Bigg Boss 16 7th January 2023 Written Episode Update: No elimination

Bigg Boss 16 7th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend ka vaar
Salman welcomes everybody. Salman says we couldn’t speak about the real level the day prior to this. I used to be seeking to make Tina perceive issues sooner than Shalin got here for brownie issues. Let’s get started with Shalin once more after which Archana and Stan. Salman comes again to the home. He says come everybody. He says Tina I made you already know issues. If you might be perplexed it’s wonderful however in case you are faking it then it’s now not proper. Tina says I’m perplexed. He asks why?> Do you could have a boyfriend out of doors? She says no I don’t. he says you’re on TV. If it really works, then k. If it doesn’t, it’s wonderful. Where is the perplexed man? Shalin is within. Salman says after going out of this area I intend that I would like you all to get extra paintings. Sajid will make a movie in the summertime. Why do I take a look at on you, Priyanka? You are heroin subject material. But no person can submit together with your tantrums. If you do the fitting issues, you’ll develop into large heroin. The handiest one that can wreck you is your self. You are going that manner. Would you do the similar on a suite? She says I don’t on set. Salman says then why right here? She says there are such a large amount of other people. So a lot blame. He says you don’t want to justify. Salman asks if is Shalin eradicated. Shiv is going in and says Shalin Salman is right here. Shiv comes out. Salman says Shiv return there. Shalin comes. Everyone claps. Salman says knight sir Shalin, please take a seat.

Salman asks Shiv how is it going. He says just right. Salman says they’ve all been right here for five mins. When did Shalin come? Everyone says 5 mins. Salman says you didn’t listen my voice Shalin? he says I simply heard 30 seconds in the past. When I got here there after a smoke. Salman says that is damaging in your well being. Shalin says you’ll ask. Salman says I imagine you. Your fact and pretense all get noticed. Shalin says you’ll take a look at. Salman says I don’t wanna take a look at. So I despatched Shiv to test. People get blind in love you may have achieved deaf. Shalin says no sir. Shalin is in love. The different celebration doesn’t perceive. Salman says Tina your level used to be small. The complete episode become about you and Shalin. The second he began performing like a knight, the sport modified. Shalin will get teary. Salman says no person needs to listen to. Shalin says that it impacts me once I really feel for any person. Salman says how does it have an effect on you? He says it’ll. Salman says what I used to be doing impacts you? or what’s taking place with you in the home? He says I don’t remember the fact that. Salman says to start out consuming extra hen. Shalin says I love her. Salman says the day when she believes, she would come to you. you don’t have to copy. Let her be somewhat perplexed. If she thinks it used to be a just right factor, she would come again to you. Other it’s possible you’ll in finding any person who doesn’t stay you perplexed. She may in finding any person else as neatly. Life is going on. You had girlfriends sooner than no? Everyone has had breakups. She’s now not even your female friend.

Salman says the principle bankruptcy now. Archana and MC. Archana ignored me such a lot that I had hiccups all the way through the brand new yr. Bikini fashion Archana used to be lacking me. Why did I make Stan carry out? We may just ask Archana to stroll in her Bikini. She would carry out and make our display successful. She’s silent. She made me proud, she stayed silent. With such a lot silence, she become a devi. Were you proper? Salman asks others who used to be mistaken. Archana or Stan. Archana says he doesn’t do his paintings. Sajid says I’ve instructed her again and again to not intrude in folks’s paintings. You’re now not awesome right here. This isn’t your home. Let others do theirs. She doesn’t pay attention. Salman asks Abdu, your fault? Archana instructed you the toilet used to be now not blank. You checked it. He says it used to be somewhat grimy. Salman says it’s essential to simply inform her loud and transparent it’s blank. You little grimy and he or she went mad. Stan used to be napping. Whose fault? He says each are at fault however Archana extra. Stan says I wasn’t neatly. She began shouting. Salman asks Sumbul, she says Archana. Salman says you had been asleep all through. She says I awoke later. Nimrit says, Archana. Shiv says, Archana. Sreejita says Archana. Priyanka says Archana her manner is at all times mistaken. Tina says, Archana. He asks Soundarya. Salman says this one is fascinating. Soundarya says I used to be right here. Salman says no rationalization. She says all Archana mentioned used to be rest room isn’t blank. Everyoe will have to do their tasks. She requested Shiv. Shiv mentioned to talk to Stan. She used to be loud however commonplace. Salman asks what’s commonplace. Soundarya says she will get edgy. Salman says what’s commonplace? Stan’s rest room is grimy, it’s now not blank. Let me repeat what she mentioned which you claimed used to be commonplace. Salman repeats Archana’s phrases, how lengthy will you keep right here at the target market’s donation? The target market doesn’t like disgusting other people such as you who devour from unfastened price range and blank at evening. Your fanatics don’t like disgusting other people such as you. And Stan requested who’re you speaking to you? Stan says I didn’t get it. He says she known as you any person who cleans at evening. He asks Soundarya if is that this commonplace. She says no sir it isn’t. I didn’t know she mentioned all this.

