Bigg Boss 16 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Abdu comes back

Bigg Boss 16 25th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 83
12:30 AM
Priyanka cries hugging Ankit. He says it’s ok. She says they may do a nomination. This isn’t truthful She cries. Ankit says to be sturdy. She says I’m sturdy however no, please. She cries. Stan says Nimrit doesn’t act diplomatically. She says how would we glance outdoor? Sajid comes. Priyanka says please one minute I don’t need someone right here. He says it’s about 7 weeks. Tina fights with Sajid. He says I believed closing 24 hours. Tina says normal 24 hours. Priyanka cries. Ankit says don’t do that. Tina says we had been energetic. Sajid says be happy to appoint me. Priyanka cries and sobs. Shalin provides her water. She says It’s not that i am ready. Ankit says it’s only a recreation. It’s advantageous. Priyanka cries. Shalin provides her a coat. Tina comes as neatly. He says to have water. Archana says everybody sought after him to head then why name me heartless? Shiv and Nimrit sought after her to head. We sought after her to play on her personal. Tina says to put on the jacket. Archana says disgrace on us that he stayed right here for 12 weeks. Soundarya says we did all of it on our personal.

Ankit hugs Priyanka and says be sturdy. He says it’s their determination. It’s advantageous. Archana dances outdoor. Archana sings unhappy songs outdoor. Priyanka makes a want on Ankit’s eyelashes. Bigg Boss asks what did you would like? She says forestall him. He says Ankit pop out. Sajid says it’s a question of weeks. Bigg Boss says is he no longer seeing Priyanka within the finale. Priyanka laughs. Archana says she wasn’t herself. She loves him. He loves it too. People lose their minds in love. She might be sturdy. Shiv says it’s a recreation. Don’t be so heartless. Stan says you’re doing an excessive amount of. Archana says you had been additionally dancing once I went. You danced. Shiv says I by no means did anything else like that. Sajid says do you cross to funerals and dance? You can’t be so inhumane.

12:45 AM
Archana says it’s going to be Priyanka’s first day right here the next day to come. Her recreation would get started now. Ankit provides his bracelet to Priyanka. He says don’t get emotional. She says ok take it back. Ankit says I used to be announcing why do you wanna stay my recollections? She says what else would I stay? Ankit says don’t get emotional. It’s a recreation. Priyanka says you harm me. He hugs her and says you’re overreacting. Vikas hugs Ankit. He says maintain Priyanka. Priyanka hugs him. She says cross. He says this isn’t a spot to be emotional. He says don’t cry. She says best you’ll make me cry. He says play your recreation. This is the very first thing you’re doing for your self. You need to win.

1 AM
Sajid hugs Ankit. He meets everybody. Archana says we need to do formalities. Ankit hugs her too. Priyanka hugs him. The gate isn’t open. Priyanka says you’re in this sort of hurry. Have a laugh. Ankit says don’t trouble her an excessive amount of. The gate opens. Ankit says bye to everybody. He leaves. Priyanka says take care. I received’t come back speedy. Shiv hugs Sajid. Tina asks Priyanka are you ok? Shalin and Tina hug her. Shiv hugs her too. Stan says see Shiv. Nimirt says do you’ve any loyalty? 30 seconds since he left. Shalin says, Ankit bye.. He hugs Priyanka. Priyanka laughs. Sreejita says Priyanka Archana needs to hug you. Priyanka says she’s satisfied. Archana says I freed you. Priyanka says I didn’t want you to. I used to be loose. Archana hugs her.

1:30 AM
Priyanka says she was once announcing I freed her. Tina says whoever will get nominated dances. She was once dancing these days. She has no humanity. I want we had been pals previous. Shalin says nobody can tie him. Soundarya says she should come back to us. Tina says I’m suffering from Ankit going. Sreejita says to Archana do you wanna be pals along with her once more? She says I can see.

Nimrit says who’re we to come to a decision who would cross? Shiv and Stan snigger. Vikas says to Priyanka the instant Ankit left Sajid mentioned let’s nominate someone else. Priyanka says It’s not that i am scared. Tina says they’ve Sumbul and Stna too however they offer protection to them. Sreejita says Pruaynka took Vikas’s identify. She couldn’t take Shalin’s identify. Soundarya says she is going to see how faux Shalin is.

Day 83
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Archana fights and says I received’t blank the washroom. Sreejita says make Vikas do it. Vikas says she will be able to’t make me do anything else. You fox. Sreejita says nobody is frightened of you. Sreejita says you mud particle nobody can time for you. He says to be authentic. She says cross and do your push-ups. Shalin says to Priyanka I’ve given my 100%. She by no means valued me. don’t inform her. It’s between me and also you. Stan says I wrote a track for Boba, the place are you. He raps for Vikas and Tina.

3 PM
Stan says I’m leaping outdoor. Kick me out, please. Tina says Shalin was once so impolite to me. He abused me and charged at me. Tina says then he assists in keeping announcing sorry and it turns into difficult. I will’t sit down by myself all day. I don’t understand how to act. I’m caught. I simply wish to be cordial. He’s very manipulative. He performs the sufferer card.

