Bigg Boss 16 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Tina and Shalin become talk of the house

Bigg Boss 16 2nd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimrit says it used to be Stan’s second, Shalin and Tina had been seeking to grab it. Sajid says at some point you’re the worst individual and then I like you. Nimrit says her observe is over. Archana says they did the whole thing in entrance of the public. Soundarya says Tina simply stated I hate him. Sajid comes. Archana says what used to be this sir. Soundarya says she burned his photograph. Archana says the sort of drama. Archana says the target market can see. They don’t have any disgrace. Soundarya asks if her oldsters don’t seem to be observing. Nimrit says Shiv has a brand new perfect pal. Priyanka. He used to be dancing together with her. He hugs her and says by no means.

1 AM
Shalin hugs Priyanka and says a contented new yr. Priyanka hugs tina. Sajid says Shalin is the sort of faux guy. Priyanka all the time stated that. Shiv says it’s too faux. Stan says they’re ruining love’s title. Sajid says they’re each actors. (*16*) says that’s why my dad known as them snakes.

1:15 AM
Archana says they’ve made me evil. I used to be by no means like this. She laughs. Archana says glad new yr Bigg Boss. I’ve named your Bugoy now. I gained’t whinge to you anymore. Archana says the target market used to be giggling at Shalin and Tina. Soundarya says it used to be all faux. Tina says the celebration shouldn’t have came about. We come just about it. I used to be doing high quality. Shalin says you’re all the time impolite. She says you by no means even express regret to me. He says for what? Shalin says sorry for the whole thing. Archana and Soundarya peek into their room. Archana says Zuzu will kill him. Soundarya says deficient Zuzu. They make amusing of them. Archana, I will be able to’t are living with out you, Shah… Soundarya says you flirt with Shiv and Stan however we can get consideration this fashion. Nimrit says she stated he will get abusive and competitive and I wanna stand and set an instance and see what’s she doing now. She’s burning her personal symbol. Archana says Soundarya you additionally don’t do again to Gautam. Nimrit says it used to be higher for you that he left. Archana says you’re enjoying by yourself now.

day 93
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Abdy hugs Shalin and Tina and needs them a contented new yr. Abdu says you two all the time hug now. Tina says it used to be for the new yr simplest. Abdu says you two are loopy. Sajid says Priyanka is enjoying all of them. Archana says they are going to get intimate in entrance of their in-laws.

9:45 AM
Tina says Nimrit is pronouncing Sreejita reduce the onions and left them right here. Priyanka says individuals are turning into inspectors now. Ask Sreejita immediately. Tina says yeah don’t wake us up. Tina says don’t come and mess with me now. Nirmit says don’t get firey. Tina says she simply aroused from sleep after the weekend. Nimrit says no less than I don’t make faux relationships such as you. Tina says yeah we all know your faux pals and don’t act like Archana 2. Tina says to Shiv why is she chatting with me. Shiv says I will be able to’t prevent other folks from chatting with others.

10:30 AM
Sajid says to Archana Priyanka left her dish on the desk. Ask her, are you scared of her? Shalin sus it used to be mine. I’ve wiped clean it. Archana says I gained’t give them any photos now. Shalin says they are going to all attempt to contain. Nimrit is so unfavourable, she’s forcing her involvement. Tina says we can forget about them. Nimrit tells Sreejita how Shalin left the meals and used to be silent when there used to be a struggle. Priyanka says to Shalin and Tina be able to be in combination when you each like each and every different. Learn from each and every different. Sreejita tells Tina Nimrit advised me you place blame on me. Tina says she’s mendacity. Priyanka says she got here to you on my own to impress you.

11:45 AM
(*16*) asks Abdu and Shiv what are you each doing. Abdu says he’s speaking grimy. They snigger. Abdu says I’m high quality. Abdu says my garments are quick. Shiv says to drag the tracks down like Stan. He laughs.

Shalin says to Tina you imply so much to me. Tina says if I topic to you it will have to be unique. He says I can check out. (*16*) brings Maheen within. Tina performs together with her. Sajid asks (*16*) why did you pass there. She says it used to be Maheen. Soundarya says Sreejita will get loopy over the nomination.