Archana says sir why don’t you pass somewhat again about what Shiv mentioned. Salman says the place are you from Archana? She says UP. From Meerut. He says other people communicate respectfully there. Archana says Shiv poked me and made me offended. Salman says so any individual could make you offended. You will opt for elections, citizens could make you offended. I spoke to you remaining evening very with politeness. Archana says I received’t communicate to any extent further now. Sreejita says you’ll’t. He says you’ll’t name him and his fanatics disgusting. You’re jealous of his fanatics and recognition? You used the phrase fanatics very obviously. You spoke to his fanatics and known as him disgusting. Archana says I spoke to him and made them see. Salman says do you could have fanatics? You don’t have up to him and even supposing you probably did I’m positive they’re fone. She says it’s wonderful. I’m proper. Soundarya says let him communicate. He’s making you already know. Salman says k you’re proper. Archana says your paintings is that shiv used to be the captain and also you ha do inform Abdu. That’s the place it used to be achieved. You’re now not the captain right here. Salman says you were given mad after Stan had the display and also you noticed his reputation. Archana says no sir. The powder room wasn’t wiped clean in every week. I instructed Bigg Boss as neatly. Salman says so you might be proper and everybody else is mistaken? She says they don’t see, I stay a take a look at. I mentioned to Sajid as neatly. He says everyone seems to be blind. She says I see who’s running and who isn’t. Salman says a baba got here right here, Swami om. He gave up the ghost. He noticed issues no person else may just. But he couldn’t see a pitcher that no person else may just. Everyone laughs. Salman says you thoughts what Stan mentioned. What Stan mentioned about your mother.

Salman asks Stan what does this motion imply? Stan says she mentioned Bigg Boss is my dad. I mentioned is there a connection? What roughly phrase is that? Salman says what will have to your resolution had been. He says I used to be offended. I may just say what are you pronouncing? Your oldsters can be offended at this phrase too. She used to be taking part in with phrases. Salman says so that you gave her a possibility. You mentioned the mistaken factor. Stna says sure sir. I don’t imply it. Salman says you mentioned It’s not that i am your dad’s servant. Stan says she abused my career and known as me disgusting. I may just blank it in quarter-hour. I were given mad. Salan says you all put out of your mind that there are 150 cameras. You will have to be thankful we couldn’t air numerous disgusting phrases that you just all used. Remember that all of it will get aired. We need you to copy it phrase for phrase and notice how you’re feeling. Now they’re silent. Salman says Archana this isn’t going neatly to your symbol. This is coming off as your character. Archana says now not character, they query me. Salman says no person does that. Shiv spoke in your very with politeness. you began it. Even Stan needed to ask who’re you speaking about. Let me remind you who’s right here on a donation. It’s Archana. You had been introduced again however now not for this. You cried and also you had been having regret. The tea incident with Vikas, what did Vikas say? He mentioned I sought after a burner. You made an enormous fuss about it. He didn’t name you disgusting. He didn’t name you a loser. All he mentioned he sought after used to be a burner. She says he got rid of mine. Salman says did Stan discuss to you? She says Shiv mentioned are you scared? He says it’s essential to inform Abdu. He asks Soundarya. Soundarya says completely. I instructed her again and again to thoughts her personal industry. It’s the captain’s process. She doesn’t perceive. She thinks she has to invite other people. Salman says she thinks she owns this area. She talks about manners and upbringing. You speak about Shalin and tina. You say what’s going to occur to Priyanka’s in-laws. Priyanka says she did. Salman says what’s going to occur to you and your in-laws? Archana says she leaves her issues tousled. Salman says you haven’t any proper to mention. You have crossed all of the limits your self. I defined to you and you then took my identify time and again. If this isn’t talking, what’s talking? you haven’t any appreciate for me. Archana says you didn’t say the rest to him. He mentioned about my oldsters. Salman says disgusting fanatics, donation. Salman says you began it sooner than it went to mum and dad. You are mistaken however so is Stan. And the most important mistake is off. I will be able to come to it in 2 mins. Salman leaves.

