Bigg Boss 16 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 30th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Day 28
8 Am
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.
Abdu says I need breakfast. He cries. He says I need milk. Shiv says it’s everywhere. Everything is long gone. Abdu cries. Shiv says for one captaincy seat we misplaced our meals.

10:45 AM
Abdu asks Sajid are you ok? He says I’m very offended. Gautam says Bigg Boss please I request you some other folks have clinical causes. Tina says he stated it is going to come don’t cry. Tina says I advised him this isn’t proper to be expecting it might come. Gautam involves Sajid. Sajid says Stay clear of me. Gautam says I do know you’ve got clinical causes. Sajid says I don’t want your sympathy. Go from right here.

11 AM
Soundarya says to Gautam you don’t react. If you react at the moment they are going to all make you glance evil. Tina and Nimrit at the moment are Shalin’s spokesperson? They’re talking his phrases. Abdu takes out his goodies. Gori says now they’re announcing Sajid broke a bottle. He broken Bigg Boss’ belongings.

Abdu provides everybody goodies. He says consume it, please. Bigg Boss says congratulations Gautam. I’m providing you with the primary grocery because the captain. You can distribute it. Sajid says our meals is taken. Soundarya says I do know you’re offended and also you’re proper. Nimrit says you even acted as though meals will come anyway. You stated the similar to Tina. Soundarya says you weren’t there. I had a dialog with Tina. Nimrit says you’ve got ruined my friendship. Soundarya says I at all times attempted to get in conjunction with you. I by no means got here between you and Gautam. Nimrit as you had been getting insecure. You stated I’m appearing like Sumbul. First, you shouldn’t have dragged Sumbul into it. Soundarya says I’ve fought with other folks right here for you with out even realizing your fact. Nimrit says I do know my fact. Soundarya says you and Tina have some schedule lately.

11:45 AM
Gautam provides Shalin 12 eggs. He says it is going to kind your protein. Gautam and Soundarya kind the remainder of the meals. Shalin says Bigg Boss Gautam gave me eggs, it’s very candy of him. But this isn’t sufficient for my requirement. I would want 100 grams no less than.
Nimrit says Sajid was once offended, I advised him to relax. Tina says Sajid can’t keep an eye on his anger both. Nimrit says Soundarya was once very pretend too with him. Soundarya says to Sajid don’t be disenchanted, please. Don’t take your brunt for your well being. I made this meals for you. Please consume it. Soundarya says please consume this. Sajid says I don’t have any problems with you. Nimrit says he didn’t even ask you.

Soundarya says there have been 12 eggs. Gautam says I gave them to Sajid. He has an issue. If extra comes I will be able to divide. Priyanka says this isn’t truthful. Sajid says to Shiv must we do a starvation strike? Shiv says Gautam performed his recreation neatly. Priyanka says I will be able to’t consume this. This isn’t truthful. Think about people too. At least take into accounts others. Ankit says Production is aware of clinical problems. Eggs had been for us too. Priyanka says to Shalin you had been announcing such giant issues the following day but you stored everybody’s eggs lately? Shalin says I stated I will be able to give them again. Priyanka says to drink a protein shake when you’ve got an issue. He says don’t inform me what to do. Priyanka says you shouldn’t have stored it. Shalin shouts communicate to me with recognize. Priyanka says I used to be speaking courteously. Gautam takes incorrect selections handiest and also you stored it. You had been speaking so nice. He sys cross from right here. Priyanka says I wouldn’t. Shalin says It’s not that i am grasping. He gave it to me for clinical causes. I will be able to give it to whoever wishes it. Priyanka says you’re now not a prince right here. Gautam says he hasn’t eaten it but. Priyanka says you stated you gave it to him as a result of he wishes protein. Are we idiots? Ankit says how will other folks divide it? Priyanka says to do the fitness center when you’ve got such issues. Shalin shouts at Priyanka and says keep inside of your prohibit. Ankit says you keep inside of your prohibit. Shalin says thoughts your personal industry. Priyanka says I will be able to discuss. If you’re unfair I’d take it.

Nimrit says couldn’t the captain display meals to everybody and divide it rather? Gautam says everybody neatly the meals. Priyanka says I didn’t even correctly? Nimrit says we don’t want meals as your want. You have long gone loopy for this recreation. Gautam says you additionally left the meals. Nimrit says don’t examine me with you. Priyanka says no person can slump to Gautam’s stage. Priyanka says to Shalin I received’t even communicate to you the way in which you spoke to me. If you’ve got a clinical downside then communicate to manufacturing and don’t take our meals. Nimrit says to Gautam your spokesperson doesn’t even allow us to communicate to yo. Soundarya says to control your personal identification. You can discuss to him. Nimrit says you’re the one person who doesn’t have a character. Shiv says Gautam has succeeded. Sajid says who thinks he did proper? everybody raises their fingers. She says your movements are other. Shalin stated I received’t take meals from him after which he stored everybody’s meals?

1:30 PM
Gautam says we will discuss after breakfast. Shiv says everybody has a legitimate level. Shiv says if other folks let cross of groceries now for themselves then no person can query any further. Shalin says I knew Shiv would play on it. Shiv says to Shalin you confirmed your pretend character.

2:30 PM
Tina says I will be able to’t mess like how Priyanka stoops low. Shalin says she’s a lady so I couldn’t pass my prohibit. Tina says however she did. Ankit says to Sajid don’t destroy your well being. Sajid says I don’t need this guy as a captain. Shiv and I received’t consume. They can also be the captain. Shalin is uncovered. I will be able to handiest consume when he’s got rid of. Shiv says I received’t consume both.

3:15 PM
Soundarya makes lunch. Abdu and Stan sleep. Abdu makes faces.

4:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks Shalin are you actual Shalin or the actor who wins awards? This is everybody’s query. Everyone thinks you handiest act. Your friendship with Sumbul additionally regarded pretend. Everyone was once mad at Gautam’s resolution. Everyone was once satisfied when he were given evicted however you went and hugged him. Nimrit says Sajid and Archana’s response was once truthful. Shalin’s response regarded pretend. Tina says I advised him the similar it didn’t bathroom toilet proper. Shiv says Shalin desires to behave easiest, however that’s too pretend. Priyanka says no less than Archana and Sajid was once truthful. Shalin was once pretend. Gautam says even I used to be stunned. He didn’t glance truthful. Bigg Boss says did you pay attention Shalin? EVen Gautam concept you had been pretend. This is a fact display, now not appearing. All you care right here about is your rooster, proper? It’s in entrance of you. You can prevent your appearing audition now, and take your meals selfishly in the home. I’m hoping you and Gautam will prevent begging in your rooster on each digicam now. Shalin says can I say one thing? Bigg Boss says no. Let this fact display me actual. We know everybody’s situation and criticality really well. Shalin says thanks. I would want two foods. Bigg Boss says I simply advised you we all know our duty. (*16*) for reminding me. Shiv sings the arena is aware of what’s to your center.

5 PM
Archana says what does he get? Shiv says so he seems like a hero. Archana says I attempted for in the future then I hadv to be myself. Gautam says Sajid isn’t consuming. I will be able to’t power him to consume. Abdu says pretend other folks come to entrance. Stan says all he cares about is his rooster. Tina asks are you ok? He says it was once my selection. I needed to hug it. This is who I’m. Shiv says he was once even soliciting for extra.

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