Bigg Boss 16 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Priyanka and Archana fight

Bigg Boss 16 31st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Day 29
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the chant.

10:15 AM
Sajid asks Abdu how are you going to kill your better halves? He says I gained’t kill my better halves. Sajid says what in the event that they cheat on you? He says I can take her on romantic dates. Romantic dinner, let’s move to Burj khalifa. I can shove her from there. Sajid says what should you see your spouse with Stan? Abdu says I can kill him too. I’m really not getting married. Ankit says all his better halves are cheaters.

10:30 AM
Archana says to Soundarya I don’t know if Gautam’s love is actual. If he can let move of meals for energy, he can let move of you too. He doesn’t care about anything else. Gautam comes. Archana says I gained’t communicate to him. Soundarya says he loves you. Archana says I don’t wanna communicate to him. Gautam says it’s ok. She says Soundarya you’ll have stopped Shiv when he was once shoving you within the activity it is going out the flawed approach for you. Soundarya says I didn’t take it the flawed approach. Archana says other folks take it the flawed approach. He danced with you.

10:45 AM
Soundarya says Archana is just too possessive about me. Soundarya says Archana says such issues as a result of she’s from a village. She’s mad about Shiv too. Why he danced with me? He says see. it’s now not simply me. Soundarya says I didn’t. He did. He says you’ll be able to’t say I didn’t. You have to attract a line. She says there’s a line.

12 PM
Abdu says to Nimrit I sing for you. He says to Soundarya you don’t want make-up. You’re so stunning. She says I’m blushing. He involves Nimrit Soundarya and is lovely. She says you are attempting to make me jealous? Abdu laughs. Abdu says Tina you’re so lovely. Call me, take my quantity. Shiv says have some shave. Abdu says to Archana take my quantity and name me at evening. She laughs.

Priyanka says to Ankit now settle for I’m so gifted. He says when did I deny it? She says you discuss rockets. Abdu offers his quantity to Nimrit. Shiv says he’s giving it to everybody. Abdu says Priyanka take my quantity and name me. Ankit says truly?

1:30 PM
Tina says what’s with lunch? Gautam says she’s now not cooking. I can communicate to Bigg Boss. Tina says you’ll be able to’t be the captain? Archana can’t do what she needs. Sajid asks Abdu what in case your spouse has a pretend nostril? Abdu says I can say move house in your father and mom. Gautam says Archana needs to do drama with everybody. Archana sleeps, and an alarm blares. Gautam says this isn’t proper. She says you shouldn’t discuss it. Gautam says she isn’t doing anything else Bigg Boss.

Nimrit says I forgot my ring within the kitchen. Abdu says I can get it. Gautam says Archana is doing drama. Abdu offers Nimrit’s ring to her. She thank you him. Shalin says to Archana everyone seems to be struggling on account of you. She says I instructed already I gained’t prepare dinner. Nimrit says Sumbul seems so lovely. Abdu ignores her. Nimrit says forgive her, please. Sajid says will you stab her? Will you dance when she leaves? He says no. Sajid asks will you move to her marriage ceremony? He says sure if she invitations him. Sajid says she’s going to marry you. Abdu laughs. Sajid says forgive her. Sumbul says I’ve made a sin.

2:45 PM
Priyanka says to Archana to consume meals no less than. She says I don’t consume unfastened stuff. Soundarya says he’s going to inform tasks for the evening. She says I can prepare dinner, I gained’t pay attention to him. Gautam is mad that Soundarya is giving Archana meals. She says please behave. Don’t get mad. He says she’s abusing me and you’re going and giving her meals. She says Archana has been great to me.

3 PM
Shiv says all of them discuss Hindi Abdu however you made maximum areas in hearts. Soundarya says I introduced out of humanity. Because she at all times provides me. Shiv asks Tina what was once your primary motto to return right here? He says repute and likelihood in serials. She says how did you get it in Marathi? He says from roadies. Tina asks why do you now not like Shalin? He says Shalin helps to keep converting. He would possibly love you however he tries to be filmy to seem excellent on digital camera.

Shekhar Saman involves the home
He says Salman aroused from sleep Ankit. He says persons are observing Bigg Boss greater than cricket. There isn’t a lot distinction, other folks use their hands in each puts. But that is 14 other folks towards 1. He says Abdu watch out earlier than someone breaks your center. He says Soundarya is a cheerleader. He says this Bigg Boss is a cricket stadium. He says this Cricket has a rain of Sumbul’s tears. Shalin is operating on overacting. Abdu is in anger now. He says Soundarya and Nimrit had been punished for talking English in a Hindi display. He says Soundarya who did you keep right here for? Priyanka says, Gautam. Shekhar says Abdu English has no English like no TV units at Pakistan houses after shedding the sport. He tells them tongue twisters.

Shekhar says Ankit select this scratch card. He scratches it and says it’s Rs. 50 calling time. He says this is identical Rs. 50 devoted to Shalin’s overacting. People are ready so that you can discuss. Gautam and Soundarya are in a courting. Archana thinks it’s a lol. He says Shiv will make Bigg Boss 11 in response to those questions. He asks who’s the deserving captain. He stated Nimrit, did neatly in week 1. He asks Wicket keeper for whom most effective the sport issues. He says Archana, she will also stump Priyanka. Priyanka says she will be able to take Uturn anytime. Archana says I’m really not right here for them. Shekhar says who’s the fielder, who needs to catch each and every ball? He says Priyanka. She helps to keep diving. He asks who’s the match-fixer you’ll be able to’t accept as true with? He says one and most effective, Shalin. Shalin hugs him. Shekhar says now not Gautam? Soundarya says he doesn’t backstab. Bigg Boss says who can hit a sixer that you’ll be able to accept as true with? He says Abdu. Shekhar asks Priyanka. She says after me Shiv. He is a robust contestant. Shekhar says Archana is rolling their eyes. Archana says she’s at all times proper. She places water within the jug. She makes all of it grimy. Priyanka says that’s silly. I will be able to most effective cling the jug in a single hand. I upload little water from the jug. I stay hygenic. Everyone laughs. Priyanka says I gained’t prepare dinner for her subsequent time. She’s jealous of me. Archana says who kneads flour within the pan? She says she places her hand within the jug. Gori says Archana messes with other folks however she has an issue with other folks the usage of a jug. Priyanka claps.

