Bigg Boss 16 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 30th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 28
8 Am
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.
Abdu says I want breakfast. He cries. He says I want milk. Shiv says it’s all over. Everything is gone. Abdu cries. Shiv says for one captaincy seat we lost our food.

10:45 AM
Abdu asks Sajid are you okay? He says I am very angry. Gautam says Bigg Boss please I request you some people have medical reasons. Tina says he said it will come don’t cry. Tina says I told him this isn’t right to expect it would come. Gautam comes to Sajid. Sajid says Stay away from me. Gautam says I know you have medical reasons. Sajid says I don’t need your sympathy. Go from here.

11 AM
Soundarya says to Gautam you don’t react. If you react right now they will all make you look evil. Tina and Nimrit are now Shalin’s spokesperson? They’re speaking his words. Abdu takes out his chocolates. Gori says now they’re saying Sajid broke a bottle. He damaged Bigg Boss’ property.

Abdu gives everyone chocolates. He says eat it, please. Bigg Boss says congratulations Gautam. I am giving you the first grocery as the captain. You can distribute it. Sajid says our food is taken. Soundarya says I know you’re angry and you’re right. Nimrit says you even acted as if food will come anyway. You said the same to Tina. Soundarya says you weren’t there. I had a conversation with Tina. Nimrit says you have ruined my friendship. Soundarya says I always tried to get along with you. I never came between you and Gautam. Nimrit as you were getting insecure. You said I am acting like Sumbul. First, you shouldn’t have dragged Sumbul into it. Soundarya says I have fought with people here for you without even knowing your reality. Nimrit says I know my reality. Soundarya says you and Tina have some agenda today.

11:45 AM
Gautam gives Shalin 12 eggs. He says it will sort your protein. Gautam and Soundarya sort the rest of the food. Shalin says Bigg Boss Gautam gave me eggs, it’s very sweet of him. But this isn’t enough for my requirement. I would need 100 grams at least.
Nimrit says Sajid was angry, I told him to calm down. Tina says Sajid can’t control his anger either. Nimrit says Soundarya was very fake too with him. Soundarya says to Sajid don’t be upset, please. Don’t take your brunt on your health. I made this food for you. Please eat it. Soundarya says please eat this. Sajid says I have no issues with you. Nimrit says he didn’t even ask you.

Soundarya says there were 12 eggs. Gautam says I gave them to Sajid. He has a problem. If more comes I will divide. Priyanka says this isn’t fair. Sajid says to Shiv should we do a hunger strike? Shiv says Gautam played his game well. Priyanka says I can’t eat this. This isn’t fair. Think about other people too. At least think about others. Ankit says Production knows medical issues. Eggs were for us too. Priyanka says to Shalin you were saying such big things tomorrow yet you kept everyone’s eggs today? Shalin says I said I will give them back. Priyanka says to drink a protein shake if you have a problem. He says don’t tell me what to do. Priyanka says you shouldn’t have kept it. Shalin shouts talk to me with respect. Priyanka says I was talking politely. Gautam takes wrong decisions only and you kept it. You were talking so great. He sys go from here. Priyanka says I wouldn’t. Shalin says I am not greedy. He gave it to me for medical reasons. I will give it to whoever needs it. Priyanka says you’re not a prince here. Gautam says he hasn’t eaten it yet. Priyanka says you said you gave it to him because he needs protein. Are we idiots? Ankit says how will people divide it? Priyanka says to do the gym if you have such problems. Shalin shouts at Priyanka and says stay within your limit. Ankit says you stay within your limit. Shalin says mind your own business. Priyanka says I will speak. If you’re unfair I would take it.

Nimrit says couldn’t the captain show food to everyone and divide it fairly? Gautam says everyone well the food. Priyanka says I didn’t even properly? Nimrit says we don’t need food as your favor. You have gone crazy for this game. Gautam says you also left the food. Nimrit says don’t compare me with you. Priyanka says no one can stoop to Gautam’s level. Priyanka says to Shalin I won’t even talk to you the way you spoke to me. If you have a medical problem then talk to production and don’t take our food. Nimrit says to Gautam your spokesperson doesn’t even let us talk to yo. Soundarya says to manage your own identity. You can speak to him. Nimrit says you’re the only one who doesn’t have a personality. Shiv says Gautam has succeeded. Sajid says who thinks he did right? everyone raises their hands. She says your actions are different. Shalin said I won’t take food from him and then he kept everyone’s food?

1:30 PM
Gautam says we can speak after breakfast. Shiv says everyone has a valid point. Shiv says if people let go of groceries now for themselves then no one can question from now on. Shalin says I knew Shiv would play on it. Shiv says to Shalin you showed your fake personality.

2:30 PM
Tina says I can’t mess like how Priyanka stoops low. Shalin says she’s a girl so I couldn’t cross my limit. Tina says but she did. Ankit says to Sajid don’t ruin your health. Sajid says I don’t want this man as a captain. Shiv and I won’t eat. They can be the captain. Shalin is exposed. I will only eat when he is removed. Shiv says I won’t eat either.

3:15 PM
Soundarya makes lunch. Abdu and Stan sleep. Abdu makes faces.

4:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks Shalin are you real Shalin or the actor who wins awards? This is everyone’s question. Everyone thinks you only act. Your friendship with Sumbul also looked fake. Everyone was mad at Gautam’s decision. Everyone was happy when he got evicted but you went and hugged him. Nimrit says Sajid and Archana’s reaction was honest. Shalin’s reaction looked fake. Tina says I told him the same it didn’t loo right. Shiv says Shalin wants to act perfect, but that’s too fake. Priyanka says at least Archana and Sajid was honest. Shalin was fake. Gautam says even I was shocked. He didn’t look honest. Bigg Boss says did you hear Shalin? EVen Gautam thought you were fake. This is a reality show, not acting. All you care here about is your chicken, right? It’s in front of you. You can stop your acting audition now, and take your food selfishly in the house. I hope you and Gautam will stop begging for your chicken on every camera now. Shalin says can I say something? Bigg Boss says no. Let this reality show me real. We know everyone’s condition and criticality very well. Shalin says thank you. I would need two meals. Bigg Boss says I just told you we know our responsibility. Thanks for reminding me. Shiv sings the world knows what’s in your heart.

5 PM
Archana says what does he get? Shiv says so he looks like a hero. Archana says I tried for one day then I hadv to be myself. Gautam says Sajid isn’t eating. I can’t force him to eat. Abdu says fake people come to front. Stan says all he cares about is his chicken. Tina asks are you okay? He says it was my choice. I had to hug it. This is who I am. Shiv says he was even asking for more.

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