Bigg Boss 16 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 5th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

Weekend ka vaar
Salman welcomes everybody. He says Archana, Soundarya, and Sumbul are nominated. Voting traces are closed. One individual will likely be evicted however with a twist. I will be able to evaluation it at on proper time. He is going inside of the home. Salman says I need to speak about an individual who jokes so much. People love their pair. Nimrit says Sajid. Salman asks Sajid you already know the place you’ve got long gone mistaken? You know the place to shaggy dog story. Sajid says I used to be mistaken in working out other folks. I took a stand for individuals who didn’t care. Salman says we aren’t seeing your mature aspect right here. Salman asks what others call to mind Sajid. Gautam says he doesn’t participate in duties. Soundarya says he may well be transfer concerned. Priyanka says he’s no longer specializing in the sport her. Salman says he’s extremely smart. But it’s no longer being observed. Ankit says he tries to unravel all of the issues, once in a while one aspect can also be mistaken too. Shiv says he will get mad however then he says sorry repeatedly. He tries to make things better so much. Gori says he doesn’t take into accounts himself and best others. Stan says he must participate in additional duties. Abdu says for me the most efficient. Shalin says he’s extremely smart. He is sticking to the comedy aspect of him right here. People are taking him with no consideration. Sumbul says he must be extra concerned. Tina says I pass over his standpoint. Nimrit says he says he doesn’t need to play the sport however he must. He apologizes so much. Salman says Sajid you get mad then you definately stay apologizing?

Sajid says I lose my mood. We all make errors. Salman says none of you believe him a contestant. If you all deal with him like a contestant he should act like one. He says Sajid if an issue dooesn’t impact you, you best unravel other folks. You say you don’t battle. You get mad when one thing involves you. Then you are expecting other folks to know you. You ask other folks why are they hanging is such a lot effort for captaincy o the duty.

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Update Credit to: Atiba


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