5:15 PM
Archana says I used to be a man within the closing existence. I used to are living within the village. My pal didn’t like me. He made me an alcoholic. I were given inebriated and couldn’t cross to my bride at my marriage ceremony. I were given a curse, that’s why I didn’t to find love on this existence. Soundarya says ok. Sajid says to Tina you panic too speedy. You need other folks to love you. She says sure. You’re candy and then you definitely get very impolite too. You get nominated and also you combat after that. You went to Stan to speak. Tina says It’s not that i am frightened of nomination. He says everyone knows. Sajid says other folks know you as Tina Dutta. People assume you’re a mastermind and also you’re no longer.

8:45 PM
Sumbul says Tina says is announcing Ankit’s rooster is hers. Sajid says inform her we will be able to take what we would like. Sumbul says Shalin could also be saving her rooster.

12:15 AM
Shalin says they’re taking the rooster. Tina says we didn’t get the rooster. Sajid says take shape right here. She says I will’t take it from the plate. It’s so unfair. Priyanka says they’re bullying at this level. Nimrit says did Ankit devote his rooster to her? Sajid comes and says I believe unhealthy. It’s no longer my fault. She says there’s no resolution. Sreejita says Shalin take it. Tina says what will have to I devour.

1:30 AM
Sajid says Sumbul sit down with us. For Fahmaan. Do you’ve his T-shirt? She says sure. Sajid says do you like her?? She says sure as a pal. Sajid says so is he like a large brother? She says you’ll say that. She says I even have my dad’s t-shirt. She says he got here as my brother when Sania was once admitted. Sajid laughs.

Day 85
9:45 AM
Soundarya says when will we now have breakfast? Tina says It’s not that i am neatly. My back is hurting. She asks everybody to prepare dinner their breakfast. Archana says are we loopy? Soundarya says don’t do that. Shalin hugs Tina. She says thanks. Sajid says who will I communicate to about this? Ankit had wisdom. Priyanka says sure. He loves films. Sajid says he’s supposed for giant issues. Priyanka says I’ve a special regimen right here now.

11 AM
Soundarya says Shalin will get so mad at me. He will get advanced. He displays how his upbringing is. Archana says he threatened me. Soundarya says he threatened me as neatly. I can inform him who I’m. I can reveal him. Archana says he’s a liar. Soundarya says he couldn’t determine in 18 hours. He’s performed not anything. We don’t even know you. Archana says precisely. Soundarya says he’s a fraud.

Shalin says I will’t learn rice. Shalin asks Sumbul if she will be able to make roti and rice. She says ok. Nirmit says to let her communicate to him if she needs. Sajid says yeah advantageous. Sajid says to Sumbul love is blind. Saajid says she doesn’t understand how to consider other folks. She’s idiotic. I used to be like this when I used to be 20. Sumbul leaves. Stan says let her do what she needs..

(*16*) comes for the Christmas display. He says I’m at a loss for words like Shalin. He says merry Christmas. You had all of the battles right here. He says let’s learn the cardboard for you. This card of a desi woman is for Shiv. He reads the poem. He asks Nimrit which contest reminds you of who out of your circle of relatives? He asks chalak bhabhi. She says, Priyanka. Priyanka says I don’t wish to goal you., He asks who’s an undesirable cousin. She says Shalin. He asks who’s the irritating neighbor. She says, Archana. Archana says I will’t keep an eye on. He says the following card is rainy, it’s Sumbul. So many tears. He says the following card is for Stan. Please ask your fanatics to not kidnap me. Sunny despatched this for you. Shalin that is 2.5KG MC Stan. He can flip you into jewellery. He says the following card is for Archana from a person who loves Archana’s voice. He says the cardboard is for Priyanka from Ankit. The track channa mereya performs. Priyanka will get teary. He says to cheer up. He says the following card is for Shalin. Never run after a bus, teach, and a lady. He sings the rooster track for him. He says I can meet you all subsequent 12 months. Make essentially the most of it. I like you. He leaves.

6:15 PM
Vikas acts how Shalin walks He says I don’t stroll like that. Nimmrit says he’s burned like Priyanka. Tina says Shiv is attempting to behave good and develop into pals with Archana. Priyanka says It’s not that i am even concentrated on them. Tina says he needs to. Shiv says he’s going to you’ll want to’re nominated each week. Vikas tells Archana Shiv hit a man in Bigg Boss Marathi however he forgave him. Archana says he didn’t forgive me. How can he be so imply? Vikas says once I requested him have you ever by no means hit someone? He remains silent. He says Shiv provokes you purposefully. He and Sajid plan the whole thing. Archana says don’t connect my identify to him. He’s no longer my pal.

Soundarya says shiv were given the lady these days. Archana. Vikas says he makes use of your phrases towards you. He’s very artful. Archana says I can discuss it. Vikas says I can stand with you. Archana says they’re the usage of me. He says to get your vote.