2:30 PM
Archana and Shiv are in the confession room. Bigg Boss asks how used to be the match. Archana says it used to be amusing. I didn’t perceive maximum of it. Bigg Boss says used to be there the rest other? Shiv says he’s speaking about Shalin and Tina. Archana says w had been surprised. Shiv says their love aroused from sleep instantly in entrance of the crowd. Archana says nobody gave them consideration. Tina did this for consideration. It’s time for the proposal. He will do this drama now. Bigg Boss asks what’s the fact. Shiv says they’re each fakes. Archana says she is going to suggest in the subsequent two days. Bigg Boss says it’s all pre-planned? Archana says that they had mutual plans. They wrote this whole tale. Shiv says Tina has a boyfriend outdoor. Archana says she should have advised him it’s a plot. Shiv says everybody noticed they hated each and every different and then unexpectedly all the love.

3:15 PM
Stan says Bigg Boss used to be asking what had been they doing. Soundarya says why they name each and every different pals. Nimrit says they weren’t even speaking ahead of the match. They come shut like Shalin and Tina. Stan says what type of pals are they. Sajid says you want to get intimate in the room.

Bigg Boss calls everybody in the lawn. Everyone sits in homes of their names and Shiv in a tumbler room. He says you’re dwelling your adventure right here. He says this week is on your likelihood and good fortune. Today is nominations day. You are in the house of your title. There shall be load-shedding. Only 4 homes could have the gentle. The homes with out gentle, in the finish, shall be nominated. He asks Shiv to inform his 7 names first. He says Tina, she’s no longer concerned. He takes out her fuse. He says the 2nd is Shalin, he isn’t actual to me. he says the 3rd is Priyanka, she’s very robust so her. Next is Archana, she’s additionally robust. He says Soundarya is subsequent, she seems like Archana’s supporter. Soundarya says I’ve my very own sport however I improve my pal. Like you do. He says my subsequent title is Sreejita. She provokes issues. Archana says this shall be amusing. Priyanka says get able pals. He says my subsequent title is (*16*). Sajid says take my title. He says no sir. Shiv says her good fortune would paintings. Bigg Boss says that’s no longer a reason why. He says she has to take her stand. Archana says (*16*) is there to cook dinner simplest. Bigg Boss says you’re all at risk and you’ve got an opportunity to save lots of your self.

Shiv will spin a wheel. The individual whose title comes on the board will become an officer of the electrical energy place of work. You will reduce the gentle of a house that has a mild and give it to a dismal house. You can save one and nominate every other one. After 4 rounds, homes that experience gentle shall be stored. Archana laughs.

4:45 AM
Nimrit’s title comes on the board. Nimrit offers gentle to (*16*) and takes from Sajid. She says (*16*) will have to get every other likelihood. Bigg Boss says she’s more potent than Sajid Nirmit says no sir however she will have to be given an opportunity. Priyanka says what number of extra possibilities. Bigg Boss says this used to be Sajid’s resolution. Sajid says I’ve religion in my target market. Bigg Boss says an no longer in (*16*)’s enthusiasts? he says she’s like my daughter. I can make her the finalist. Priyanka says yeah high quality.

Shiv spins subsequent. It stops on Sreejita. Sreejita says cuts (*16*)’s energy and offers Priyanka gentle. She says (*16*) has no challenge right here and Priyanka has the will to win. (*16*) says you get private. Priyanka says they are going to stay doing faux friendships. (*16*) says we’re no longer chatting with you. Priyanka says she’s my pal. Shiv spins the wheel once more. It stops on Shalin. Bigg Boss says who will you save? Archana says Tina is protected. He saves Tina and cuts Nimrit’s gentle. He says Tina is powerful with out shouting. Nirmit isn’t concerned in any respect. (*16*) says Tina has such a lot involvement. Bigg Boss says your friendship stored you, Tina. Tina says no less than we’re constant. Shiv spins once more. It stops on Abdu. He says I don’t know. He says I need off Tina’s gentle and saves Nimrit. Their friendship is pretend. Bigg Boss says Nimrit, Priyanka, Abdu, and Stan are protected. Bigg Boss says Shalin’s effort wasn’t actual possibly.

Bigg Boss says Tina, Shalin, Soundarya, Archana, Sreejita, and (*16*) are nominated. Archana is gloomy. Shalin hugs Tina and says I attempted. Priyanka says it used to be so truthful. Bigg Boss says I’m teary Priyanka. You’re protected so it’s truthful? Sreejita says it used to be amusing.