Soundarya says Archana he’s making you already know. Archana says I am getting the sport. He didn’t blank the powder room in every week. No one says the rest to him. Captian is from their staff. He received’t say the rest. Soundarya says it doesn’t worry you. Abdu says I instructed you I will be able to get it wiped clean. She says I’ve stopped taking into consideration it house from now. It’s set for me. Priyanka says she isn’t even working out what Salman mentioned. Shiv says why doesn’t talk about herself, what’s going to other people say about her? Stan says other people will hit her with slippers. Priyanka says you don’t even perceive what Salman mentioned? Priyanka says Salman didn’t talk about his phrases. He mentioned my mother has an affair. Priyanka says he discussed it. He known as it out. Archana says he didn’t. Archana says this can be a set for me now. Priyanka says don’t display those movements. People can perceive you presently. It’s been 3 months. Soundarya says Archana, you’ll’t discuss to any individual like this. Priyanka says now even Salman is mistaken. Soundarya says let captains deal with it. Stan says she makes each and every level grimy. Nimirt says she used to be mad sooner than your display as neatly. She sought after to be at the degree. She mentioned why can’t or not it’s for us. She sought after the mic.

Sajid says to Priyanka you take into accout what I mentioned to you. You have a shiny long term. She says you probably did. He says I simply spoke about your keep watch over. Priyanka says I do know. He says it’s a must to paintings. Priyanka says I’ve understood. He says you’ve received this display already. Soundarya says to Archana I didn’t even know what tone did you discuss to Stan in? You were given all over the place all him and began shouting. Salman will get again in. He says, Archana. This is a suite? She says I will be able to imagine it a suite now. Did I imagine it house? Salman says so that you received’t paintings? She says I received’t ask any individual else to paintings. Salman says you additionally mentioned I received’t paintings. You received’t imagine it some. If you’re you’ll depart it. I will be able to open eh door. You can depart. She says no. Salman says I’m talking to your higher and also you’re now not working out. Everyone tells you your issues are proper however you don’t know who to speak to. You will make such a lot of enemies on account of your language. You suppose you might be frank however you’re very imply. You harm other people and other people pass towards you. Your appreciate is to your fingers. And received’t I discuss to Stan? Is this episode over? You got here from a spot the place no person speaks such as you. Everyoe speaks with appreciate. Stan, the place are you from? He says from a slum. Salman asks did you could have a bathroom? Washroom? he says no sir. He asks about schooling. He says no sir. He says I made mistake. I received’t do it once more. Salman says you might be trained, Archana. Stan, had been you proper or mistaken? Or would you ask for forgiveness? He says my phrases had been mistaken. I used to be gonna there. I used to be unwell. The line I mentioned used to be mistaken. I regretted it later there too. Salman says that is the way it works, Archana. No one takes it to the ego. You od a mistake and ask for forgiveness. What will have to I say to the one who’s accepting his mistake and pronouncing sorry?> The level is over. Slaman says Stan the extra effort you place the extra ahead you can pass. what’s the purpose of going to oldsters on the entirety?