Archana says Shiv and I will be pals however by no means be very best pals or boyfriends. Soundarya says Sajid by no means mentioned that. Vikas tells Priyanka and Tina he instructed Archana in regards to the display when Shiv hit t a man. Soundarya says why is he telling this to you presently? She says for a truth take a look at.

8 Pm
Archana asks Shiv you bit and hit a man in Marathi Bigg Boss? he says I held his neck in a role. He throttled me and I needed to chunk. Bigg Boss requested us each. Archana says Bigg Boss gave him a possibility and he forgave you. You did the other in my scenario. Bigg Boss says you don’t wish to justify that Shiv. Come to the lounge. Bigg Boss says other folks be expecting so much from wild playing cards. Our wild playing cards live off of an previous display. He asks Vikas who was once nominated by means of Shiv’s Marathi boss. Why did Shivani cross? He says I didn’t watch that. Bigg Boss asks why did Shiv slap Abhijeet? He says I don’t know. Bigg Boss says it didn’t occur. He says my goal isn’t Shiv. He says Archana you were given it now? He didn’t watch the display and he’s telling you issues off part wisdom. Archana says you’re proper. Bigg Boss says you’re all right here. Not in previous. Archana sats sure I’m performed. Vikas says I’ve no longer damaged any rule however I needed to take off his masks. Sajid says to Archana don’t let other folks use you. Shiv is a pleasant woman. Archana says it was once part knowledge. Vikas says his masks will fall off. Shiv says he can’t digest. He’s making an attempt one thing but it surely isn’t running.

Vikas says I don’t care what they factor. Sreejita says he referred to as Shalin a slave and now he’s their pal. Vikas says it’s one thing that took place. Priyanka says but it surely’s previous. Sajid says I understand how to learn other folks. I understand how Shiv is.

8:30 PM
Archana says they believe I am getting fooled. I concentrate to other folks and do what I need.

9 PM
Chota bhaijan performs. Everyone rushes to the door. Abdu walks in. Nimrit and Shiv hug Abdu. He hugs Shiv and says I ignored you, my brother. Everyone welcomes him back. He asks the place is Ankit? Shalin says he’s long past. Abdu says what no. I can omit him. Abdu hugs Shiv and says you’re the most efficient. Is scorching, and it was once a laugh. He hugs Archana. He says I ignored you. Sreejita says you’ve gotten warmer. Soundarya says we ignored you. Shiv says cross meet Nimrit. He hugs her.

Nimrit says he’s ignoring me. Sajid says me too slightly. He did meet, however I couldn’t really feel the Abdu heat. Either his group has requested him o care for distance from us. Does he say what receive advantages would I take? Nimrit says I get the chilly shoulder. Abdu sits with Stan and Shiv. They inform him how Ankit left. Sajid says great understanding your brother. Good good fortune. He says, excellent good fortune bro. Sajid says you’ve long past chilly. He says I omit you on a daily basis. He says your group requested you to stay a distance? He says no. Nimrit says I believe the similar. Abdus as that’s no longer the case. Nirmit says nobody cared whilst you went. I don’t know why you’re disillusioned. He says It’s not that i am. Nimrit says you met everybody however us. We know you rather well. Sajid says take your time. Nimrit and Sajid go away. Abdu, Stan, and Shiv dance.

9:30 PM
Shiv says he simply got here in right here. Give him time. Nirmit says he’s standard with you. He says sure with Nimrit he’s chilly however no longer you sir. Things along with her were given an excessive amount of. Sajid says I felt it. Vikas says I can stand by means of what’s the reality. I didn’t goal him. Nimrit says me and Sumbul are sharing a mattress. Stan and Shiv are you. You will percentage with Sajid. Sajid says if you need. He says I’d. I’d hug you. Nirmit says however you had been chilly proper. Abdu says no. It’s all excellent.

10:30 PM
Tina says this time is for dinner party and party. We have rose rooster, prawns, and a vegetarian dinner party. All the women gets this dinner party. They prepare dinner on a daily basis. It’s just for you 7. Take your dishes and revel in. They all take their meals and devour. Abdu says have a look at Shalin. Abdu says to Priyanka it is a recreation you already know proper? She says sure. Are you excellent? She says I’m advantageous.

Stan displays his mother’s letter wherein she requested him to maintain Abdu. He says thanks to Stan’s mother. Soundarya and Nirmit get teary. Nimrit says you give 100% to a few relationships. Abdu comes back. Nimrit says you sued to appear lovely within the previous haircut. He says I’m already lovely. Nimrit says now you’re going to display me perspective additionally. Nimrit says he’s chilly. Sreejita says he would possibly have had a overwhelm. He’s seeking to steadiness it. His group would possibly have instructed him.

Episode ends

Precap-Bigg Boss sends a puppy do inside of. His identify is Maheen. Everyone performs with him. In the nominations activity, Nimrit nominates Priyanka, and Priyanka nominates her. Tina nomiantes Ssumbul. Vikas and Tina combat over groceries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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