Bigg Boss 16 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Stan and Archana fight

Bigg Boss 16 3rd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 94
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Shalin and Tina communicate. Tina says give me shampoo. He doesn’t. Tina says some persons are so imply. Shalin appears to be like at her. Tina smiles. She says you’re this sort of liar. He says, k aunty. She says your neighbor could be an aunty.

Archana says Priyanka has such a lot of culmination she didn’t give to someone. Tina says Archana we need to make breakfast as neatly. Others need to devour as neatly. Archana says you had been busy together with your romance. She says everybody hugs right here don’t name it romance. Cheap mentality. Soundayra additionally hugs other folks. Soundarya says don’t carry me in it. Archana says what friendship is that this. Tina says you haven’t any magnificence, so reasonable. Soundarya says she will get so defensive to save lots of her deeds.

10:15 AM
Tina says they might do the rest for votes. They are so petrified of votes. Archana dies for the quantity recreation. Nimrit says Archana has messed with their thoughts. shiv says however it’s Archana’s mistake too. Sajid says it’s making her a larger megastar. Sajid says to suppose from the target market’s standpoint. Archana performs with Maheen. she says Maheen do you like me? Maheen leaves.

11:45 AM
Shalin says to Tina Archana isn’t value chatting with you. No one talks to her. She provokes other folks for no explanation why. Soundarya is wondering us truly? She used to be with (*16*) within the washroom. Everyone know what she used to be doing. Abdu and sajid play with water. Abdu says don’t be petrified of water. Come right here. Abdu appears to be like for sajid. Sajid hides.

2 PM
Priyanka says Shiv daal chawal is being made. I don’t devour it. No one asks us. we will be able to cook dinner our meals. Nimrit says there’s vegetable left from the day past. Priyanka says It’s not that i am even chatting with you. Priyanka says don’t do that for consideration. Soundarya says she’s no longer a princess right here. Nimrit says she used to be getting able when it used to be requested. Sajid says they’ve a flower and a knife in a single hand.

Shalin will get able. Bigg Boss says now you’re able come to the dwelling space. He says let’s play likelihood week once more. All non-nominated contestants have a possibility to transform captains. There will probably be horns in the home. A ball would fall. All different contestants will catch it and put the ball within the contender in their selection. If the ball touches the bottom it’ll be discarded. You have to give protection to the balls whilst nominated contestants will catch the ball. Sajid would be the umpire.

3:30 PM
Tina says to Priyanka I will be able to play for you. Sajid says contestants can make a choice each and every others’ balls no folks. The ball falls the primary time. Shalin and Tina whisper. Bigg Boss asks them if they may be able to’t participate on this spherical. Ball falls. Sreejita falls. The ball falls. Soundarya catches the ball and provides it to Abdu is going within the basket to give protection to it. Shalin catches the ball within the subsequent spherical and provides it to Priyanka. Tina says Bigg Boss you didn’t name me right into a confession room. He says Tina you whisper to Shalin. Archana says she will’t communicate in entrance of everybody. Tina says I wanna communicate to you one on one Bigg Boss. Ball falls. Soundarya choices it. Sajid throws it and says it did fall. Be truthful. The ball falls once more. Shalin catches it and provides it to Shalin. Bigg Boss says Tina you’ll’t catch? Everyone laughs. Shalin says yeah she will’t catch. Bigg Boss says to stick with the plan. Everyone laughs. The ball falls once more. Shiv will get it. He provides it to Abdu. Sajid says there will probably be a contest between Shalin and Shiv. Sumbul is attempting however no longer exhausting sufficient. The ball falls, and Shalin catches it. Sajid says he has a peak benefit.