Salman says now coming to the actual one that began all this. Can any individual identify that consumer? Who gave the mistaken data? Sajid says, Sreejita. Salman says right kind. There are such a lot of other people beneath the similar roof. What did you inform Sreejita? She says I heard. They had been status in entrance of me. Salman asks what did you listen? She says she mentioned I will be able to reduce sprint. Archana mentioned it. Salman says what’s the phrase? She says I will be able to’t repeat that phrase. He says you mentioned it 5 instances. Salman says who else heard? He asks Shiv and Shalin. Shiv says I didn’t. Shalin says no I didn’t. Sajid says she used to be talking from the track reference. Sreejita says I didn’t know the track line. Salman says then why did you place hearth to this phrase? Bigg Boss introduced more than one instances to not repeat it. It’s a delicate matter that isn’t allowed on this area. He repeated again and again but you saved discussing. Am I proper Shalin? She says sure she did however she didn’t perceive what’s the which means of that factor. Sreejita says I didn’t know. Salman says so Stan didn’t know it both? It’s his track? Didn’t you already know Stan? Stan says I instructed her I didn’t get that. Sreejita says I clarified with Stan. Salman says you jumped on a operating educate. She says I didn’t are aware of it used to be a line of his track. Sajid says I instructed her. She went out and spoke to Shalin. I used to be seeking to communicate to them. Salman says to your appreciate we didn’t air it. Only discussing it right here. You all made such a lot filth in the home. Archana says thanks, sir. Salman says we’re protective your symbol. Sreejita says I’m sorry. Salman says what used to be your level? She says Archana used to be shouting again and again. I instructed her Stan sang out of doors. Salman says Sreejita you’re complicated it extra. You sought after to be noticed on account of nomination. You didn’t know the battle. You didn’t know what used to be the context. Bigg Boss requested you to forestall again and again. She says I’m sorry sir. Archana says thanks, sir. Salman says would you repeat this? She says no sir. Slaman mentioned it might. I might be right here once more subsequent week. Archana says I received’t say the rest if any individual doesn’t paintings. Sajid says I’ve heard this 60 instances. Salman says that I might haven’t any paintings.

Salman asks Shalin and Shiv to carry one thing from the shop. He says once I come right here my voice irritates me. Now I will be able to let you know how neatly you might be liked in the back of your again. You will pay attention to these phrases and inform who mentioned such issues about you and make that consumer have this sour guard shot. I will be able to let you know in case your bet is correct. I received’t let you know the identify of the individual. Or I may, we want content material subsequent week as neatly. He says Soundarya you come back. (*16*) mentioned I will be able to open her Kundli. Gautam instructed me many stuff about her. My buddies have additionally instructed me many stuff about her. I don’t wanna open my mouth to avoid wasting a lady’s appreciate. She will know once I open my mouth, she received’t’ be capable of display her face to any individual. She says Shalin evidently. He has double requirements like this. He thinks I’m a very simple comfortable goal. Salman says he doesn’t also have one usual. Soundarya says he doesn’t appreciate any lady. He will get so disgusting along with his phrases. Salman says he doesn’t appreciate ladies. She says he doesn’t. She offers it to Shalin. Salman says Shalin mentioned it. You’re proper. Salman says subsequent is, I used to be considering what’s Soundarya’s involvement on this area? What’s her id? Archana’s babysitter? She says, Sreejita. Soundarya offers to Sreeijta. Soundarya says she has no id herself. Everyone wishes emotional enhance right here. Salman says Sreejita didn’t say it. Soundarya says she mentioned one thing seminar sooner than. Sreejitasays to your face I mentioned it. Salman asks do you wanna make every other bet? She says, Tina. Salman says the one who mentioned it doesn’t have emotional enhance on this area. Soundarya says, Priyanka.

Salman says, Tina. (*16*) mentioned she has damaged many homes that’s why she couldn’t calm down o her personal. She says, Sreejita. Salman says right kind. Salman says subsequent is, Tina I don’t perceive her. She is a bouncer, she seems for excuses. She has to make the issues that others are jealous of her. Suddenly she will get sour. She says Shalin. Salman says subsequent Tina, you might be caught to Stan on account of his fanbase. You used to get as regards to Abdu as neatly and flirt with Shiv calling him Shiva. She says what? You made a faux friendship with Priyanka. You make faux friendships and say faux I really like you. She says, Soundarya. Soundarya says I don’t take into accout. Salman says Nimrit. Salman says to Shalin, and he acts perplexed. He performs the sufferer card. My symbol is getting ruined on account of him. Shalin says, Tina. Salman says don’t be laborious on her. Don’t be laborious on her. Salman says Priyanka two other people had been having a dialog about you. Why doesn’t she smile within the morning? she doesn’t say just right morning. Then the following consumer mentioned she thinks too extremely of herself. She’s like that during actual existence. The First-person mentioned in someday director will kick her out if she doesn’t say just right morning. Then the following consumer mentioned she is a narcissist of subsequent stage. She says one consumer is Sajid. Y is Shalin or Nimrit. Nimrit. Sala says X is correct and Y is Soundarya. Priyanka says then babysitting used to be what she thoughts. He says Nimrit Priyanka thinks you’ll say issues. She says I will be able to about her.

