. Abdu says Priyanka? She says sure. He says Archana? She says sure. She says, Soundarya? Nimrit says little. He says Gautam? She says sure. He says me? Nimrit says no.

1:45 PM
Sajid says to Abdu she will be able to’t be your gf. She loves anyone else. Don’t fall in love. Abdu says I love her as a pal. He says don’t be good with me. Abdu says no.

Stan is going to a confession room. Bigg Boss asks about his downside. He says persons are so pretend I will’t stick with them. Bigg Boss says are all other people within the out of doors international actual? He says I bring to an end pretend other people. Bigg Boss asks who is faux right here? He says greater than part of the folks. Stan says I don’t really feel like staying right here. Shiv, Abdu, and Sajid aren’t pals with Gori. I’m torn between each side. Stan says they have got an issue with Gori. I don’t really feel like being pretend with other people. Bigg Boss says since Gori requested you to speak to other people for no reason why you’re feeling unhealthy. Why are you faking it for her? Talk to other people you prefer best. Stna says thanks Bigg Boss.

Sajid asks what did Bigg Boss say? He says he gave me tips. Gori tells Archana he made any such fuss over a basin best. Archana says this is the reason It’s not that i am a part of any workforce. We are all competition. Stan says thanks Bigg Boss for steering me.

3:30 PM
Priyanka says to Ankit I requested Gautam if he can be k if other people left Soundarya out? He mentioned no. Nimrit got here to you as a result of she sought after to make me really feel unhealthy. She knew you’ll be able to by no means stand for me. Shiv stood for Nimrit. Every buddy comes for themselves. Ankit says have I by no means taken a stand for you? Priyanka says you’ll be able to cross and make new pals… I’m bored with this. You can relax with them. She cries. Ankit says I don’t want to end up myself. I will be able to depart in every week or some days anyway. She says have you ever ever responded Nimrit again? She simply abused me a minute in the past. Ankit says what did you are expecting me to do? I used to be snoozing. She says you had been up. Ankit says now you’re going to inform me? Priyanka says yeah you spot by yourself now. He says k do your personal. Priyanka says if I did I’d have finished higher. She cries.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss says there’s some downside with meals in the home. Now I do know you can perceive the worth of groceries. There’s a listing of weekly groceries in entrance of you. Write what you prefer to for your self at the board. Abdu writes rooster. Tina says he’s doing it on function?

6 PM
(*16*) says not anything a lot is left. He says mutton, eggs. (*16*) says milk. Bigg Boss says it has protein. (*16*) says best 9 gms. I’m the champion of it. Bigg Boss says droplets make sea. Bigg Boss says the orders are written. Only part of them will likely be delivered. Two orders will come immediately. The supply government will give one to a contestant and go back on.

Stan will get Shiv and Gori’s containers at the supply specific. Bigg Boss asks whose order you wish to have to ship. Gautam says if Sajid doesn’t get his meals, he’ll wreck bottles. Abdu says I will be able to no longer give Archana’s. Priyanka says he’s additionally a contestant. We all like him however that doesn’t imply he’s no longer the competitor. Archana says when he provides orders and makes plans he isn’t a kid then?

Stan delivers Shiv’s groceries and leaves Gori’s again. He says Gori was once giving meals to folks. At least Shiv is truthful and calculated about it. Sajid says proudly of you Stan. Gori says it was once meals best. It’s nice. Archana hugs her. she says Shiv is a snake. He will chunk Stan for actual at some point. Shiv says the one that has no pals. She comes between folks’s fights. He fought with one buddy he had best as a result of she was once a snake. Priyanak says why are you dragging me? I’m her buddy. Shiv says I by no means took your title. Ankit says thoughts your personal trade Shiv. Shiv says it’s important to develop into part of the whole thing. Soundarya and Archana snicker at Gori. Priyanka says Sajid was once calling me a snake. Archana and Soundarya snicker Shiv needed to fight with Archana however Priyanka is now combating. Sajid says to Priyanka loosen up. She says don’t prevent me. He began it. He was once calling me a snake. Go take the entire meals. That’s all he cares about. Nimrit says she teaches us like a instructor at all times. Sajid says to Priyanka to fight when it’s the correct time. Sometimes you’ll be able to be mistaken too. Archana and Shiv snicker. She says no you each fight. Priyanka says Nimrit abused me closing evening. I didn’t hunch to her stage.

Soundarya and Archana snicker. Gautam says if anyone else is getting shot Priyanka would are available in between for pictures. They all snicker.

7:30 PM
Sumbul will get supply specific. She has Tina and Sajid’s meals. Bigg Boss says to make a decision who you wish to have to ship to. Shiv says she is going to give it to you. Tina says she is going to give it to Sajid. Sumbul says I will be able to ship Sajid’s and go back Tina’s. She provides it to Sajid. Sajid is worked up. Bigg Boss asks her the rationale. Tina says that is what I wanna pay attention. Sumbul says Sajid has clinical causes. Tina will get bossy within the kitchen. Tina says significantly? You pretend such a lot with me.

8 PM
Tina says it had rooster for (*16*). I believed she would a minimum of care about that. (*16*) says loosen up. Others would pay attention. Tina says I don’t want her. She confirmed her fact. She known as me bossy. I’m solo. Nimrit says her anger is justified. Tina says you’ll be able to’t shield her each time. She is aware of I’m ill. She confirmed her loyalty. You all the time stay protecting her (*16*). Sumbul my foot. Sumbul says to Ankit she tries to boss him round within the kitchen. Tina says we misplaced 25 lacs on account of her since you sought after to not let her cross from this space. She doesn’t need to keep right here. I all the time stood via her. I’m bossy within the kitchen? She says Abdu I received’t do lunch and dinner. (*16*) says no, please. She says close up. Stay out of my trade. She says Abdu give me breakfast, please. Abdu says who do I give it to? I will’t give it to Archana. She known as me the bag. Tina says I will be able to be higher the next day to come.

8 PM
Sajid and Shiv speak about who will likely be subsequent? Bigg Boss says must we’ve a big gamble on iti? He says Gori is the following one. She says Gori you may have Priyanka and Archana’s meals. Archana laughs. Gori says I’m handing over to Priyanka. We can’t be pals. She laughs. Priyanka says thanks. Archana says when did you develop into pals along with her? Everyone hoots. Shiv says to Archana this is the reason making pals on this home is necessary. Archana says I don’t want any person. Archana is indignant. (*16*) says other people use you for votes best.

Sumbul involves Tina. Tina says when was once I bossy to you? You may say it overtly. Sumbul says It’s not that i am very confrontational. (*16*) says Tina was once with you in the whole thing. She’s ill and you took her meals? Tina says let me communicate to her. (*16*) says she status with you in the whole thing. That’s ashaming. He leaves in anger. Tina says I stood via you since day 1. Sumbul is going after (*16*). Tina says (*16*) doesn’t let me communicate. Now Sumbul will makes it about him. Archana says when did Priyanka win? I knew she received’t give me however Priyanka? Priyanka says don’t pay attention to her Gori. She laughs.

Tina comes ot Sumbul. Tina says to Sumbul I instructed him not to communicate in between. Sumbul says I had no reason why to take Sajid’s meals both. I may come and communicate to you. (*16*) didn’t need to misbehave with me. She says I received’t communicate to him. TIna says that’s your downside with him no longer me. Sumbul says I had my causes. I don’t need to communicate to any person. Tina leaves.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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