Shekhar asks who’s the thirteenth participant who’s most effective there to offer water. He says Sumbul. Sumbul says I’m everybody’s goal. She doesn’t stand. She’s now not concerned. Shalin says Sumbul has an excessive amount of possible. Shekhar asks who’s a at a loss for words bowler. Shiv says Gautam. Why did he want captaincy to transparent his symbol and courting? He may just do it as a participant too. Gautam says I authorised the problem to me. Ankit says he may just end up his level as a participant too. Soundarya may just get nominated too. What then? He can be captain however she gained’t be there. What would he end up? Gautam stored converting his choice. At least stand by means of one level. Shekhar asks one participant who is completely out of shape. He says Ankit. He performs a couple of balls most effective. Ankit says I can flip the event round. Shekhar asks who helps to keep giving lectures. He says Sajid. He additionally makes you snigger. Shiv asks who’s the rounder. He says Tina, has her personal recreation zone. Everyone laughs. Shekhar asks which bowler would take the wicket. He places his personal image. He leaves.

6 PM
Priyanka and Archana fight over the jug. Priyanka says give me a smash. Archana says you attempt to act good. Priyanka says I gained’t knead with him. Archana says I can smash the jug. Nimrit says you’ll be able to’t smash Bigg Boss’s belongings. The kitchen isn’t yours. Archana stops being Gautam’s spoon. They each fight. She says move make Ankit dance, most effective he dances in your phrases. Priyanka says to stick inside of your limits. You don’t do us a choose by means of cooking for us.

5:15 PM
Gautam says you’re making a smash and I can take away her from the kitchen. Archana says to Shalin she doesn’t let someone come her approach. Shalin says she’s taking part in neatly regardless that. Archana says I’m being myself. Shalin says she is the usage of your techniques and overpowering you. Gautam says you gained’t prepare dinner Archana. She says I can, I can do what I would like. He says to prepare dinner for your self, now not this space. Archana is going and sleeps in her room. She says ok then get me my meals in my mattress.

6 PM
Soundarya says other folks have a small mentality right here Shiv. We need to be cautious. Shiv says it’s simply her. It’s now not about the place you’re from. They defame other folks. Soundarya says she began all this. shiv says her mentality is small. Shalin says her issues are saturated and (*16*) is overshadowing her. She doesn’t find it irresistible. Gautam says she’s getting over everybody’s heads. She will have to perceive her boundary.

Shalin says to Tina you stated a foul factor about me. Gautam comes there. Tina asks did I discuss anything else towards Shalin to you? Gautam says that he modifies his level? Shalin says have I ever long gone towards you, Tina? Tina says he does now not perceive. Shalin leaves in anger. Stan says Shalin is such an actor. He’s appearing like he’s in ache for his pretend courting. Shalin asks Nimrit and Sumbul if he’s ever stated anything else unhealthy about Tina. Tina says did I say? He says to stick silent. Tina says you’ll be able to’t communicate to me like that. Shalin says Gautam is a donkey. He is announcing I did. Tina says don’t name him that. Tina says yeah you’re so nice, we’re all flawed. Gori says Nimrit is attempting to speak to Gautam once more. Shiv says they’re pals. Gori says then keep pals. At least Priyanka is fair.

7:45 PM
Shalin says Gori was once selecting Stan. Soundarya says to Gori Nimrit made us all liars in entrance of them. Nimrit and Shalin shaggy dog story.

8:45 PM
Shalin involves Tina. She’s with Abdu. Tina says you’ll be able to communicate to the digital camera. Abdu sings the anthem. He laughs. Soundarya chefs. Abdu involves the storeroom. Shalin were given his rooster. Shalin says thanks Bigg Boss.

9:15 PM
Tina says Archana is cooking one thing. Gautam says what are you doing? He says this flour is for everybody. She says I prepare dinner my very own meals. Abdu sings Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Priyanka says she’s appearing just like the kitchen is hers. I gained’t take a seat silently on it. Archana comes there too. Archana says she is a gutter. Priyanka says I made the flour and everybody ate it. Only you couldn’t. Priyanka says the kitchen isn’t yours. Priyanka says you run after the one who is the captain. Nimrit says she is asking her Gautam’s supporter as a result of she requested him to switch his responsibility. Archana says it’s my kitchen. Priyanka says it’s now not.

11 PM
Abdu hugs Sajid. Sajid says we can get you married. Shiv says to Gautam? Abdu laughs. Shiv says you prefer Gautam. Abdu fights with him. Shiv runs. Abdu hits him with slippers. Abdu acts unhappy. Shiv involves him. Abdu hits him. Everyone laughs.

11:30 PM
Gautam says all of them broke issues and were given mad. I didn’t do anything else. Will your mates nominate you? Stan says I wish to see everybody’s friendship degree. Gautam says you’re other from them. Stan says they don’t let someone communicate to other folks and they move and communicate to the similar particular person. They don’t allow you to play for my part. Sumbul took Abdu’s title. Gautam says should you did they’d have misplaced it. Stan says other folks communicate to Abdu at the digital camera. Stan says Nimrit may be taking part in an overly risk recreation.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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