Salman says Nimrit about you X mentioned when the time comes she is going to backstab you. Y mentioned who? X mentioned Nimrit. Y mentioned she may also betray Shiv. X mentioned who can prepare dinner for us? Y mentioned Sumbul. X mentioned I’m being sensible, save Sumbul. She says, Sajid and Shiv. No Sajid and Stan. Salman says Sumbul is guffawing at it. This is your symbol on this area, you handiest prepare dinner. People need to stay you right here so you’ll prepare dinner for them. Salman leaves. Sajid says you all heard what Salman mentioned. The display is successful on account of no mess. Sajid says to Nimrit do you wanna communicate? She says no I took it definitely. Archana says I received’t care if any individual works together with her or they don’t. Sajid says to Sumbul level used to be to avoid wasting you, and suppose nearly. It used to be a punch line. Sumbul says It’s not that i am even interested by it. Tina says to Sreejita, I’ve by no means mentioned such issues about you right here or out of doors. Sreejita says it had Shalin’s context. Everyone is perplexed about your movements. Tina says whose area have I damaged? You mentioned I broke again and again. Sreejita says that’s why out of doors so I didn’t take names. Tina says I’m simply harm. I’ve at all times cared for you. Shalin says I’ve at all times cared for her. Sajid says I instructed a lady 3 days in the past that Shalin is taking part in together with her. She mentioned no I’m a lady. She’s taking part in Shalin as a substitute. I mentioned no she’s blameless, she’s scared. The lady mentioned no she’s taking part in with Shalin. She understood her receive advantages. Shalin says I love her, I’ve instructed her. I instructed her I will be able to make her meet my oldsters. I received’t say it on Tv. Sajid says it’ll be again to commonplace in 2 days as a result of now she has no choice however to carry your hand. Shalin says I received’t power it. Sajid says the instances are forcing her now.

Stan says she will get grimy in fights. Shiv says I received’t even communicate to her anymore. She mentioned you suppose you are going to develop into the winner. It’s now not in any individual’s fingers. Sajid says to Tina for those who wanna communicate I’m to be had. Sreejita, I wanna communicate to you a swell. Priyank says I don’t wanna communicate to you. I received’t even smile after what you mentioned. He says I mentioned it to your face too. She says who smiles within the morning? Priyanka says you spoke about my paintings too. He says I praise you too. She says I will be able to’t smile each and every morning. Sreejita says do you dislike me Sajid ji? He says no I don’t. She says you by no means instructed me concerning the track. Sajid says to Tina now Shalin will come and make a pet canine face. Sreeijta says then she is going to fall for it. Sajid says you’re falling for it. Tina says you known as me faux. He says you wanna win. But pressure the automobile safely.

Shiv says does tina have one thing out of doors? Stan says I think adore it. Stan says she instructed me you guys are just right buddies. He says I instructed her it’s fortunate to have just right buddies, I made you a chum too. It’s the existence you’ve to price other people on time. Tina says Archana were given actually smug. Priyanka says she deliberate all this. She thinks the display isn’t gonna pass anyplace with out her. Archana cries and says I’m very delicate. I’ve achieved no errors in existence. Soundarya says you’ve achieved many errors right here. Learn out of your mistake and don’t cry. She says all of them come after me. I did the similar. Soundarya says cry after the display. She says no person spoke once they threw my garments out of doors. She says I do know you could have anger for that. You can’t take your revenge this fashion. I perceive your feelings. Archana says I received’t care even supposing this area turns into dirt. I wasn’t mistaken.