6:45 PM
Said says I’m so scared I’m nominated. Sajid says you stated I am getting scared. Sreejita says I by no means stated it. He says Soundarya tells her. Sreejit says I simply stated it impacts him. Sajid says if it did why would I let pass of my captaincy? Sreejita says you blame after you’re nominated. He says I don’t care. Sreejita says Soundarya you galvanize other folks. Soundarya says you stated it no longer me. You’re no longer too vital. Sreejita says I’m vital. Don’t shout. Sajid says she stated I am getting scared. Sreejit says I by no means stated it. Sajid says I didn’t take Ankit’s title that’s my friendship. Even Priyanka took time. Priyanka says don’t examine it with mine. It has not anything to do with nowadays.

Soundarya says Sreejita desires consideration now. Sajid says Shalin stated Tina is extra concerned than Nimrit. (*16*) says extra concerned with Shalin. Sajid says Priyanka hates me as a result of Ankit advised me so much of issues. Nimrit says I do know.

7 PM
Bigg Boss asks Priyanka did you prefer the match? She says sure so much. He asks used to be one thing abnormal. She says Shalin and Tinam. They had been preventing and unexpectedly they had been so shut. I don’t get it. Bigg Boss says so it’s faux? She says I assumed Tina fakes it however Shalin is an excessively at a loss for words individual. They’re very other other folks. There aren’t any authentic relationships. Bigg Boss says we simply don’t need you to become Nimrit in Gautam andSoundarya. Would Shalin prevent over her? She says no he would save Tina however that’s transparent. It’s acceptance. I were given the level. He says no less than your animosity is actual. Archana stated her friendship with you used to be actual. Are Tina and Shalin actual? She says no. Bigg Boss says don’t let your pal take them to the most sensible 2 and you get left at the back of.

Tina says Bigg Boss please name me right into a confession room. I wish to talk to you. Abdu says she assists in keeping chatting with Bigg Boss. Shiv says she thinks she’s vital.

8 PM
Bigg Boss calls Sajid and Abdu right into a confession room. He asks how the match. Sajid says it used to be great however Tina and Shalin faked an excessive amount of. Abdu says fascinated by nomination. Sajid says they weren’t even speaking to one another. Abdu says it used to be fascinated by the digicam. Sajid says they’re even pals. Abdu says they’re at a loss for words. They struggle and then come shut. It’s for the digicam and state of affairs. Bigg Boss asks is that this screenplay? Sajid says it’s no longer even enjoying.

Tina says Shiv stand in your foot. You have a whole crowd. He says Sajid and I’ve a unique bond. Bigg Boss Abdu who does he wish to be eradicated? He says Shain, acts so much. He thinks it’s a film. Overacting 24/7? He acts like Shalin.

8:30 PM
Nimrit and Stan come to the confession room. Bigg Boss says who used to be stealing Stan’s gentle? Nimrit says Shalin and Tina. It’s all faux. Stna says they’re ruining the title of love. Nirmti says this dating is pretend. Bigg Boss says is Priyanka’s 3rd wheel between them.> She says she has nobody else to talk to. Bigg Boss asks Stan if he can write a track on them? She says it will be a complicated track. I believe unhealthy for tina. She’s doing this for paintings. She’s proving her performing right here.

8:45 PM
Archana workout routines in a swimsuit and dupatta. Tina says it will tear. She says I wanna get started the new yr with paintings. Shalin says all that she does for consideration. Stan says my pal stated to ship Shalin house. (*16*) says Stan has given his center. He says I stated she seems just right in make-up however I don’t like her in any respect. Abdu says to Sreejita wild card you’re going. She says it’s very imply. He says I can pass over you. She says I’m right here, don’t pass over me. Abdu says don’t talk garbage. Nimrit says it wasn’t k. Sajid performs with Abdu.

9:45 PM
Archana asks Shalin I were given at a loss for words. How did you come back so shut? No one stated I like you. What used to be that? You had been so shut. Soundarya says are you in love? Shalin says we’re pals. Archana says so we do that with Shiv? he says you all additionally sleep with each and every different. Soundarya says that’s the sort of unsuitable instance. Shalin says all pals are other. Archana says Tina is doing this for the plot. Shalin says she’s no longer faking. She’s right here on her personal. Soundarya could also be the usage of you to stick right here. Archana says she’s on her personal. Shalin says so is Tina.

10 PM
Shalin tells tina. Soundarya says to Nimrit he stated you and Archana additionally sleep in a single mattress. Should I query? Nimrit says he stoops so low. He’s the maximum at a loss for words individual. he doesn’t know what I say and I don’t. Tina says Shalin that is the model of you that I really like. Nimrit says to Archana he’s messed in the hand. Nimrit says they are going to even suggest for the sport. Archana says gained’t his son see all this? Nimrit says don’t droop on his stage.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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