4:15 PM
Stan says Abdu is within the basket. Sajid says Priyanka and Abdu step out. She says it’s no longer a rule. you’ll’t make your individual rule. The ball falls once more. Priyanka says I received’t step out. Sajid says I will be able to disqualify. Priyanka says how are you able to make a brand new rule. You didn’t ask Abdu. This is an excessive amount of. Priyanka says why didn’t you are saying it ahead of? Priyanka says you all the time cheat Sajid. Sajid says if someone else touches the ball I will be able to disqualify. Nimrit says who has to give protection to then? Shalin says thoughts your individual industry Nimrit. Nimrit says I wasn’t chatting with you. She says what’s incorrect with you? Ball falls. Soundarya provides it to Abdu.

4:30 PM
Sumbul catches the ball and provides it to Abdu. Priyanka says duties are all the time unfair as a result of such umpires. He says I will disqualify you. Priyanka says to do it. Don’t threaten me. Tina says everybody can see what you might be doing. Don’t threaten us. Tina says what you’re doing is incorrect. Abdu can sit down within, however Priyanka can’t. Nimrit says don’t cry for captaincy. Priyanka says don’t communicate to me. Sajid asks tina what have I carried out he says I by no means cheat. Tina says you all the time do it at your comfort. He says you’ll’t communicate to me like that. She says I will. You can’t communicate to me like that. I will be able to additionally carry my voice. She says everybody can see your greed for the sport. Sajid says I used to be being truthful. When used to be I unfair? She says you threaten to disqualify for no explanation why. Bigg Boss says this would be the ultimate ball. The process buzzer will make a decision the tip of the duty. The ball falls to the bottom. Sajid says Shiv and Shalin received’t seize. Priyanka says it doesn’t topic. Priyanka says Sajid all the time threatens us. Soundarya says forget about Tina. Buzzer blares. The process ends, and the says Id I don’t need to cheat for my captain. Abdu is the brand new captain. Priyanka congratulates Abdu.

Nimrit says you realize why she did it, Sajid. Sajid says she’s going to come and ask for forgiveness after an hour now. Sajid asks Abdu you realize who save from nomination? He says sure. Tina says to Sajid I used to be mad at you for threatening us. Sajid says they are saying It’s not that i am truthful. Tina says on one can name him out. He used to be shouting himself. You are shouting, I received’t pay attention. It’s not that i am petrified of you.

7 PM
Archana says Abdu’ washroom isn’t blank and the powder room isn’t blank both. Shuv says when did you blank it? She says I did it 3 times. Shiv says it’ll be carried out then. Shiv says you’re pointless your self. She says you’re a coward. They fight. Sreejita says will have to we are saying now she’s doing it as a result of she’s nominated? Shiv says have water. Sreejita says needs photos as a result of nominated. Archana says you’re additionally nominated. Sreejita says It’s not that i am scared such as you. you run to teams. Shalin says she loses her thoughts. Tina says the way in which you spoke to me. He says you’re loopy. She says take a look at your language. He says I will’t repair each phrase. Tina says you don’t need to. He says you’ve tousled my thoughts. He says you an say the rest and you possibly can thoughts each phrase.

Archana says Abdu it’s your accountability, it’s too grimy. Abdu says move and blank now. She says why will have to I. Shalin says to Tian you simply need an issue always. Priyanka says I’m going, to speak one on one. Shalin says it’s advantageous. Tina throws a bottle and leaves in anger. Priyanka says it used to be my bottle. Tina cries within the washroom.

7:30 PM
Nimrit says why si she growing this downside now. Shiv says sI will inform Archana now. Archana says Stan used to sleep all day. Nimrit says then communicate to Stan. Archana says Shiv you’re no longer the captain now. I will be able to communicate to the captain. Shiv says move and communicate to Stan. Are you scared? Archana says the target market doesn’t like disgusting other folks such as you Stan. Stan says get misplaced. I understand how disgusting you might be. She says he doesn’t blank, is lovers see. Stan says It’s not that i am your dad’s servant. Archana says don’t carry my dad in it, Bigg Boss is my dad. Stan says your mother would know. He says don’t act reasonable with me I will be able to too. This isn’t your mother’s space. Archana says have some disgrace. Do you’ve got a mother? Learn to admire folks’s mothers too. Stna says you stated Bigg Boss is your dad. Priyanka says to Shiv that is what I all the time stated in her language. She stoops so low. You all enabled her. Stna says you’re no longer a woman, they’re all women. You are a diffusing lady. She says you might be disgusting. You can’t admire my mother. The says I do know who to admire. Stan says don’t play those playing cards with me. Archana says see your face. He says my face is healthier than yours. She says you are going to all the time run after them. Archana shouts and abuses. Stan says see how she abuses. She stated Bigg Boss is her dad.