Salman welcomes everybody’s households. Gulshan (Archana’s brother) comes. He says Archana makes issues of issues which can be there. Vahida (Stan’s mother) comes. She says my son has noticed such a lot of issues. He has achieved large issues in existence. Sunita (Shalin’s mother) says other people say Shalin acts. He’s the one one that has no clear out. He’s very authentic. Madhumita (Tina’s mother) says Tina has made me very proud. She’s right here on her personal. Mr. Ahluwalia (Nimrit’s dad) says Nimrit is making her buddies play too. She helps her buddies. Iqbal (Sumbul’s dad) comes and says other people say Sumbul cries. She has a center. Ashanti (Shiv’s mother) says Shiv has received many hearts. Shiv has made me proud. Micheal (Sreejita’s fiance) says Sreejita has made me very proud. She will turn out to those that suppose she’s now not sturdy. Salman says those individuals will pass to the home however they’re going to discuss to us first. Salman welcomes them. She says Tina and Shalin’s mothers are sitting in combination right here. Have you noticed an episode in combination? They say no. Salman says are you in contact? Tina’s mother says no. he says How will it paintings then? Tina says there’s not anything to paintings on. Salman asks Shiv’s mother how is she. She says Shiv has an excellent center. Salman says Micheal congrats guy, she’s again in the home. You’re a unfastened hen now. He says I am hoping she remains there lengthy. He says we have now different language BBs we will be able to ship her there. He says I will be able to be at liberty. Everyone laughs. He says she merits to win. Salman asks Gulshan, Archana is like that during the home? He says she at all times speaks the reality. He says she speaks on this tone to you and your oldsters. Gulshan says other people get on her head. Salman says she begins. Salman says she at all times begins. Stan’s mother says he’s very delicate. She begins preventing. Tina’s mother says she begins assassinating characters. Salman says to Mr. Ahluwalia, you are saying Nimrit’s haters are purchased, other people. He says sure, trollers are purchased. Everyone truly is appreciating her recreation. Salman asks who may just purchase it. He says people who find themselves insecure. He says you’ll see paid fans. Salman says who do you suppose may just do this? He says, Priyanka. She’s very insecure about her. she’s concentrated on Nimrit from day one. Salman asks Shalin’s mother. She says Shalin has been a real good friend to her. Salman says Shalin mentioned obviously he loves her. She says all of us love our buddies. Why now not? Salman says it’s now not friendship. He asks Tina’s mother. She says it’s Tina’s mother. She remains as regards to her buddies. She falls for other people’s phrases. Shalin is mistaken right here. He speaks in the back of her again. Shalin’s mother says no he by no means does. Salman says tina additionally speaks. Tina’s mother says she speaks in his face. Salman says this used to be the subject. it’s having a look faux from Tina’s aspect. If you don’t adore it’s wonderful. Her mother says yeah don’t also be buddies with him. Come out and suppose.

Salman asks Shiv’s mother, other people say he’s the mastermind of the gang. She says he considers his good friend’s circle of relatives. He performs with center. Salman says he’s sharp. She says sure he performs neatly. Salman asks Stan’s mother, who runs the gang? She says, Sajid. He asks do you suppose Stan will have to play slightly on his personal too? She says ye s slightly. He asks what do you consider Shiv and Stan’s friendship. She says it’s just right. They’re just right buddies. Salman asks Shalin’s mother you mentioned you’re scared for Shalin. He has a risk from Stan. She says it were given an excessive amount of any guardian would get scared. Stan’s mother says he’s a kid in entrance of Shalin. He’s 21. Why would he care a couple of 21-year-old? She says now not from stan however his supporters. Salman asks Stan’s mother he assists in keeping pronouncing he needs to head with him. She says he doesn’t like too many fights. He isn’t like that. There are such a lot of other people right here. He respects ladies so much. Tina’s mother says he misbehaves with ladies himself. Tina at all times regarded as him a chum. She says we will be able to all see, Tina isn’t even actual with Shalin. Stan’s mother says he’s now not mistaken. Tina’s mother says yeah your son can by no means be mistaken. He is so proud. Stan’s mother says why would he be proud? We got here from not anything. Ahluwalia says Stan is the one who realizes his mistake first and says sorry. Salman asks Iqbal if Sumbul making an attempt. He says sure she’s taking part in higher since she were given out of Shalin and Tina’s cycle. Shalin’s mother says she used to be taking part in higher. Iqbal says no they had been portraying her mistaken. Salman says for those who all pass in, my dad must come right here and host. You will all pass within now. Salman sees them off. Salman says they’re going to all pass within and spend a while with their households.