Shalin says to Archana why did it’s a must to poke? Stan says don’t carry my lovers in it. Sajid takes Stan to a facet. Stna says she’s telling my lovers I’m disgusting. I’ve one dad most effective. Archana says get misplaced. I will be able to educate you how you can paintings. Archana says you are going to all the time be a follower.

8 PM
Archana says I received’t cook dinner until the washroom is wiped clean. Shiv says it’s a must to do your paintings. She says you are going to see what I will do. Shiv says I’ve noticed many such as you. I understand how to carry you on-line. Archana says I received’t do the rest. Shiv says you’ll’t inform others what to do. Stan says she needs to get photos. She gets on TV with my assist. Sumbul is napping. Alarm blares. Sajid says Sumbul get up. Archana says to learn how to admire oldsters. Stan says do you admire folks’s oldsters. She says I do. She says Salman requested me to keep an eye on differently I might make you cry. He says you silly lady. She says your gf is silly. Stan says no less than I’m one dad’s son. Archana says now I will be able to inform Salman I stayed silent for you. Shiv takes Stan within. Archana asks Sajid if used to be he no longer incorrect. Soundarya says Salman requested you to be silent. Archana says di you spot what he stated? Shiv says she provokes other folks. Soundarya says finish it. Archana says I received’t paintings both now. She shouts. She says have some disgrace, Stan. He says you loopy lady. Go at the footpath. She says your trash. Archana says to Sajid I will be able to communicate to Salman. I might have damaged his face. Sajid says chill out.

Nimrit says why didn’t she get started the day past? Shiv says she has to do that drama. Archana says everybody will get after me. Shiv kicked me outdoor. They threw my garments outdoor. Nimrit says she loses her thoughts. Stan says she will by no means be anyones. Sajid says your method is incorrect. Archana says all of them get onto me. Shiv says she will get so private. Sajid says have water, chill out. She says move and devour. He says you’re mad. She says I did not anything incorrect. I’m silent as a result of Salman. He says will have to I am getting meals for you? She says I don’t need it. Sajid says chill out now. Archana says he doesn’t even admire you Bigg Boss. She says to Shalin learn how to be with fact. He says I stated you’re proper. I stated Stan is incorrect.

Sajid says Stan you went outdoor the share. Shiv says she began it herself. Why are you calling him disgusting? Don’t query other folks for no explanation why. Sajid says chill out now. Stan says she will make someone hyper. Should I am going and inform her you’re a disgusting lady? Sajid says you’re giving her photos. Stan says she stated Bigg Boss is her das. Sajid says you then stated does your mother have an affair with Sajid? Stan says you’re calling me incorrect. You’re protecting her. If she does incorrect, I received’t let move. Archana cries. Soundarya calms her down. Sajid says once more weekend ka vaar will probably be round her. Shiv says she will also get the trophy.

She says Abdu sees the bathroom as soon as. Tina says let it’s. Stna doesn’t devour. Nimrit says devour Stan. Abdu says it’s a must to devour. Archana says Abdu is taking his buddies’ aspect. He’s pronouncing meals is necessary. Soundarya says so cleansing isn’t? Stan says I will be able to take the volunteer go out. Sajid says k carried out. Nimrit says are you loopy? Tina asks Shalin do you wanna say one thing? He says I’m loopy. Tina says you all the time take out your frustration on me. He says we will be able to’t fight always. Tina says how a lot provides you with me.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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