Salman is going again into the home. he says it’s a tricky time now. Who is nominated? Sajid, Sumbul, Archana, Soundarya, Sreejita, Shalin and Tina. I will be able to inform who’s backside 4. It’s Shalin, congrats. Soundarya, Tina, and Archana. Sreejita, Sajid and Sumbul are protected. Sumbul will stay napping and win. Salman says we need to know who has been essentially the most honest within the backside 4 and who has been faux. Sajid says Archana is honest and definitely, Shalin is the fakest. Abdu says Archana is honest. She shouts and is loud however in her center, she isn’t dangerous. Shalin is pretend. Stan says, Archana. Salman says in any case the battle. He says Shalin is pretend. Sumbul says Archana is actual and Shalin is pretend. Nimrit says Archana is actual and Tina is the fakest. Shiv says Archana is actual, and Shalin is pretend. Sreejita says Soundarya is actual and Tina and Shalin are each fakes. Priyanka says Archana is actual and pretend Shalin. Tina says actual Archana and pretend Soundarya. Salman says once more faux indicators to Shalin. Soundarya says actual Archana and pretend tina. Archana says actual Soundarya and pretend Tina. Salman says so you might be faux and who’s actual? He says, sir. Salman says k faux. He says if everybody thinks I’m faux then wonderful. The actual is. Salman says don’t be laborious on tina. he says I assumed it used to be tina however now I’m perplexed. Salmans says now I will be able to let you know what’s gonna occur now. We instructed you the ground 4 to make you recognize and provide you with a truth take a look at. Whoever thinks they’re very talked-about, my fanatics would save me. Your fanatics can’t prevent after seeing your character. The manner you suppose and the fanatics suppose is other. Now I will be able to inform who will pass house from the ground 4. Some other people say that is faux but it surely’s a truth. The consumer whose adventure ends right here lately is. Tina. Archana. Shalin. Soundarya.. out of you. It’s no person. No one goes. No elimination lately. It’s a present to you Shalin. He says this week, use your thoughts. Who were given nominated? Who may just save who? Salman sees them off.

Tina says so that is how this display is. Even for those who sleep all day and you’ve got contemporary fanatics, you are going to be stored. Priyanka says Salman mentioned faux other people received’t pass ahead. You regarded perplexed. Shalin we all know. Soundarya isn’t actual both and Archana thinks about who can carry others right down to prevail. Sajid says to Archana be humble. He says you mentioned dangerous issues to everybody. You instructed Sumbul you’re going. He says to Soundarya Sreejita used to be within the most sensible 3. Soundarya says might be random order. Sajid says the place are Tina’s fanatics? Priyanka says to Abdu you don’t wanna take a seat with us? He says no why. It’s not that i am faux Shalin. Priyanka says you’re a just right guy. He dances and says Shalin likes women handiest once they get able and he presses the buzzer. Sreejita and Priyanka giggle. Priyanka says no person likes what Shalin likes. Abdu says he likes Tina, buzzer, and fakeness. He likes hen. He doesn’t like Tina.

Shalin is disillusioned. Shiv says do what your center says. He says I favored her from my center. Shiv says it’s now not having a look proper. We have one month. You can do issues another way. You can display your self with out her. We all have every other month. Shalin says thanks, bro. Shiv says don’t concern, he hugs them. Priyanka says now he’s going to say Tina used to be taking part in with me. Tina says he at all times says that. Shalin says to Sreejita I at all times took a stand for her. I by no means mentioned dangerous phrases about her. Priyanka says he’s any such faux consumer. He lies so much. Tina says he can do this. He may even make false guarantees. Shalin cries and says I’m caught. Sreejita says I perceive. Sreejita comes out. She says he’s crying. He feels caught and lonely. Priyanka says to Tina you’ll communicate to him if you’re feeling adore it. She says he would mission I’m complicated him. You have spent 90 days. You’re a 40-year-old guy and you’ll’t see I’m faking? And Sumbul used to be faux too. Priyanka says he’s essentially the most blameless. Priyanka asks do you could have emotions for him? Tina says now not all. I think dangerous as a human. Priyanka says are you able to call to mind a long term with him? She says by no means. Priyanka says then be transparent. Tina says I received’t’ communicate to him.

Episode ends

Precap-Shalin asks Tina did you ever love me? Tina says sure I did have emotions for you. I will be able to additionally say you had been the only taking part in with me. My personality is ruined, now not yours. He says why would you are saying I really like you 4 days again? Tina says we had been playing around. Shalin says what do you even imply? She says don’t be with me. My symbol is ruined.
Bigg Boss says you all ignored your households. Now they’re right here. The members of the family are available. He sees their messages. Shiv will get teary. Shalin says I really like you, mama. I pass over you. Nimrit will get teary seeing her dad.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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